About 12 years ago, I registered my first domain name, purchased a hosting account, and created a basic website showcasing my graphic design work. I took a new job at a small ad agency in the spring of 2009 doing design work and some web stuff.
Shortly after, I started having hosting problems on a forum I ran as well as another site I built. GoDaddy not only lost all of my hosting business, they also lost all of my domain name business. Back to HostGator, I use their Baby hosting plan which gives me unlimited domains, disk space, and bandwidth for one low monthly price. Their cPanel admin area is very simple to use and I just have one login to manage all of my sites, as well as one FTP login to manage all of my files. FYI: I am a HostGator affiliate and I receive a commission if you signup for a new account.
Whether you are looking for personal website development or corporate web development and designing solutions, CANADA HiTECH is suitable for all purposes. Throughout our professional expedition as a website design Dubai service, we gathered insightful knowledge that made our grasp over this field stronger.
AJM Computer Services develops attractive, custom built websites for small and medium sized businesses, which really work. Cost is probably one of the first things you think about when deciding, especially if you are a small business. Content Management System (CMS) allows you to take control of your website and make changes to your web site instantly, using any computer with an Internet connection. SEO helps to ensure that your web site is accessible to search engines and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine and well placed. AJM Web Designs offers a broad range of high quality, low cost web services from basic website design and development, website re-design, website content refreshing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), web hosting, domain name registration and local web competitor research. I used GoDaddy for the domain and hosting, and continued to use them for several sites for many years.
My first day, I was thrown into hosting issues and was instructed to move everything over to their main host HostGator. I had been hearing a lot of buzz from internet marketers about Namecheap, so I just went for it and transferred all my domains to them.

We are a website designing solution provider, based in United Arab Emirates (UAE), having experience of dealing with website designing projects from Government organization, corporate sectors and small-medium business units. Our web design team has insightful knowledge and profound technical skills to provide most creative and innovative web design services, with utmost excellence and through a professional approach. We offer a number of website design options including brochure sites, Content Managed Systems, website redesign and search engine optimisation. We are committed to keeping our fees at a very reasonable level to give you the website you want, at a price you can afford. No technical skills are required, you simply add text or pictures using a user friendly interface. By optimising your site regularly, you can build a strong online presence and reap the benefits.
AJM Computer Services offers ongoing web site maintenance services for your existing website, or can give you a competitive quote for one of updates and amendments. Instead of being forced to use a long, complicated and difficult to remember email addresses you can have a personalised email account that is short, simple and unique. The internet is growing at an astonishing rate and domain names are being registered at more than 1 million¬†per month.¬†Each month, 66 hours are spent on the computer on average, 7 hours on average are spent on Facebook each month, and 210 billion emails are sent every day. Their ads were everywhere and everyone always thought of them as the go-to people for domains and hosting. So I said, what’s the worst that can happen, and moved all my sites to HostGator hosting. So with all that said, if you are looking for your first web hosting company, or you’re tired of your current one (like I was), please give HostGator a chance. I just like to spread the word about great products, services, and companies that I have personally used. Being a part of our web design and development team is not easy, as we select candidates with precision and through quality assessment tests. As a web design service, have a look on where we stand in terms of the following parameters:A Veteran Service ProviderWhen you are searching for a quality website design service, experience must appear as one of the most important parameters.
To find out more about SEO and how it could benefit your business, please have a look at our Search Engine Optimisation Services.
They are awesome and they give you free WhoisGuard Protection with every new domain purchase.

Thus, we boast to be a team with professional attitude, skillful nature and enthusiastic personality! Having worked for several corporate sectors, Government sectors and even small-medium scale business units, we evaluate ourselves as an experienced service provider in online world.Efficiency and Swift TurnoverAlong with efficiency, turnover time has become very important in these days. In this fast moving and rapid growing dynamic world, time has become an important parameter for business success. We offer web design and development services, through which you will receive fast business turnover from your website, with accurate efficiency.Services that Will Grab AttentionMillions of websites are present in online world, but hardly a few comes into the attention of the people or potential buyers. Cheap web building services are everywhere, which promises many things but deliver nothing! If you want to make an impact into the online world, and want to be an attention grabber, then you have to create a website that has enough pleas to grab minds of the visitors! Remember, you will get only 2 or 3 seconds to make an impact into the minds of the visitors. For creating visually attractive web interface and seamless web functionality, we have developed our own CMS platform SaraCMS Professional Edition. SaraCMS Professional Edition is a flawless Content Management System, which is easy to use. Moreover, we will provide you proper guide or manual to use our CMS platform.Our Vision, Motto and CommitmentsWebsite design is the area of our core competency. All the previous web design and development projects that we have been awarded are getting the desired attention and performing seamlessly.If having a dynamic, professional and captivating website is your desire, then choosing our services will not disappoint you.
From conceptualization to proper implementation, we are a one-stop solution for your website design requirements.You can call us directly or contact us via Email for free consultation and quotes.
In order to do that, after getting awarded by client’s project, we generate a simple contract sheet, which consist all the details of the services that we need to deliver.

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