There are three principle areas in which the craft is made: Metepec, Mexico State, Izucar de Matamoros and Acatlan, both in Puebla, and most are made with commercial intent.
There is a national ceramics prize called the Concurso Nacional de Alfareria y Ceramica «Arbol de la Vida» presented each year by the municipality but entrants are not limited to trees of life. However, other projects with similar ambitions, such as the Explanada Artesanal, have not experience much success. These trees vary in size from miniatures to gigantic public sculptures.[7] Many trees have unique themes but the most common is the duality of life and death and the relationship of man with the natural world.
Many will have themes such as the duality of life and death, and the relationship of man with the natural world, but these often keep essential elements such as Adam and Eve.[7] Tiburcio Soteno Fernandez is one of the few potters here who will made arboles with themes completely unrelated to the Garden of Eden.

On Comonfort Street in Metepec there are dozens of pottery workshops but only two of these remain making the trees.[5] One major reason for this is cheap imitations, mostly imported from Asia. Pieces from various places in Mexico, such as Oaxaca, Jalisco and Guanajuato but most pieces are from Mexico State. The Explanada is dirty, lacks lighting and lacks visitors despite the authentic wares sold here.
Underneath are images relation with the creation of the world in seven days, such as the sun and moon, the animals and Adam and Eve. This has been a problem for many Mexican crafts, with the federal government stepping in to develop trademarks and «denomination of origin» for traditional crafts.

It is located on Hidalgo Street in Metepec with 95 stands that sell clay and ceramic crafts made in the municipality.
In 2009, the Tree of Life was trademarked for artisans from Metepec and neighboring Calimaya, befitting the approximately 300 families which dedicate themselves to the making of them.

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