Cancer Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Cancer astrology signs in Love: Opposites do attract, and both your Venus signs are in opposite places in the zodiac. You, Capricorn, are more emotionally reserved than your partner, but both of you are very mindful of the future. But when your romantic relationship settles, you will certainly take good care of each other – your Cancer soul mate in a nurturing way, and you in a more practical sense.
Aries Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Aries astrology signs in Love: right from the start, your differing love styles will be very obvious. When Capricorn and Aries lovers share their finances, you can help reign in his impulse buys, whether he finds this a good thing or not. However if they think that they are always the leader in your affair of the heart, this probably won’t be something you will buy. Taurus Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Taurus astrology signs in Love: While different enough to sustain each other’s interest, you have enough similar love match goals to keep conflicts and tension to a minimum. Because you feel so safe and comfortable in each others’ presence, which is  important to both of you, you might still surprise yourselves for readily professing your feelings for each other when you normally wouldn’t for other people.
Capricorn Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Capricorn astrology signs in Love: To start off, your similar goals and similar relationship already lay the groundwork for a solid love match.
Each of you can be slightly standoffish or shy in the beginning stages of your intimacy, but once past this stage, your respect for each other will just continue to grow. Gemini Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Gemini astrology signs in Love: this is one of the more unusual love match pairings in your sign, bringing both frustration and fascination simultaneously to your romantic relationship.
Your tendency to plan for the future and the value you place on commitment may not be very familiar in your lover’s books. But even so, if your consort is the more flighty kind of Gemini, they may get downright bored with your ways. Leo Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Leo astrology signs in love: your partner is very expressive and demonstrative in love, often impulsive while you have a steadier and more practical view of a love match. Your partner lives in the moment, and needs to constantly be reminded of how you feel about them, while you are more concerned about the direction of your relationship. Libra Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Libra astrology signs in love: Romantic relationships are top priority to you both, and you are just as equally committed to them, but only in very different ways.
Your caring counterpart longs for romance and eloquence, but to you practical expressions of love are more important. Pisces Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Pisces astrology signs in Love: Your Pisces lover will most likely be drawn in by your aura of conviction and strength. If both of you can accept, and also appreciate, each other’s different ways of expressing love, your mutual admiration can ground your romantic relationship even more.
Sagittarius Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Sagittarius astrology signs in love: having different natures and needs when it comes to a love match, this pairing is set up with lots of challenges and growth opportunities at the same time. Chances are you are the less reserved of the two, and your partner is the more outgoing one, not necessarily in terms of personality but in terms of kindling the fires of romance in your relationship. Scorpio Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Scorpio astrology signs in Love: Scorpio is one truly passionate lover, and the mere thought of this sends tingles down your spine.
Your beloved will appreciate how dedicated you are in a love match and reward you with even more love and attention, in which you will feel cared for and therefore feel at your best. Virgo Capricorn Love MatchCapricorn and Virgo astrology signs in Love: You both have Venus placed in your earth signs, and the similarities in your romantic and love match needs will be obvious.
Both of you can be a little reticent in the beginning of your love relationship, probably you, Capricorn more than your partner, as both of you are cautious and responsible when it comes to matters of the heart, so things may move slowly at first. Aquarius Capricorn Love MatchCancer and Aquarius astrology signs in Love: An odd combination, because your partner’s Venus position is in a next-door-neighbor position to yours.
Warm and Charming CapricornCapricorn in your love match relationships, things are at their best when your partner realizes that you show your love and care more through actions and less through words.
In any study involving a Capricorn woman and Virgo man and their love compatibility the one thing that you need to know about a Virgo whether man or woman is that they are perfectionists. However, she needs a high level of commitment because she has plans for herself and she can be described as an ambitious person regardless of how you define ambition. The main thing that the Capricorn woman likes about the Virgo man in her life is that the Virgo is a fun person.
Of course, a lot of this is due to the fact that they have these high ideals and they really try hard to have their personal lives mirror these ideals. In fact, the only constant thing that they succeed at is that they succeed in having these ideals make them feel miserable.
