Wedding Centerpiece IdeasCenterpieces can range from traditional to funky and deciding on the perfect centerpiece can be challenging and time consuming.
With a little originality and imagination you can create a table arrangement that compliments your theme and color palate.
Whatever you style, be certain that your arrangements are in good taste and follow your overall theme. Fresh flower arrangements are the most common table decoration, they are always in vogue and add elegance to any reception.
If you are budget conscious, ask your florist to use flowers that are in season rather than some exotic flower that needs to be imported.A clear glass bowl with floating candles, fresh fruit, or flowers is decorative, attractive and not overly expensive. An inexpensive way to create a centerpiece is to group individual vases or candles together and place them on a mirror.
This bride chose to have tables decorated with both tall and lower to the table centerpieces creating an opulent effect and giving the reception hall an interesting dimension. You can also spread stones or confetti to give an appearance of a larger table top arrangement.
It is also a nice idea to have all of the bouquets from the bridesmaids on the wedding table which is an expensive and easy way to dress up the table. If you would like to have a small arrangement, consider purchasing an inexpensive container that can be filled with fresh, dried, or silk flowers.
Consider the above lovely lantern centerpiece with a candle that coordinates with your color theme and place some small tea candles around the base of the main centerpiece. A-List Wedding services, we offer a selection of exquisite table centrepiecesA to ensure your event is unique and truly memorable.
The perfect place to get inspired and to discover wedding, anniversary, baptism and party decorations, ideas and tips!
Of course, it's always better with floral centerpieces, to use flowers that are in season, but with all wedding table ideas, you should always remember your theme (and colour). However, with wedding flower centerpieces, sometimes it may be necessary to have your flower imported. There are always alternatives and centerpiece ideas for a wedding, need not be rooted to a single flower choice (great pun!) The pictures of wedding centerpieces I've included below, demonstrate some of the choices available.

4Pretty pink wedding top table display of 4 fish bowl vases with bloomy domes of two tone and pale pink hydrangeas, ivory Avalanche roses, pale pink Sweet Avalanche roses and Nakuru roses, pale pink peonies, champagne pink lisianthus, scented stocks and sweet peas. 5Glamorously grand Martini vase display with pretty bloomy vintage displays of two tone and pale pink hydrangeas, pink and ivory larkspur, scented stocks, ivory Avalanche roses, pale pink Sweet Avalanche roses and Nakuru roses, and champagne pink lisianthus. 6An elegant Martini vase display creates an exquisite centrepiece for your wedding reception tables. 7Inside a large square vase set a slightly smaller square vase - line with cut limes and fill the smaller vase with beautiful blowsy peonies to create a stunning centrepiece for a summer wedding. 8Pink roses and a scattering of pink petals add a sweet feminine touch to a pure white table setting.
10Flower arrangements don't have to be large to be decorative - pretty vintage china with a single rose and buds adds a light unique style touch to the table setting. 11The Hand Tie Fish Bowl is a very popular arrangement this particular bowl includes beautiful softly textured foliage combined with fresh pink roses.
12Vibrant pink blooms are complemented perfectly with acid green chrysanthemum and green ribbon to create an unusual but eye-catching chair decoration at this outdoor wedding.
13A hurricane lamp at the centre of this ring of beautiful roses and foliage means that the arrangement would be perfect for both daytime and evening. 14A dreamy arrangement of pink and cream peonies, perfect pink and cream roses orchids and exotic anthurium interspersed with glossy foliage and soft fern to create a romantic arrangement for the top table at the reception.
15Top Table Flowers of mixed cube vases of ranunculus, roses, spray roses, cinerea and decorative ribbon.
Towering centerpieces, perfect for a high-ceilinged space, add drama and elegance to tables. Types of Flowers: Ivory roses, white hydrangeas, and white and pale-pink orchids, with cymbidium orchids on satin ribbons.
A sand castle will be a great table top arrangement for a beach theme but will look out of place at a Valentine wedding reception.Discover more information for centerpiece ideas for all seasons.
Since fresh flowers are delicate and wilt, I recommend you hire a professional florist or have a trusted family member or friend provide the floral centerpieces.
Varying the height of the balloon clusters from table to table creates a chic atmosphere.Choose potted mums, azaleas, poinsettias, hydrangeas, orchids, gardenias, lilies, Christmas cactus or any other potted plant to add color and beauty to your tables.

The container can also be filled with individually wrapped candy, floating candles or whatever suites your theme.You can create a Silver Reflection Centerpiece which will give your party tables a reflective surface for candle light or any party light to play off of. Notice that an arrangement of flowers is surrounding the centerpiece to add color and softness.I do hope my wedding centerpiece ideas have stirred your imagination and helped with your decision process. Utilising only the finest of elements including Swarovski crystals, flowers, luminous floating candles and crystal clear glassware, we have a table centrepiece suitable for every occasion. We have a number of vase fillers icluding submersible lights to enhance your colour scheme.Your wedding day should be the most perfect day of your life. Like all good things, they do take time and planning, but execution (if you're doing it yourself - is a joy) and the result can be so pleasing. Fortunately for those of us with a budget, there Mother Nature always provides us with alternatives for our wedding table centerpieces.
Striking large Martini glass vases filled with lime green Bells of Ireland, pink hydrangeas, hot pink gerberas and Stargazer lilies, with beautiful accents of ivory stocks and Avalanche roses, amongst palms and tropical foliage. Pretty bloomy vintage displays of two tone and pale pink hydrangeas, pink and ivory larkspur, scented stocks, ivory Avalanche roses, pale pink Sweet Avalanche roses and Nakuru roses, and champagne pink lisianthus.
The centerpiece is made of orange roses, green cymbidiums, black calla lilies and ruscus leaves in a glass cube container lined with leaves.A green centerpiece in a square marble container, with green hydrangeas, ivory roses and green berries. Stunning roses, hydrangeas, tea light candles, floating candles and a mirror to reflect the beauty. Your centerpiece can measure six inches high x five inches wide or any dimension that you choose. It doesn’t overwhelm or take over the table yet adds something special to its surroundings. A-List Wedding Services has mastered the art of mood to complete your perfect day utilising a range of captivating wedding centrepieces specifically styled to achieve that aura of elegance, romance and serenity that you have always dreamed of on your special day. Contact usA┬áto discuss how we can assist you with selecting your perfect wedding centrepieces.

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