On Monday a bunch of people that are sensitive to vegetarians thought that I would give a shit what they had to say when I wrote this piece.
I haven’t wrapped my head around it yet, but when you squat with toes forward the tibia laterally rotates. Well, there weren’t a lot of training questions because people were just whining and bitching about various things. Keep an open mind about everything and be wary to fully commit to one person’s ideals.
That being said, the best way to solidify a foundation in strength and conditioning knowledge is by starting with anatomy and physiology. This starts with the fundamental properties of the body and gradually increases the knowledge base. It’s made for physical and massage therapists, so the reader is taught how to palpate every structure in the book. This book will help with the basic anatomy stuff, but it provides very good information on what actions injure particular muscles and how to treat them. In future posts I’ll point out books that can help coaches or curious trainees improve their knowledge.
This is a public service announcement saying, again: Do not point your toes forward unless you have the mobility to do it. Note that the popliteus gets strained because it isn’t extensible enough to handle the torque associated with the toes forward position.
It pains me to even pretend to entertain the notion that vegetarians are doing something righteous by refraining from consuming meat.
Some vegetarians don’t eat animals because they have an overt respect for the sentient of life.
Unbeknownst to the righteous cavalier who fights for animal rights is the fact that millions and millions of animals are killed every year as the result of cultivating grain. Suddenly it’s okay to eat this grain, to use the wood from the forest, but it’s not okay to eat the cow? Ahhh, now that is out of the way, we can have a lovely discussion of telling vegetarians why they are still wrong. Speaking of extinction, meat eating has prevented the buffalo from slipping into extinction. Some vegetarians will claim to consume protein, but this is usually in the form of soy or tofu.
Protein Power, by Michale Eades, will provide plenty of detail as to why protein is powerful. This is why unhealthy and fat people who increase their protein intake start losing body fat, increasing lean body mass, and feel better without changing anything else in their life. For more on anti-vegetarianism (and some laughs), see these awesome articles from Maddox (one, two, three, and four). Post your god damn training updates and PRs to the god damn comments, god damn it (relevant). Now, n=1 is never a good argument, but strong squatters with good, athletic mobility are very common. Keep in mind that strength is what will provide the capacity for you to endure in your sport. Lastly, I’m not a fan of Stronglifts in general or in the context of you using lifting for rock climbing. Thanks for writing a great book and for continually putting out quality information on your site!
The reason I made bench light and pressing medium is because benching is more stressful than pressing.
After I saw this I went out and bought a $20 buffer to see what it was about and hit my legs hard.
When a person lifts properly, they are holding their breath and using the Vasalva Maneuver in order to increase the intra-abdominal and thoracic pressure. The reason blood vessels rupture, and produce tiny red dots on skin that is relatively thin (shoulders, neck, face, and eyes) is because the blood vessels are not adapted to the higher pressure.
South Korea map designed in illustration with the regions colored in bright colors and with the main cities. President Obama said if the debt ceiling isn’t extended he wasn’t sure social security checks would go out in August. For many years now the social security revenues going to the trust fund were more than required for payments. It was thought that the trust fund would break even as far as the amount coming in and the amount going out in about 2016. However, because of the recession and a larger number of baby boomers than expected taking early retirement, the fund actually started operating in the red last year in 2010. So far that has worked this year because congress has simply borrowed or printed (all printed dollars become a loan) enough to pay off the necessary IOUs in the Social Security Trust Fund so that the benefits aren’t reduced. Bottom line, the best figures I can come up with suggest that when August arrives next week, social security benefits to be paid out will total about $24 billion dollars, but expected revenues coming into the social security trust fund will only total about $17 billion. Thank you for putting facts, figures, and historical data up against the Idealogical Rhetorical Demogogary that we hear from the Radical Progressives.
Excellent education in grades 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 under the tutelage of The Sisters of Providence, Terre Haute, Indiana.