One key feature of Capricorn woman and Virgo man love compatibility is that the Capricorn woman tends to be more driven than the Virgo man. If there is any one thing that you want to understand about a typical Virgo personality is that they are easily discouraged. The Capricorn woman is looking for somebody who’s going to hang in there for the long haul. Another key aspect of Capricorn woman and Virgo man love compatibility is that you should not expect quick commitments from the Virgo man. However, the Virgo man is so wrapped up in his ideas of his perfect world and he gets caught up in the emotional letdown that living in such a perfect world normally brings when you have to deal with an imperfect world. If you’re a Capricorn woman and you want to earn the love of Virgo man or you are already in a relationship with a Virgo man, you have to focus on growing together first. You’re either going to have to wait for a long time only to get dumped later or he turns out to be something that is less than you expected.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. Royalty free vector graphic of a stick figure people taurus, virgo and capricorn zodiac signs.
Much like the shrouded Saturn, a Capricorn woman is most often reserved and mind-numbingly mystifying. Saturn influences her enough to shine as an extremely organized and responsible individual.
She manages her household with precision and has the wonderful ability to make even a modest dwelling feel like the most beautiful and warm abode. A Capri girl shall never nag or whine for money, but at the same time, she shall ensure that her partner is slowly but steadily climbing up the success ladder. Finally, anybody who seeks to build a relationship with the female goat must understand that she is much less calm and tranquil internally than her even countenance portrays. Owing to their reserved and self-conscious nature, Capricorn women in love tend to sometimes appear cold and uninterested. Earth signs are motivated by practical things, usually something measurable as a certain value or expressed in an objective manner. Taurus will always go for gathering more and more of what offers him security and comfort, even if it means to put some effort in it, he has enough energy to obtain it.
Virgo might be a tougher nut to crack, because the complex mental evaluation systems he has are sometimes really hard to fire up.
Being an earth sign, after he is convinced of the actions’ results, he can become also unstoppable, following his plans in detail and very insistently. Capricorn energy can be easily motivated with something that fits into their plans on the long term. The Full Moon is the astrological moment when the opposition between the Sun and the Moon is at its maximum. Description: Capricorn sea goat skeleton tattoo design with large black horns, fish tail bones, front mammal chest frame and legs with ram or goat's head skull black and white drawing. Keyword: anatomy, skeleton, animal, skull, horns, fish, tail, creepy, weird, monster, creature, Capricorn, Zodiac, sign, tattoo, drawing, line art, outline, stencil, printable, template, Horoscope, symbol, sea, goat, ram, dark, black, inked, skinned, dead, mammal, Earthy, remains, bones, frame, birth month, December, January. You will definitely find each other very fascinating, and the attraction will be a powerful one at best, since you both possess qualities that the other lacks. This can be both a source of fascination and misunderstandings, which doesn’t come as a surprise. It would be normal to hear your lover complain that you are too serious and may need to loosen up a bit at times, but hopefully you will appreciate the fact that your lover is very capable of infusing fun and activity into your relationship. You both have a desire and appreciation for earthy and sensual pleasures, and you meet eye to eye when it comes to financial matters.
It is already a big advantage for your rapturous rapport that you share common romantic and financial goals. Even if you are very dissimilar on other levels, the mere fact that your partnership needs are the same make it easier for both of you to smooth out any rough edges.
But as with all other signs combined with their same sign, there is a tendency for your love affair to get into a rut. Overall, your Gemini partner has a lighter approach towards love and commitment than you do. Not that you, Capricorn, really are boring, but it is just their nature to want a more active and lively partner than is natural for you. You are more reserved about your desires and emotions, as you are very careful about letting someone else into your heart. If both of you can get past the different love languages, you will find that the importance you both place on a love match is a very binding one.
