We had the chance to use Illumination software creator before and we took a quick look to the stable release of itĀ earlierĀ in this post Here. Illumination Software Creator 3.0 Beta brings new features to easily build IPod applications to work natively as same as other applications, along with support for building IOS IPhone applications which announced in older release Beta 1, also support windows Phone 7, and Android. As we mentioned before this application support cross platform you can install on Linux, MAC OS X, and Microsoft Windows. I have seen that wise real estate agents just about everywhere are warming up to FSBO Promotion. With Domainer you can quickly analyze the value of domains by getting quick access to a website's Google PageRank, AlexaRank, Incoming Links, Delicious Social Tags and popular Digg stories.
Domainer now gets important blog popularity details and RSS subscriber information for both your blogs and your competitor's blogs.
Domainer is the essential tool for users who regularly buy and sell domains, own and maintain multiple websites or want to keep track of their competitor's online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Domainer goes one step further by giving you access to important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) details about all the domains you are currently tracking. Domainer is the only Mac application that gives you all the important search engine optimization (SEO) and search marketing details in one easy to use interface.
PageRank is a measure from 1-10, created by Google, to help understand the popularity of websites based on incoming links. You can use these details to measure the popularity of your domains or the domains owned by competitors. With Domainer you can keep your FTP passwords secured using the built in Mac OS X keychain.

If you have multiple domain registrars or have kept your domains in another management system, Domainer makes it extremely easy to import from any other system. You can even export your domain details to a comma-separated file as well in case you want to export your domains to another management system.
Like many other domain management systems, Domainer keeps track of all your important whois details including creation and expiration dates, registrar and URL. With Domainer, all of your domain information is kept in one central location so you can rely on just one beautifully designed application.
A Quick Look at Domainer's SEO ToolsThis video shows how to add your Domains to Domainer and use the information it provides to compare your site with your competitors.
Testimonials:RAGE Domainer can be a useful tool to manage your domain names and monitor ones you wish to buy. Domainer lets you keep track of the domains you own, and the domains you want to own letting you know when they expire and which ones provide the best bang for your buck. All packaged together in the most beautiful Mac OS X interface you have ever seen in a domain management tool! With Domainer you can easily see all relevant domain details including creation and expiration dates, registrar and owner details. You can follow your domains or those of your competitors and see their PageRank, AlexaRank, Incoming Backlinks, and Social Tags. AlexaRank provides a summary of the actual popularity of a website, with a lower ranking signifying a more popular website. If you are in the market to invest in certain domains, these measures provide a great overview of a domains worth.

Your keychain can be accessed by other applications that you provide permission to so all your important login details are kept in one safe location. Like iTunes Smart Playlists, Domainer's Smart Groups will auto-update whenever a change is made.
They can be used on any of the criteria stored by Domainer and are so fast that they update instantly. Domainer can important any comma separated text file in seconds so switching over is extremely easy. It even keeps track of your FTP details and hosting information in addition to providing all the cool and important SEO details. The application, presented in a clear and attractive interface, allows you to quickly view all essential informations on domain names such as creation date, expiration date and hosting details.- Cyril Roger If your like me, you can end up with a lot of information on a lot of sites which can be hard to manage.
It’s really concerning building human relationships with these traders who sooner or later will become buyers.
So you can, for example, create Smart Groups that will list all domains about to expire, domains with high PageRanks, and even hugely popular online blogs that have a large number of incoming links.
This new app, aimed at webmasters, provides a great way to see information about all of your domains quickly and easily.- Daniel Greg This is an awesome product.
I have been looking for a program that would be simple to use, yet keep all my web info organized.

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