Content ratings help you understand the type of content you might find in an app or game, so you can decide if they are suitable for you and your family. If an app or game does not have a rating, it means that it has not yet been rated, or it’s been rated and we’re working to update the page. Clicking the download button will take you to the Google Play Store where you can download this app. Posted on July 2, 2012 by Himadri Subrah Saha Is it really possible to get free Facebook likes for Facebook fan page?
It does not indicate that the app was specifically designed for that particular age, or if a certain level of skill is required to play the game or use the app. This is the question right now in your mind cause your know how much it is difficult to get a like for your fan page!
It supports 'Chat heads', which are shortcut icons that appear over the top of Facebook, offering you a shortcut to a conversation. If you're an administrator of a Facebook page you can install the Facebook Pages Manager app.
With this app installed, when you access a page that you control, the app will open automatically and you can manage the page. Total control Facebook integrates nicely within the Android operating system.
The notification system is flawless, and it's very comfortable to share links to Facebook through any app on your device. In terms of the Facebook for Android interface, the app shows your news feed when you start up.

The point is that people will always go for that one which is already liked by a lot of people.This is all about reputation.
You can then simply swipe to navigate through the different sections of Facebook, such as friend requests, messages, and notifications.
The final menu on toolbar gives you access to other Facebook features such as Events, Photos, Notes, Feeds, and Groups. There are shortcut buttons in Facebook for Android for adding a status update, posting a photo, and checking in to a place. A search button allows you to very quickly look for something anywhere on Facebook. If you want to access the Facebook chat feature, hit the button that appears in the top-right corner of the app. A sidebar will slide out, showing you which of your contacts are online, and allowing you to open a chat window with a single tap on their name. Of course, not everyone will be happy with the way Facebook works on Android. For starters, posts in the news feed don't appear in the order they were added, which can get frustrating if you want to see what you're friends are doing now, rather than seeing just 'top stories' first. I think it is cool and you will also agree with me if you visit those sites and sign up for those sites.Steps to Get Free Facebook Likes for Facebook Fan Page:Now what are the steps to get the Facebook likes? To access the 'Most Recent' feature, you need to navigate to it through the menu on the right of the screen. Android tablet users may be disappointed too, since the Facebook app isn't optimized well for large-screen devices. It would be nice if Facebook developed a layout more like the iPad version of the app, where the space is much easier to get around, and elements are beefed up so the design doesn't look so barren.

If you're using a tablet to view Facebook, I'd recommend Friendcaster which has a much friendlier design. Officially speaking it's OK Although it's not perfect, the official Facebook app has the benefit of being constantly updated with the latest Facebook features and services. If you still face any problem then just let me know through the comments. I will be more than happy to help you. It makes it easy to stay in touch with your friends, and that's a good thing, surely. What's new in the latest version of Facebook for Android? The latest update to the Facebook app brings with it the power to control what you see on your news feed. If these people are starting to get on your nerves you can simply unfollow them so their posts won't show up in your feed. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly. Don't worry, it's easy to see who you've already unfollowed and start re-following them again. Another new option within the news feed is the ability to tap on the down arrow in a post to remove a post from your timeline or directly unfollow a person.
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