You, Capricorn, will appreciate how much your partner is committed to you and you will derive great security from this. Your Sagittarius partner lives in the moment a hundred and one percent, without much interest, much less thought, in planning for the long-term. Even though other lovers think you’re a tad reserved and probably undemonstrative in love, your Scorpio lover has a way of bringing out the passionate you hidden beneath your cool exterior.
You both share the need to be secure in a partnership, and both of you do your part to make sure that your relationship does stay that way.
But once you are in an alliance, there will be lots of trust as commitment and dedication is something you both put first. In astrology, this means that next-door-neighbor signs have a hard time finding common ground. What may look like to be aloofness, snobbishness, or coldness is actually just a facade for how warm and vulnerable you really are.
They have this ideal vision of what is perfect and they’re going to stand by that vision no matter what.
If you are expecting the real world to live up to your ideals of a perfect world, you are bound for some disappointment or two along the way. The difference between one Virgo person and another Virgo person really involves how much of a perfectionist they are. If she is with a good-looking person and a person who seems to be going somewhere in life, she’s happy.
While there are a lot of opportunities for conflict in this relationship (like with Capricorn and Leo), there are also a lot of opportunities for great love compatibility.
This can be a serious issue in Capricorn woman and Virgo man love compatibility because the Capricorn woman is looking for somebody reliable. Don’t be surprised when you see a Virgo man go out with a woman for a decade or more and then end up splitting.
If anything, the Capricorn woman has the fire in the belly that can push the Virgo man forward.

Born between December 22 and January 19, she is the type who can actually say a lot of things without revealing an inkling about herself, leaving you hankering for more.
While her man is pursuing his goals, she will make do with the limited financial resources that are available.
The name Capricorn, therefore, resembles the word 'capricious' so closely, given the ladies' frequent and dark mood swings.
Enki was known for his incestuous sexual transgressions, indulging in sexual acts with even his own daughter Ninsar. It is extremely important, therefore, that their partners slowly discover and indulge in lots of foreplay as that is what really turns a Capri lady on. Usually they will not move until an action is quantified in terms of money, time, effort, and measurable results on their behalf. Your love match will be a complementary one, but your different needs will be a source of problems as time goes on. You may be unsure about it at first, but once you commit yourselves, you are a hundred percent there.
You can get the best out of your romance when you learn to appreciate each other’s differences as opposed to singling them out and using them to criticize each other. You crave a more earthy and practical love match than you Aries partner, considering all the aspects and potential of a romantic relationship before it even starts, while your lover usually acts first and then thinks later.
And because your partner is more forthright in love matters, they will likely be more responsible for getting your romance going. You are both very careful and mindful when you enter romantic relationships, so you may tend to have a lengthy courtship.
You, Capricorn, might probably be the more action-oriented one and find your Taurus partner to be a little too lax at times. If you share finances, you will see eye-to-eye on where you think money should be saved and spent. You, Capricorn, like it that your partner brings liveliness, humor, and activity to your amorous entanglement, but your need for safety and security in a relationship may not be sufficiently met by your other half than it otherwise would by other signs. In really difficult pairings, you on the other hand might find them to be shallow and unsubstantial.
You, Capricorn, might even be uncomfortable with mushy and gushy emotions, but for your Leo partner, dramatizing feelings come naturally, she wasn’t just hurt by what you said, she was devastated; she doesn’t just like something, she totally adores it.
You believe in moderation in both love and money, but your significant other is inclined to go overboard in both. Your Libra partner is more concerned with equality in your relationship and is often occupied thinking about the pros versus the cons. On the other hand, you, Capricorn, will likely be drawn in by their hospitable and kind nature, their listening ear and great understanding. Your beloved might find you too rigid for their liking, and their dreamy nature might get you thinking that your lover’s head is too far up in the clouds. You both crave and fear intimacy, and your Scorpio soul mate can be one of the best people to introduce you to this. Neither of you can remain attracted to someone with a ‘weak’ personality for too long, so even with a few personality clashes at times, you stimulate each other and will never get bored for as long as you practice mutual respect and give and take in your romantic relationship.
