For a stellar software product website, turn to the people who create software for a living.
The Web Ascender founders are both Computer Science majors and still do programming everyday.
Web Ascender has helped companies that sell downloadable software that is based on a one time fee as well as software that is sold for a recurring subscription price and a lot of variations in between. Our team is made up of designers, developers and marketers - we can help you come up with great marketing ideas, make them look beautiful and even do split testing and more to help you maximize your marketing dollar by doing what has been proven to work for your market. Examining the need for responsive design and layout when developing HTML5 mobile business apps. A major challenge for developers of applications is to create something that works on multiple devices. Click the video to activate in Internet Explorer before hitting the Play button(don't worry, there's no audio)OverviewThis sample provides a near complete example of an Internet Banking application that has been inspired by a couple of superb UK banks with great user interfaces.It demonstrates the use of common masters or components that appear on almost every page but need to have local changes made on each page.
Use the free Viewer to open distributed design projects (.gdd files) such as the samples on this site.

Our team has been creating and marketing software products since the early 2000s, and we make it our goal to stay ahead of the curb in helping your product achieve success.
This had led to the current movement to write applications, especially business ones that are not customer-facing, in HTML5 rather than native code. Desktop, web, mobile, embedded, you name it, and they can relate with your software products and get excited about it. HTML5, running in a standards-compliant browser or native web view, is closer to a€?write once, run anywherea€? than most native code, like Android Java, Microsoft C#, or Apple Objective-C.
All links use the "Replace Top Window" navigation type so no matter where this component is used, the link will jump to that top-level page.Note that none of the menu link items have been highlighted because this is the basic master. You can change any item properties in this way.Dynamic PanelsThe "LogIn" page demonstrates one example of dynamic page content, with the display of a "failed login" message panel. Two component panel designs were created: one for the normal case and the other for the expanded "Advanced Options" case.
Each of these, in turn, shared a further component for common elements - the bulk of the actual statement.The Web page was created with the normal panel in place and enough space to accommodate the larger, advanced panel.

The "Show" link then simply places the advanced panel over the first panel, anchored to the top-left corner.
The "Duplicate Design" command was then used to create each individual page which could then be resized if necessary and have content added.Although a "Master" page could have been used as a background component for each page, it is more flexible to use masters for common sub-elements such as headers, footers and navigation bars. This allows individual pages to be changed and resized much more easily once an overall layout has been established.All page-to-page navigations are made using a "Replace Top Window" link. For example, it would be interesting to expand the design to cover the case where the user has tried too many unsuccessful log-in attempts.The many Tables are created with the standard Table element and styles changed to provide a flat appearance and high rows.

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