Contouring is a great way to get a more structured look, especially when you’re trying to get your face to look slimmer.
Avoid powder foundation – it’s important to have a good base when contouring your face and that is where your choice of foundation comes to play. Find the right bronzer finish – if you love going to makeup counters, you’ve probably noticed that some bronzing powders are matte while some have a bit of shimmer in them. Use the right tools – some products are meant to be applied with brushes, some with your fingers and others with sponges.
Never rush blending – blending out the harsh lines, especially when you’ve used cream-based bronzers, is important to make your contour look natural. For me, as a girl who loves long hair (or is afraid to chop it off), experimenting with hair color is actually the furthest I go. Might seem so restrictive, but it’s not actually, as each and everyone of them has tones of shades (not to mention the highlights you can play with), from cool to warm, from muted to bright and so on. Actually the reason behind this post was my indecision right now with the haircolor I should get for the holidays: blond(er) or brunette? I have a warm skin tone and for me finding the perfect hair color (blonde, brown or even brunette) was always challenging. TIP: we should usually stick to 2 tones darker or lighter than our natural hair color, no more than that, or so they say. Get the latest Articles, News about Gadget, Technology, Automotive, Health, Beauty, Travel, Parenting and about everything at BestUpNow. Pale skin looks beautiful  if you will give proper care to your skin with sunscreen and moisturizers.
Jet Black: Some people hold a misconception that black color cannot be paired with pale skin.
Red: The red color falls into the very bright category of hair color and this is a perfect hair color for those looking a sexy style. Although tattoo is generally cool and badass, what make white ink tattoos twice as cool and kick ass is that it can glow when exposed to UV light. What makes it different is that it is subtle compared to the ordinary black and colored tattoos. White tattoos are great for those who have line of trade that does not allow regular tattoos.
If you have olive skin or brown skin, you may wonder if white tattoo designs will still look white on your skin. Meanwhile, those who have pale complexion may well enjoy the radness that white ink tattoos offer.
With all the badass-ness that white ink tattoos can offer, these have also their downsides. If you decided to get white ink on your skin for all that its worth, do not forget to avoid exposing your tat on the sun. The use of face primer and foundation powder will let the makeup blend better and stay longer on your skin. Brown and orange-toned shades can work great with medium complexions, provided you maintain white clean teeth, since these colours can make teeth appear yellowish. Sales assistants at MAC and other reputed beauty brands are trained to help you pick out the perfect set of makeup shades that will suit your face and complexion.
Darker Indian skin should avoid too much glitter, as this tends to look overdone more on them than on fair skin. Fill in the gaps in your eyebrows with a pencil or shadow in a shade closest to the natural colour of the brows.

One basic rule to remember is to stay away from oily formulations where eye makeup is concerned.
Recent CommentsPalak Mishra on Catrice 100 Pearly Bird Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof ReviewPalak Mishra on L.A. You can never rush blending if you want to get a flawless look, be it with contouring, highlighting or just makeup in general. Hell I’ve gone from super blonde to jet black, to red, and even green back in highschool. I always go for chocolate hair, and will probably do the same now, but I tell you… this post has made me kinda re-think my go-to-color. I kinda think in the case of cooler skin tone ANY shade looks good, it’s a matter of the effect you like best. The biggest mistake you can do in this case is choose a cold hair color that will do nothing for your features. Some women have pink tint in their pale skin so in such cases coppery reds should be avoided. In fact, there are considerable number of Hollywood artists and celebrities who have art tattoos somewhere in their body. Akin to black or colored tattoos, white tattoos are permanent skin designs using white tattoo inks.
This type of tattoo is becoming the mainstream nowadays as people wanted another medium apart from the usual black tattoos.
Apart from the fact that it may look like a scar on you (when you choose the wrong artist), also note that the white ink tattoos are fickle compared to the black tattoos. This is important, because Indian skin tends to sweat with the heat and humidity, causing makeup to smudge.
Go for shades that are just one tone lighter than your skin colour and opt for those with a yellowish tint. But you will rarely go wrong with colours like pink, plum, red, berry, salmon, lavender, wine and apricot. Metallic hues can up the glamour quotient when you want to do party makeup, but choose ones with more of sheen and less of glitter particles. Many Indians have poker straight lashes, but with a lash curler and mascara, you can get those thick curled eyelashes in no time. Indians tend to have oily skin due to the climate they live in, and unless your products are specifically oil-free, they may smear on the eyelids. Having the right makeup products, tools, knowledge and skills are all essential when it comes to contouring.
Liquid or cream based foundations seem to be the best kinds to go for when contouring because they create a layer that your contour product can hold on to. Matte bronzers are meant to be used on areas you want to recede like the sides of your nose and the hollows of your cheeks while shimmery ones are meant to be used on areas you want to bring forward like the tops of your cheeks. Best example here is Rihanna, who I think has a cool skin tone and can pull off any hair color. When your hair is dyed in platinum blonde then you have to give lot of care to your hair as ignorance may damage your hair. Few of those who have prominent tats in their skin among the girls are Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Christian Perri, and Hayley Williams of Paramore.
More so, white tattoos emphasize designs intricately that is far more unique than those colored or black tattoos. This means that white ink on dark skin will look like light brown rather than the ideal clear white color.

Think turmeric – brides traditionally use turmeric packs to get that golden glow which complements Indian skin beautifully, making it look fairer than it is. If your complexion is on the darker side, choose burgundy, deep wine or brick or rust red shades.
Avoid jet black, because Indians have naturally black eyebrows, and using an equally dark black might make you look very loud and dramatic. However, they can wear darker shades of blush such as deep rose to dark beige, depending on how dark the skin is, so that the blush is visible against the skin.
Contouring almost always comes hand in hand with highlighting but you can always skip the latter if you don’t want to get the least bit of iridescent glow for your look. Powder tends to diffuse your contouring product instead of keep it in place so avoid it when doing a contoured look. First, take your beauty blending sponge and buff the product in to get a natural look then take your brush and blend. However, women who have pale skin should use rich shades of chocolate and walnut and bronze and mahogany shades having a red undertone should be avoided. If you don’t want to get your hair colored in platinum blonde then ash blonde is a better option. Black and colored tattoos are getting mainstream that white ink tattoos are stealing the spotlight because of pure awesomeness and radness.
More so, there are just cool designs that are more epic in white color than any other colors. Tattoos below stay beneath the skin surface which means that the more the skin becomes white, the more the tattoo looks just as white due to the transparency. Getting white tattoos is stepping out of the ordinary, giving you a breath of fresh air as you express yourself.
Makeup tends to appear in layers more on dark and olive tones rather than fair skin, and a good face primer can help avoid all of these problems. Bronzer looks very chic against olive skin tones, which you can opt for, instead of blusher, for a natural sun-kissed look. As with all Tattoo Goo Brand products Renew is Certified Dermatologist Tested for your assurance of quality and effectiveness. If you’re still looking for new ways and techniques to perfect this art, check out these tips for proper contouring that will help you achieve that flawless and structured look. Mapping out your contour will help you decide which areas you want to look deeper and which ones to bring forward. We recommend jet black color for females with ivory skin and soft black for olive skin females. Do not go for golden color streaking as it will reduce the look of color on your pale skin. However, if you decide on having white ink on your skin, consider going to the real tattoo artist who can handle it well else you risk sporting a scar-like tattoos compared to what you imagined. The combination of black color hair with pale skin gives a healthy look and it carries extra shine in it. But, it seems the trends this year (which you also have mentioned on your blog!) is more natural looking hair colors and makeup.

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