Pairing two earth signs has a tendency to be a bit dry, but because of the same core values that you share, appreciation and mutual respect will be easy to come by between you both.
But as it is with many odd love matches, intrigue is always a factor as to why they are drawn to each other in the first place. Some can get along well with the way things are in the world others are a bit more extreme.
Such a person responds favorably to a driven Capricorn woman because the Capricorn woman has something that the Virgo man is lacking which is that internal drive that can keep going regardless of the negative feedback, negative results and discouragement the world throws her way.
You should focus on growing together first and filter Virgo men in your life based on maturity. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. Let us dig deeper to discover exactly what the love life of a Capricorn woman is like.A Capricorn Woman in RelationshipsA Capri can cuddle up to you and seek your protection to keep out the traumas of the real world or she may just stare at you coldly, almost challenging you to melt her frigid heart in the most intelligent way possible.
You shall never find a Capricornian girl fretting in case of sudden visitors as she keeps her larder ready just for such emergencies. She might not be a spendthrift, but she will not compromise on quality just to save a few pieces of silver. However, the dangerous Capricorn rears its head when faced with infidelity and avenge all wrongdoing perniciously. A Capri lady can actually brood for days on end and is prone to extreme depression and pessimism, that generally have prolonged incubation periods. However, generally loyal and faithful by nature, Capricorn ladies prefer to restrict their sexual escapades with only one partner. This sensitive behavior sometimes coaxes this lady to experiment and walk the untrodden road, very unlike a conventional Capricorn.
Your Cancer partner has an intuitive and sensitive approach to love, while you express your love in a more practical way. This approach stems from being responsible and thinking before acting, not wanting to get yourselves involved in something that you will only want to get out of later on. The characteristic that holds this love match the most is dependability, which you both possess in great amounts. A few clashes are inevitable, but this love match can definitely work once romance and understanding are in the mix.
But deep inside you know that you can rely on each other, a non-negotiable trait for you both. The mere fact that you know you can rely on each other is more than enough to meet one of your innermost love match needs – safety and security – and this is enough to keep you happy. If they can avoid feeling threatened by this and simply use this to their advantage, this partnership can work out fine. You, Capricorn, must always keep in mind that your Leo partner’s ego is tied up in how you treat him or her, and there is a tendency for you to curb their apparent overconfidence by limiting compliments! While you are just as equally concerned about your attachment as your significant other, you are a lot more reserved when it comes to expressing yourself romantically.
It is a plus that your partner is very flexible and adaptable, and it would be wise if you acknowledge that in them. This willingness of your partner to accept and adapt is extremely attractive to you, especially because you are more definite in what you want from a love match and how it is supposed to be like.
Not only are you cautious about getting into a new romantic relationship, once you are in it, you are in it for the long term. Your devoted companion might have qualms about how you are too serious and wish you could loosen up a bit more. On the other hand, they will be intrigued by how you seem like a hard case at first, even challenging.
What you will probably like best about your Scorpio partner is their ability to look past your defences and not get intimidated by it. You treasure your alone time, and your Virgo partner will need to understand and respect this and get past the feeling that this is a threat to your romance. You, Capricorn, also appreciate their ability to see the big picture and their unique ways of approaching and solving problems. You are, however, more demonstrative when you start feeling safe and comfortable with someone and are able to match their love.As a Capricorn you are very sensual and loving by nature. If they have different goals and they have different values, it’s going to be a rough road ahead.
Whatever maybe the case, Capricorn woman characteristics render her eagle eyes to choose a man who is potent enough to provide her with a life of economic stability, has good career prospects and most importantly, is the best father material in the world.Most amazingly, a Capri girl makes for a fantastic wife. Due to her caring nature, she also prefers to have guest rooms for relatives to come over and enjoy her nourishing disposition.