Initiated into Politics by attending a brief rally held at Reed Park in West Tulsa for Barry Goldwater. The results of the above actions would be to eliminate the enormous slush fund by which every citizen is bought and sold by polititions specifically for their own furtherance of some sort. It would also reduce the number of checks emanating from Washington to individuals, entities and Governments. If you might like for me to represent you in Washington in 2012, for 4 years, give me a call at 918-286-3733 to arrange a discussion of all things possible. A young preschooler trying to figure out where the hexagon goes in his wooden shape puzzle. This chatting segment has been activated to give members the opportunity to casually chat with each other. Cross: Well, for those of you who saw The Force Awakens, despite the similarities to the original film, did you still think it was as fun, thrilling film like I did?
Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! Modele phare de Jaguar, l'elegante berline routiere XF se refait une beaute au Salon de New York.
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It also prevents an unnecessary focus on the more advanced stuff before the basics are understood.
The way to start learning anatomy is to hold a bone in your hand, feel it, and start learning its landmarks. This is immensely important because you can learn where these structures lie underneath your skin.
The 3rd Edition is available online for as low as $15 (the newer 4th Edition is a standard textbook price). The best part about the book is that Kilgore always brings the lesson into an applied format and avoids the conventional fitness trash that we usually see. Directly, it teaches you about muscular anatomy and how tightness in muscles or muscle systems can revert pain at another location.
It helps distribute force across the front and back of the thighs more efficiently which results in more muscular applying force to aid the movement. I created the following video that explains what occurs anatomically to cause a strain or tweak in the knee if someone ignores this advice.
Also note that repetitive stress on the back of the knee from road marching, rucking, hiking, or high frequency or volume CrossFit movements can beat the structure down.
There’s an inherent food chain everywhere, and animals we consume are near the bottom.
There are rare instances of true good and evil in the world, but mostly it’s a mixed collection of gray. And producing products that we use every day, ranging from the wood in their home to the electricity powering their flashy iPad that allows them to go online and post on the internet about their support for animal rights, kills animals.
The health argument for not eating meat usually says that vegetarianism is more healthy and that meat is bad. It points out that the studies do not differentiate the hundreds of other lifestyle factors that would effect diabetes, cancer, CHD, etc.

Read Taubes’ book (mentioned above) for more than you would ever want to read on the shitty research that evolved this hypothesis.
The desire for buffalo meat has acted as a catalyst for American industry to raise and care for this species, therefore preventing them from dying off. Soy and tofu are excellent at emasculating males and rendering female’s contribution to society worthless.
Yet protein is an essential component of muscle, skin, cell membranes, blood, hormones, antibodies, enzymes, genetic material, and basically everything else in the body. Focusing every snack and meal around protein will help reduce other crappy foods and help change the consumed percentage of the macro-nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats). Muscle fibers, tendons, ligaments, and even bones have received an adaptive stress that has damaged them at the cellular level.
If you don’t ever eat a class of food, and then start consuming large doses, it will certainly make you feel queasy at first. A former vegetarian should a) slowly and progressively reintroduce small quantities of meat and b) consider supplementing digestive enzymes to help break down the proteins in meat. There is no moral argument that doesn’t make the individual anything other than a hypocrite trying to create a life narrative that lets them actively protest something (instead of actually doing something about it).
It provided some context as to why women have a lower 1RM ceiling and why they can handle more work. If you want to be strong and small, then keep the reps-per-set low (under three reps) to avoid the mass gain, but understand if you’re a beginner you will have a bit of mass gain regardless. Continue climbing as you lift, but if you squatted 300, 350, or 400 and were within ten pounds of your current body weight, you would have a larger capacity for climbing. Light benching and medium pressing are closer to each other in stress imparted on the structures.
There is research that shows how massage is beneficial to reducing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which is the standard soreness you feel a day or two after training. The vibrating sander that Clint and you have used allows you to work on your muscles in a similar way to break up adhesions or fascia, or just generally apply a massage to increase blood flow and healing.
It provides a pneumatic brace against the spine and helps strengthen the torso to transmit force more effectively. Each year those excess revenues were taken by Congress to be spent on other funds, but they weren’t stolen. From that point on it would operate in the red, with the government no longer being able to borrow from the fund, but instead they would have to begin to pay those IOUs back. If they can’t borrow more money, where are they going to get the money to keep the benefits at the full amount? The federal government was expected to spend about $285 billion dollars in August, but total revenues flowing into the treasury would only be about $170 billion. More importantly, we must create an environment in American were the free market can thrive to create private sector jobs that produce needed products and services. Lancee fin 2007, la Jaguar XF a constitue le modele du renouveau pour le Felin britannique tombe dans l'escarcelle du constructeur indien Tata.
