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Green anacondas are found in South America in countries east of the Andes, including places like Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, the island of Trinidad and as far south as northern Paraguay. Green Anacondas tend to float at the surface of the water with the snout barely poking out. Their jaws are held together by elastic ligaments which allow its mouth to be opened much wider than the size of its head.
Green anacondas eat all kinds of animals such as fish, rats, turtles and other cold blooded animals. The green anaconda mother keeps her eggs inside her until they are hatch inside the mother. Apart from that, green anacondas regulate their body’s temperatures by changing the amount of their skin that is exposed to the sun.
The keeper of a captive green anaconda should use a simple heater and infra red light bulbs to maintain an optimum temperature in a man made tank. People have reported seeing Anacondas that long, but they were not able to actually catch and measure them. If the green anaconda is kept in tank which is uniformly heated and the snake finds its temperature rising, it could possibly die from over-heating.
The green anaconda also needs to be exposed to ultraviolet radiation because that helps the snake to produce vitamin D, which it needs for its bones. Until someone is able to actually measure a Green Anaconda and find it to be that long, the Reticulated Python will remain the officially longest snake. The green anaconda has only been officialy recorded to about 24 feet to 28 (not quite 30 or 29) but there have been hundreds of reports of larger ones to around 30to 40 feet.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. In this site, we have collection of ppt backgrounds and clip art for your great PowerPoint presentations. When their meal comes near to drink some water by the stream, the hungry green anaconda will snatch the animal with its jaws.
After swallowing an animal, it may take several weeks for it to completely digest its meal.
There are also cases where the larger female green anacondas eat up the smaller male green anacondas.
Since they are cold blooded, changes in the surrounding temperature cold effect the green anacondas dramatically.
Even if not, over-heating changes the green anacondas’ shedding cycles and causes an illness called retention of eye caps.
There’s even a prize for the first person to catch a 30 foot Green Anaconda, but nobody has claimed it yet.
And have extensive studies with Boidae, including reticulated pythons, and green anacondas, among many others.
And I beleive they did exist at one time but due to theirskins being prized , tribes killing them, and deforestration, it’s unlikley they get that big anymore.
Although the Reticulated Python is the longest snake in the world, reaching more than 8.7 metres (29 feet) in length, it is nowhere near as heavy as the Green Anaconda. They are quite slow and clumsy on land but when they are in the water they are extremely fast. If the temperature of the surroundings goes up, the green anacondas will do everything it can to prevent their bodies from over-heating.

The Green Anaconda can be more than 5 metres long (16 feet) and it can weigh more than 227 kilogram (500 lb) and measure more than 30 centimetre (1 foot) in diameter. This allows the snake to see out of the water while staying completely under the water to attack their prey.
That’s why green anacondas (which are active at night) prefer to live in or near the water. Finally the creature will stop breathing and the green anaconda will swallow its dinner whole.
If the surrounding temperature drops, it will will lie in heated areas to help maintain their ideal temperature. While they are perhaps heavier for the weight, Green Anacondas are not quite the length of the reticulated pythons. It may be possible that they may grow that big in the deepsest part of the rainforest but in place where humans have been. Just because they say they have seen it, or even photographed it, does not mean it measures up.
Retics also have a much more aggressive tendency when compared with Green Anacondas as well.

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