All in all, she finds poverty and financial instability extremely unattractive and works vigorously to eliminate all signs of it. In other words, she believes in fairy tales only when she knows that her own palace has a strong realistic foundation. This morbid state of mind can actually be a result of the present state of affairs, the uncertainties of the future or simply a past disgrace. The erogenous region of the Capricorns is the knee area, especially the back of their knees.
This can mean that things might move slowly at first as you will both tend to feel each other, and even test each other out. You each have your own way of attracting good things in life, and your love match will be one characterized by abundance. You are both very responsible in saving up for a rainy day and it pleases you that you both agree. You can handle their quips and teasing better than others, but you might complain about the observation that your lover’s head is in the clouds.
You are both very loyal and put commitment and security first in the love liason, but your approach to romantic relationships are radically different.
In turn, your beloved should acknowledge how stable and dependable you are, and appreciate the security that comes from this constancy. More than most people, your partner will be able to tap into your innermost heart, uncovering what really is beneath that cool exterior. You are both also natural critics, but you are more concerned about keeping it to a minimum for the sake of the integrity of your romance. Your Capricorn manner may be hiding an attachment and earthy sensuality to the person you love, but with your partner, what you see is what you get!
For as long as you don’t slip into feeling that your love liaison is threatened by their ability to detach themselves, you should be fine. You draw others to yourself by a charming kind of quietness that exudes a competent persona. This aspect of the Virgo personality plays a big role in Capricorn woman and Virgo man love compatibility.
Capricorn women are also known for their relentless efforts to develop the conditions of the underprivileged.
She just needs to know that the insurances are in place and her partner is monetarily strong enough to pay off that home loan. Massages and seductive strokes around that region is said to arouse the she-goat in a flash.
Though both the signs have very strong self-centered streaks, the ram is financially too careless to provide the she-goat with any security. Your feet are definitely on the ground, but you also have high ambitions and work towards progress, whatever that means for you.
While you have completely different love styles, cultivating and practicing respect on both sides will go a good, long way towards a compatible love match. You will value your partner’s acceptance of your commitments and find their adaptability a joy in your love match.
You want an assurance of security in the relationship, while your partner is all for “winging it.” Your other half is a magnet for the adventurous, optimistic, and friendly type.

Allow yourself to be loosened up by your parmour and be invigorated by their freshness and encouragement.
Both of you, but especially your significant other, will have to make an effort to channel this into more constructive areas instead of nitpicking on one another!
Aquarius really are a bit detached in romantic relationships, and are not as interested in committing to one special person as you are. Different characters and personalities in this pairing can definitely work with lots of love, understanding, and compromise. You appear to have it pulled together when it comes to love matches, and this is what potential partners sense, which can drive them wild if this is something they can’t get enough of. They are doting mothers and hear out even the most inconsequential thing their children have to say. However, it is also not wise to overtly flatter the female goat as she knows her true abilities and never overestimates them. Both the signs are cardinal in nature, thus making them a fiery couple in bed; however, the ram often finds it difficult to draw any self-satisfaction or ego boost while making love to the female goat, given her frequent and long-lasting depressive mood deviations. It is for you to understand that your Leo lover is more insecure in a love match than he or she lets on. On the other hand, you can definitely help your partner see the benefits of extending concern and respect towards others and planning ahead. At the end of the day, the success of this love match will all depend on how much both of you are willing and able to do what it takes to make it how you want it to be. But given half a chance, this girl will bow down to the altar of raising a family than pursue a high-flying career. She can, therefore, sense insincere compliments coming her way and is usually turned off by dishonesty.The Sexuality of a Capricorn WomanSexually, Capricorn women are active and comfortable only when their romantic situations are not punctuated with financial worries. The Aries man loves to fly freely and thus, finds the steely determination of the Capricorns to move ahead too ambitious and restricting.
She would rather nurture her man's ambitions and actively take charge to transform his dreams into reality.
