On my wedding day 6 years ago, I carried down the aisle of a small Vegas chapel, a simple, elegant bouquet of white roses. Now to all of you out there who will be carrying a fresh, beautiful bouquet of flowers down the aisle, I am not trying to down talk your choice. If your want is fresh but not so much flowers, why not consider a lush bouquet of fresh herbs?
Proprietess of Vintage Fashion Makes a Right Turn onto the Artistic Side of the Bridal Industry. I think that every bride should choose just what makes her happy and suits her personality, and if that is fresh flowers I am ecstatic for you. I really believe it is the most amazing collection of shops from some of the most talented artists and crafters out there and a true hotbed of new ideas! Just like flowers, herbs have special meanings; you can convey a bevy of sentiment in your one lovely bouquet.

Flowers are created out of cardstock, vintage maps and travel brochures and bouquets are made to order in your colors and theme!
These beauties from Letters4Lilli  on Etsy will certainly appeal to your happy go lucky nature! We found this beauty at Starbags, and absolutely addictive site if purses and bags are your thing!! Be sure to stop in for Wedding Theme Friday where we'll explore fabulous ideas for your theme celebration!
So it’s our first “Theme Friday” here on the BrilliantBride blog and I have my ultra lounge music on in the background and my Starbucks pumpkin latte and I am ready to go!
Now the florist did a nice job, I doubt that it could have been improved upon, but for me it was just the cliche of fresh flowers that rubbed me the wrong way.
For those of us who are really searching for something more, something a bit different and maybe even something that will last forever or that you can personalize with items of your own, then this post is just for you!

And I thank all of the following artists for letting me feature their amazing work in my blog today. For example, rosemary stands for true love and eternity, lavender, desire and devotion, and sage, virtue, honor, high expectation and esteem!
We embellish all of our bouquets in vintage findings such as buttons, rhinestone brooches, millenary flowers as well as feathers, ribbons and lace! When you carry these bouquets down the aisle, you always have your “something old” taken care of!!

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