High-fat diets, particularly animal fat, promote higher testosterone and hormone productions — fat and cholesterol are the building blocks of hormones, after all. If they thought research on the human body was so comprehensive and correct, then they are free to go and eat whole grains as 75% of their diet for a year and let me know how that goes.
But you are correct in saying that we would not want the person to be uncomfortable from a joint perspective (though they’ll probably be muscularly uncomfortable since squats are not the same as couch lounging). These areas should be worked on regularly too, but it’s immensely helpful to do them immediately before squatting. The ACL resists anterior translation (the tibia shearing forward) as well as medial rotation. Should I advance the VD weight each week for awhile or leave it steady for a few weeks and raise it once per month? I know that I can look back two, four, or six years and wish I could go back and re-program trainees differently. As for the coaches that are better or more successful, you don’t have to accept everything they say as gospel, but there are always things you can learn even if they practice a different methodology.
Bones are always taught first, because if you know the attachment sites of the muscles, then the concept of how muscles work makes learning about muscles easier. There is no other book that has as clear, distinct, and well drawn pictures of musculoskeletal anatomy. It helps in diagnosing injury, learning how to rehab a muscle, seeing the action of muscles, and even what muscles are included in a given movement. Squatting, pressing, benching, and deadlifting are the examples instead of isolation movements and bosu balls. This can help you learn how muscle is integrated throughout the body instead of thinking about them working in isolation. If there is a lot of tension on the quadriceps (due to their shortening from prolonged sitting, for example), then that would provide tension at the hip and cause pain in the hip or lower back. If you try and apply torque on a crusty structure that is in a recovery deficit, then this is another reason why tweaks can occur on the back or side of the knee when doing knees forward squatting. Can most people improve their mobility to move their toe angle a little bit in from where it is now? In reality, they would only avoid hypocricy by not eating anything and starving themselves to death. They ignore the evolutionary fact that this process has occurred throughout the history of living organisms. The one true purpose in life is to survive in order to procreate and pass our genes onto future generations.
It was necessary for us to survive in almost any environment, any harsh condition in the world.
They are dirty, they smell, and the run around acting like dickheads until you can get them back in their pen. We may have moved forward into a civilized species, but we will always need to survive off of lesser capable species. What do you think happens to the rodents, the mice, the birds, or any other animal in a field or forest when those resources (wheat, crops, wood, etc.) are collected?
And if suffering is the issue, is it not suffering to be chopped up to death by giant blades?
In both cases, the support for either of those erroneous claims stems from awful, horrid, and diarrhea-quality research.
For the hippy vegetarian, who eats like a bird and is probably active (hiking, running, cycling, etc.), they will stay thin and wiry.
That’s more than what the hypocritical vegetarians can claim in their animal killing, environment disrupting lifestlye.
If the shit hits the fan, these will be the first people to die off because they don’t offer any practical physical skills due to their feebleness. Since the body is constantly adapting to its environment and any stress imparted on it, it aims to improve these structures so that it can handle that same training stress again in the future easier (or handle more stress, or a greater amount of the same stress).
It will not provide enough whole proteins (there is no way to make a whole protein out of various grains despite their feeble attempts).
You can be a better trainee than what Steve thinks you can be; you can be strong in a squat and still have good mobility.
If you aren’t silly with your diet, you can remain or become lean, and this will help your bodyweight to strength ratio for climbing. Sports massages have been around for decades and are used because they help the muscle recover better (check out this clip of Werner Gunthor getting a massage in the midst of his training montage. Other tools like foam rolling, PVC rolling, The Stick, and a Theracane can all accomplish similar results.
It can happen with normal, non-training people (if they strain very hard pushing their car or dropping a deuce), but their cardiovascular systems are not trained to handle higher pressures and therefore it will take less to rupture the vessels in someone who doesn’t lift.
He is a pathological liar, a skilled deceiver of the naive and acts like a slithering snake who speaks with forked tongue.