Beneath that unruffled veneer, Capricorn women harbor sexual fantasies as the Goat is a raunchy animal, but seldom initiate anything. The ram enjoys composing poetry and doesn't mind if his girl's paying for daily provisions. Once in a while though, those erotic fantasies surface, after remaining clamped up for the longest time, owing to Saturn's restraining influence. She is naturally blessed with manners and the most refined ways to carry herself around and thus, makes for a most pleasant hostess.
Capricorn women are not always stunningly beautiful, but they almost always have a refreshing simplicity about them that becomes attractive to a man after a point.
Thus, this relationship very often does not last as the ram does not often cater to the she-goat's need to have a guarantee that her husband will be able fend for her future children.Taurus ManThe compatibility for Capricorn and Taurus is the highest and is considered to be one of the best matches possible.
Entwined together by their earthen stability, both the Capri woman and the Taurus man have mutually complementary ruling planets of Saturn and Venus respectively. Given the influence of Saturn, these beauties also usually look much younger than their age. The bull seeks money and success and the she-goat is overjoyed to spot this quality in her future partner. You can rest assured that your entire family will actually love you for choosing such a family-oriented girl. Even though both these signs are known for their reserved nature, Capricorn women and Taurean men are witty but never too loud even in their most jocular moods. Another very interesting aspect of this couple is the fact that they never draw any happiness by breaking the law. For example, a bull doesn't need synthetic intoxicants as even the smell of flowers can give him a high.
In fact, so dedicated is a woman of the Capricorn zodiac sign towards her parents that she can actually sacrifice her dreams of marriage willingly.
As for the she-goat, just forget it!Gemini ManThe love match between a lady Capricorn and a man Gemini can sustain, given some concessions from both sides. She generally is the backbone of her family and never ever neglects her duties, even if they become a matter of resentment for her. Women belonging to the tenth zodiac sign will have a tendency to push the twins into a job with strong monetary prospects, but in his heart of hearts, the Gemini man shall always seek some job which will require him to be only physically present.
Both cardinal signs, the crab and the goat have their softer inner emotions covered in hard-to-penetrate cocoons. The crab can actually satisfy all the security needs of the she-goat as he himself seeks material comfort and stability immensely. Both the signs build strong familial ties with the crab having a strong maternal inclination.
However, the crab and the she-goat are prone to sudden mood swings which may lead to somewhat unwanted situations.Given her Saturnine glooms, the Capri lady might not sometimes be able to reach out and comfort the crab, which might in turn plunge the Cancerian into one of his dark brooding moods.
Capri women should however be a little wary of the crabs in their lives as Cancerian men sometimes do take advantage of the goat's habit to optimally satisfy their partners!Leo ManLeo, the lion is unabashedly extravagant and proud. The Capri woman undermines all the characteristics of stubbornness, domination, wisdom and organisation in all possible ways, just in a much quieter manner. The she-goat can remain stuck to her point when she decides to fix her husband's obstinacy.
Leos are dynamic and largely impatient, diametrically opposite to the nature of a Capri beauty. Being a good listener, the female goat can patiently hear out all of her partner's illustrious plans, in the process encouraging her highly ambitious partner.The Leo's optimistic and brimming with life nature often serves to soothe the dark moods of the goat. However, the lion often does not take the goat's criticism of his plans well and remains unsatisfied with the Capri lady's inability to portray and confer her love physically.
So this is not really a match made in heaven and is most likely to end in ego clashes.Virgo ManTo match the perfectionist nature of the Capricorn, God created Virgo, the Virgin. Given the fact that both these signs take a long time to commit and indulge in a rather lengthy courting period, they see and learn the worst of each other and thus, build a relationship based on mutual respect, sans illusions. The Virgin and the Goat suffer from the impairment to express their feelings, but somehow, it manifests in the way the two run their lives in tandem with each other's needs.Usually mature and down to earth, both the signs believe in saving their earnings and detest wastage. Splendid as parents, the household of this match always shows the children studying and playing at the right times and the family having dinner ensemble. Otherwise this union makes for an excellent pair.Libra ManThe Capricorn and Libra can surely work, but it does require a bit of work by both the parties in the sense that both need to relax their basic instincts to a some degree. The compatibility for Capricorn and Libra is pretty smooth in the beginning given that they both enjoy the finer things in life. He adores her efforts to keep the house prim with an inclination towards quaint customs such as engraved napkin rings and embroidered upholstery. Both detest getting into loud and fiery fights.Another very important factor that brings the two people together is their taste.
