Ia€™m mostly tattooing dark staff biomech with surrealist accents but Ia€™m also interested in different styles. Victor is so into the tattoo trade that he also owns a tattoo needles and tattoo guns business: you can find them at Victor Portugal Needles and Dark Times Machines. Warranty for all of our products are covered by the Hildbrandt Comprehensive Warranty that is stated on the certificates that come with our products.
The Mustang Shader is built as a shader and color packer combo, built with powerful coils combined with a lightweight chassis made from AL 7075 aluminum.
All Golden Tattoo Machines are come with a certificate and identification card after being tested by the technical department to ensure the machines meet their highest quality and standards.
He was actually born in Uruguay and lived in Spain for several years, and finally settled in Krakow where he is working at his own studio, Dark Times Tattoo.

With the 5mm stroke bearing, you’ll have a very hard hitting color packer and the 3mm and 4mm allows you to have great shading or lining depending on your preference.
The Mustang is the newest addition to the Golden Family with the next level of the electromagnetic concept achieved through extensive laboratory studies and experienced practical knowledge of the existing systems, the Mustang boasts an unparalleled electromagnetic equilibrium. The ultra-light housing crafted by CNC technology is very precise and guarantees the stability you expect from a Golden Tattoo Machine tattoo machine. In the last decade they have design and perfected the electromagnetic cycle, a unique circuit system used in all of their coil machines.
The new Storm v2 includes a built-in needle tensioner and improved vice for superior precision. If the Storm does not run on your Hurricane Power Supply, then you may have a knockoff version.

It is created for professional tattooists and has been specifically designed for works of great detail which demand a high level of sensibility.
This machine is better than the standard stealth – type rotary machines out in the market because of its more consistent and smoother hit. This machine comes with all three stroke lengths of 3mm, 4mm, and a 5mm – the 5mm color packing stroke length cannot be found in the stealth-type machines on the market!

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