It was anticipated paying back the IOUs would keep Social Security operating at full benefits until about 2035. During the first 2 years of Obama’s reign, in an attempt to stimulate the economy, the federal government paid out up to $400 in tax credits for every working person. These new jobs are a necessity to reduce the unemployment rate and provide a place for people to work who are going to lose their current jobs because of federal government cut backs. Eating fat also helps improve insulin sensitivity since it will usually be combined with a change in carbohydrate consumption.
Furthermore, it would be beneficial to read and understand the Conjugate Method from Russian translations too. Combine this with some basic understanding of musculoskeletal biomechanics, and you can analyze movement. By using basic massage techniques, it’s possible to alleviate that tension and either reduce the pain immediately or over time. If the structure is beat up, then give it more days of rest than you usually would before returning to squatting. This is how it has always been, and this is how it will always be regardless of the dominant species. They savagely die at the hands of gnashing metallic teeth that cultivate the grain and their homes are destroyed by the human presence. Furthermore, nutrition research is usually  based on epidemiological studies that cannot account for the array of variables that effect a person.
The average American will eat processed food, lots of sugar and carbohydrates, drink alcohol, and smoke.

Eating low quality foods, consuming grains, increasing systemic inflammation, developing auto-immune diseases, being fat and un-active — these are the things that are carcinogens. Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, have an array of important functions like regulating protein synthesis and are used in metabolism. Proteins are needed in all of those structure’s cells to help heal and improve them, but proteins are also needed to make hormones, enzymes and countless other ingredients that are necessary for the processes and reactions in the body.
When you do something that doesn’t fit with the context and result of evolution, there are negative side effects that need to be rectified.
If they want to fail at self righteousness or be ineffective and most likely unhealthy, that’s there prerogative. The following day I provided protocols for icing depending on the injury in the context of a full rehab program. On several occasions, typically in response to a question on programming, you have been adamant about training for a persons particular sport. I can back squat a decent amount, well over twice my body weight, yet I can get up on a wall and have the mobility to climb it.
Keep in mind that these are ball park figures and your true intent on the light day is to not interfere with the Intensity Day. As a side note, the minute or so after this starting point had a huge effect on my summer clothing style a few years ago, especially the beach scene). Let this be a reminder to serious, competitive trainees that comprehensive rehab and recovery will better prepare you to lift. Some people erroneously point to the increase in pressure in the cerebrospinal fluid, but there is an equalizing of pressure up through the spine and around the brain, so this isn’t an issue (Starting Strength has an excerpt about this).
On the other hand, the 2 Republican Congressmen (I didn’t know who they were) who stood behind a microphone and stated that social security had over 2 TRILLION in its trust fund were also liars. So far, every time one of those IOU’s has come due, it has been paid back, though with newly borrowed money.
At that time, either higher amounts would have to be paid by working people or the benefits would have to be reduced.
Rather than continue with that failed idea, Obama and the lame duck congress decided to allow working people to keep more money in their own pockets by reducing the amount we pay into social security for this year. They say, we should fully fund the military, fully fund the debt payments so we don’t default and fully fund Social Security. By increasing the number of private sector jobs, additional revenues will flow into the federal government.
Greater amounts of animal fat allow for better recovery and bulking, but they also help a lifter get lean by avoiding carb calories as well as avoiding unnecessary fat gain when trying to bulk. On Tuesday I pointed out that rotating your toes forward for the squat is dependent on having the mobility to do so.
Perhaps the repaired tissue is getting pushed into itself, or maybe it’s getting compressed into bone.
If a trainee, lifter, or coach doesn’t understand the concept of stress, recovery, and adaptation within the context of physiology, then he has no model to base programming on. I can pick up an ulna and orient it to how it would fit into a forearm, but when I first touched an ulna I didn’t even know what it is. If I were a professor, this would be one of my text books (along with The Trail Guide to the Body).
This will only help the S&C student learn about the body, but it will also teach them how to work on soft tissue. If we combine these soft tissue techniques with positional stretching and joint distraction, we can reduce a lot of pain, prevent injury, and improve mechanics in training. It would have been to difficult to explain this stuff via text, and a video is much easier.