However, the Capri beauty has to understand that Libra is an air sign and that her man is flighty by birth. He likes to spend money on roses and champagne and so once in a while it's alright to let it just be. Librans are not the ultimate money managers, and also HATE to be continuously nagged about it.
As for the messiah of balance, he needs to understand that a Capricorn girl does not enjoy an argument just for the sake of it.
Also, this natural flirt needs to understand that he has a rather loyal and a little possessive spouse and so he needs to hold his charm in front of other ladies.
So, with a little bit of adjustment from both sides, this match can sustain the tides of time.Scorpio Man The Capricorn woman and Scorpio man relationship makes for a very practical and viable match wherein both the signs harbor and enjoy discussing their dreams and ambitions. The she-goat is extremely loyal and thus, gives her man what he desires most, a faithful partner. The Scorpion is generally sexually domineering and so he allows the feminine Capricorn to cuddle up to him and follow his lead. However, both the Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman need to let go of their respective egos in times of conflict.Sagittarius ManThis is a rather fun union with a Capricorn woman who enjoys being a parent and a Sagittarius man who enjoys his rebellious teenager tendencies.
This couple doesn't really face any big challenges as the archer is naturally hardworking and honest and the she-goat admires this quality to the core.
However, the archer has no control on the purse strings and, therefore, enjoys splurging impulsively. The Capri lady naturally frowns upon this tendency even though she secretly enjoys her partner's childish nature. Therefore, things can work out just fine only if the girl is allowed to keep the accounts of the household with occasional concessions to her beau's whims. The compatibility quotient of Sagittarius and Capricorn is reasonably high.Capricorn ManFinally, a match meant to work out even though neither of them remotely believe in the concept of falling in love at first sight. Two Capricorns, when put together, have the same positives and unfortunately, similar negatives. Therefore, this match faces its own set of power plays and communication gaps.The capri man sometimes likes to put on his domineering suit and his better half naturally abhors it. All in all, the positives are generally more in number to help the two goats to live happily ever after!Aquarius ManThe Capricorn woman and Aquarius man can have a fun, puppy love kind of relationship but seldom anything more than that.
Aquarius being an air sign is a free-spirited elf who enjoys the flirty and fun parts of romance.
The female goat on the other hand relishes the fun bits but wants it to grow serious at one point. The water-carrier hates to be tied down or at least wants his freedom even when in a relationship.He makes friends in a jiffy and often mingles with female friends in a manner that can bring out the green-eyed monster in the Capri girl. She gets frustrated when he does not adhere to what she desires, especially in family matters. Therefore, this match is generally made far away from heaven.Pisces ManThe Capricorn woman and Pisces man match is again a very viable match because both the 10th and the 12th zodiac signs have a lot to give each other. Since the twin fish have no idea of what conventions are, he is rather awestruck on seeing the graceful, aristocratic and not-a-hair-out-of-place ways of the she-goat. He, therefore, is swept off his feet at the sight of such a girl and envelops her with love and passion to keep her happy.This naturally is enjoyed by the goat as she desires unfathomable proportions of love, respect and security.
Compatibility level of Capricorn and Pisces, therefore, is obviously very high and potent.So, with this elaborate guide to aid you, I am sure you have a deeper understanding of the Capricorn woman. I agree that her character is shaped by her zodiac sign to an extent, but always remember, she is a girl after all. So, love her faithfully and immensely so that she too can complete you and fill your life with joy.

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