It’s heating up, even in the Midwest — so to go along with letter W, we pulled out some hands-on water math and science! This has got to be one of most common science experiments for little ones – and why not? We raided our pantry for items that might dissolve in water, and the kids had a blast testing each substance in a glass jar. My Six needed some one-on-one time, so while her brothers were playing together (and not fighting – amazing!), we took an eye dropper and a pile of objects that could absorb or repel water.
As I sat next to the house filling up water balloons during my precious daily quiet time (while the toddler naps and the older kids play by themselves), I wondered if it was worth it.

It was great, Conny, thanks for asking It was really the first vacation since before my oldest was born that felt restful. Yes, Natalie, it really was right on target for my six year old — the concepts too high for her little brothers. 6 more weeks to go until I will enjoy mine, but hubby and daughter are having their time-off right. It’s always good to get outside learning ideas — sitting at the kitchen table for too long always feels cruel in the summer!
Some of these activities just might find their way into our school schedule this coming year!

There’s a new Link-up Party going on this weekend over at One Sharendipity Place and we’d love to have you join in!

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