This is a painting workshop focused, not on a particular technique, but on exploring the world of abstraction. Daily assistance will be given in the execution of work in the form of morning group sessions.
Nuala taught at the New York Open Center, the Interdependence Project and to small groups of painters in NYC. Miniature Museum – Over 275 miniature houses and room boxes in a collection for visitors of all ages, interests and talents. Fans of Alchemy Architects and the weeHouse now have a chance to purchase the weeHouse studio that was used as the Saturn Sky convertible touring companion.
The 27×12 foot weeHouse was an integral part of the Saturn marketing campaign linking high-end cutting edge design with their automobile. Alchemy has also relaunched their website with new photos and information on their prefab and custom designs.
I really like the styling of Alchemy Architects’ houses but their pricing is very steep.
The other thing I would worry about is even if those sliding doors are top of the line, super insulative, etc etc. I have read that getting these containers, used or new, is actually a big pain in the butt. I like the rusted finish on some houses but rusted single-unit shipping container is not one of them. Gimme $20 grand, and I could build these all day at a higher level of finish and they’d even work, as far as energy efficiency and actual function go. 16 of the most adorable Easter basket gift ideas for kids: It’s raining bunnies and chicks! If your kids love temporary tattoos, you’ll also find tons of cute bunny tattoos online at Tattly, all created by independent artists. Wee Gallery’s creative, open-ended drawing booklet, 32 Ways to Dress a Bunny, will give the kids something to do besides see how many jelly beans they can fit in their mouths.
For younger children, Jojo’s First Word Book is an charming new board book bursting with color and energy.
In the crafty department, we are taken with this handmade set of Easter crayons from Etsy’s Sprout N Bean.

Dress-up accessories are terrific gifts year round, and we’re impressed by this handmade bunny rabbit mask by the talented artisans of EW McCall on Etsy.
Adelaide NYC is always a great stop for special little gifts for girls, and we love thanks the pretty floral pattern of both the Liberty of London Bird Clip and ponytail holder. Also for babies who are still keeping those little head warms in spring, this too cute handmade organic baby bunny hat at Kahiniwalla. Waldorf toys are always a favorite with us and these rainbow colored wooden Easter egg toys from Apple n Amos on Etsy are wonderful. All the sweetness, none of the sugar crash, these plush Peeps chicks come packaged all together in their familiar box. Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee.
Our free holiday shopping survival guide notebook template from Springpad helps keep you sane.
Ballycastle & the surrounding rural area is steeped in history, mythology and natural wonder.
Her teaching style, based on professional experience, focusses on strengthening the students relationship to personal vision. I actually remember loving them too as a kid, although the ones I recall came with a package of super sweet Donald Duck chewing gum and were always kind of vague once I had put them on my skin. The cost for the original house was $65,000, but Alchemy is offering the studio as is for $48,000. The weeHouse shipped 100% complete, and features a special steel frame with forklift pockets and removable casters to allow the house to be easily handled by hand or forklift on standard flatbed trucks, thus significantly reducing shipping costs. Our recos are almost entirely indie-made, and we promise that none of them include a five-foot purple stuffed rabbit.
Featuring a bunny, dog, and cat, they may end up on the arms of everyone at the Easter dinner table, but they’ll come right off with a little baby oil. Made of wool felt with carefully stitched-on accents like a little bow and bunny tail, you’ll also find a yellow duckling, wooly sheep, and bright flower, as well as adorable mini pillows or pincushions.
I like that you can pick out the fragrances and colors you’d like, or request unscented for sensitive skin. Early readers have the opportunity to identify 200 objects, and the carrying handle makes it a fun take-with book when you’re out and about.

It comes in sizes from infant to 5y, and helps create fair trade jobs for artisans in Bangladesh. You get a full set of 12 in different sizes, or opt for the set of 6 wooden eggs in beautiful natural hues of brown and blue. I like that this manipulative toy has a different design on each side so that it can be open and closed from two directions for a little extra motor-skills challenge.
No longer available at Think Geek where we first discovered them last year, I’m happy to see them on the official Peeps site this year.
There will be an emphasis on collection of information, flights of fancy, profound realisation. Temporary tattoos have surely improved over the years — how super cute are these Wee Gallery tattoos?
Again, with regard to site orientation, hopefully the wall with the full windows will face south. During the day the house would get some great winter sun, but that would disappear very quickly at night. Plus he doesn’t mind a spin in the washing machine to l clear off old tattoos and get it ready for some new  ink.
The resulting work can take any form; painting on paper, notebook work, drawing and basic mono printing will be encouraged as starting points. Nuala is represented by Boltax Gallery in New York, has exhibited in Dublin, Europe & the US. Nothing vague about them either, they really rock and are very easy to apply — my kids covered themselves with them this afternoon! To step into this unknown territory we will gather sensory information, loosen up the hand and get inspiration flowing.The requirements are curiosity and openness to experimentation. The week will be comprised of morning meetings, working trips out into the extraordinary coastal areas, copious time to work in studio and communal dinners.
It is especially useful for those in transition, those facing a creative block, anyone who would like to expand horizons or those, like me, truly passionate about abstraction!

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