Watch the videos and learn the reasoning that explains why shifting them forward too soon can result in a strain the popliteus (on the back or outside of the knee). If you’re religious, you have to accept evolution, and when you do, you have to accept that your god set you up to survive the best way that you could.
Chickens and cows are pretenders while dogs are a smart, capable species that have dominance over these other pretenders.
In fact, accepting the concept that one species dominates over another is an appreciation for the sentient of life and how it came to be.
Unless a person grows their own crops, builds their own home, and sews their own clothes, they are killing animals somewhere for their personal gain. Changing the inclusion or lack of meat is not the explanation for better health results in vegetarian populations. Vegetarian levels of protein are ineffectively low and completely inadequate, especially for training.
If a person is serious about their training, their physique, and their health, they will forgo vegetarianism for a healthy diet with ample meat.
If you stop eating dairy products, you will stop producing lactase, the enzyme that breaks down the sugar lactose. Well, if they compare it to their previously crappy lifestyle and diet, then it makes sense, but that doesn’t make it right or optimal. But if your friend is trying to train, lift weights, get stronger, get faster, get powerful, and look great, then you cannot continue letting them be a vegetarian. I may not be very good technically, and my mass or weight will be problematic in truly excelling, but my mobility is not going to be the limiting factor. Also, for early stage Texas Method users, they won’t really work off of percentages because their hypothetical 1RMs and percentages will change every week. That’s one reason why professional athletes can do what they do, because they have people automating this process and doing it for them. To avoid this, just let out some air through grunting during the grinding portion of a lift.
Today, there are over 2 TRILLION dollars in IOU’s in the social security trust fund, but no actual money. It was suggested that people drawing social security would see their benefits reduced by about 30%.
In other words, he reduced the amount of money going into the social security trust fund, when it was already operating in the red??? We could do that, but the cuts to everywhere else would be dramatic, deep, severe and in my opinion throw us into a severe recession or depression. Again, the number one thing GOVERNMENT can do to create an environment for the free market to succeed is to eliminate our current tax code and switch to the Fair Tax. Aside from adequate protein, fat consumption is the best method to recover from training and stay lean.
Wednesday I started a series that shows a continuum of how to learn about strength and conditioning.
I try to have a level view of everything and pick and choose based on what a person or group wants or needs, but you should still look to others for knowledge. He has augmented the careers of countless people and consistently works towards a life-long goal of improving knowledge in the world of fitness. I’ve split the video into two parts, because the anatomical portion is a bit long by necessity. This is, oddly enough, called The Mother Fucking Circle of Life (vegetarians never saw The Lion King, I guess).
Selective killing is still killing, and all of the piously righteous fucks are not willing to sacrifice to truly support their cause.
This means that lactose is running rampart in your digestive tract, and you get farty with potential diarrhea. Again, because this economy has been propped up with borrowed and printed money for some time now, to lose those props will have dire consequences.
Unfortunately, that idea isn’t even a part of the dialogue going on in Washington, though it is as important as the debate over cutting spending.
This particular post was focused on several very good anatomy books; anatomy is the foundation for coaching and programming. This book is the culmination of years of thought and teaching lessons that Kilgore synthesized for the purpose of teaching fitness professionals applied anatomy. Therefore, when you see research on any of it, be extremely skeptical, even if there are lots of studies saying the same thing. After unsuccessful attempts at raising them for work or as cattle, they will inevitably be hunted for sport in Madagascar until extinction. The same thing happens with grain and gluten; you stop eating it and your digestive tract heals to the point where the gluten protein will disrupt your healthy intestines when you reintroduce it.
In particular he states that combatives, gymnasts, and rock climbers would all do better with a different type of squat. They prove their evolutionary worth time and time again by providing a service to humans, and nowadays that means they bring happiness, delight, and soft, furry cuddling. For more on this, read Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes or The Great Cholesterol Con by Anthony Colpo. The only thing I can think of is maybe I spent more time with the buffer than I do with a foam roller because I was excited to try it. Normally these won’t be available to non-subscribers, but today you can get a view of the newsletter (this preview link will be taken down tomorrow). He mentions in another article, touting the virtues of the pistol squat, that back squats would lead to flexibility issues, a big negative for climbers.

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