How to work with your florist to create impeccable wedding flower arrangements for your style and budget.
To have and to hold: a bridal bouquet of peonies, andromeda, quince branches, spray roses, geraniums, poppies and tulips. A tall silver vase is filled with yellow roses, stock, snapdragons, peonies, blupeurum and oncidium orchids. Special details, like a wrought-iron gate adorned with green ivy, ivory ‘Vendella’ roses, and lavender ‘Sterling’ roses, complete a look. Wedding flower arrangements have been an essential element of nuptials throughout history, thought to drive away evil spirits and to symbolize love and fertility. When finding a floral designer, start with personal recommendations, then check the pros’ websites to get a sense of their work. Give the wedding florist as much information about your ceremony and reception as possible, including the location, the color scheme and the look and feel of the entire event.
Wedding flower arrangements typically takes up 10 to 20 percent of a couple’s wedding budget, but this varies depending on the type of flowers they choose, their region and the containers and embellishments they select.
Have your designer create mock-ups of your wedding flower arrangements, your bridal bouquet or a centerpiece (or both), so you have an accurate idea of what you’ll get on the big day. These tips for cheap wedding flowers are essential as it is simple for your wedding flower budget to spiral out of control. If a specific church is popular for marriages, the same flowers may then be used for all ceremonies that particular weekend.

The bridal bouquet can come in all shapes and sizes, but the general rule is that the more complicated you go, the more pricey the bouquet will be. An added benefit is that they permit the bridesmaids to have both their hands free in the work of the day – to hold your bouquet, bag or drink. You can basically triple or quadruple the cost of your buttonholes by choosing different flowers or multiple flower buttonholes. The cost of arrangements or bouquets is usually dependent on the cost of the flowers used & the complexity of the arrangement. Before you rush out to buy vases for your table decorations, have you thought about hiring them?
By choosing flowers that are in season, you will make positive that you get the freshest, cheapest, very best quality flowers. You may then decide to visit each wedding florist personally so that you can flip through photos of their past ceremonies and receptions and be sure their vision works with yours.
You might even provide inspiration, such as a photograph of your gown or swatches of the bridesmaids’ dresses. They are often the same type of floral arrangement and so one time the ceremony is over, the flowers can then be used at the reception.
They may insist that the flowers are done through the church committee, whereby the church flower arrangers will provide the arrangements for a little fee.
This is often a nice thing, as you will usually pay a low set charge, however it means you may not get control over the flowers on the day.

Having a hand-tied bouquet is an simple way to lower the costs – sometimes even by half.
But today, the vast number of choices and the complexity and unpredictability of the bloom business may throw brides for a loop. Rosenow also suggests shopping at IKEA or flea markets for pretty vases, instead of paying a florist to do the shopping.
Be sure to build all the details that you and your designer have agreed upon into your contract, including the special requests and the things to avoid. Try and stick to simpler arrangements or even balloons as this will keep your costs to a maximum. Flowers such as lilies or exotic flowers make stunning single bouquets, & massive flowers such as peonies or camellias work great as single flower centrepieces. Hire equipment comes in a variety of different formed vases, pedestals & containers for all of your flower arranging needs. Show the designer pictures of wedding flower arrangements that depict your favorite details: the ideal shape, a prettily tied ribbon, a gorgeous type of orchid.
You can also prioritize; perhaps you’ll decide to limit the wedding ceremony flowers in favor of more elaborate wedding reception centerpieces.

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