None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the Tattoo Artist. White ink tattoos are a fast growing trend in the world of tattoos and body art, where a tattoo design is created using only white ink.
The white ink tattoos depicted above are great for any occasion and they also look cook under UV lights. The thigh tattoo with the red flowers and two crows… does anyone know what kind of flowers they are? Currently there are many high-profile celebrities who sport white ink tattoos with panache. Women like to wear sexy outfits and there is now a way to make them to be more confident in their skin by getting a particular style of tattoo.

The fact is there are so many tattoo ideas you can find that could represent what you like. In the course of one’s life, there are things or significant point deserving memory and representation. Besides symbolic meanings, there are other factors you may take consideration to start your tattoo – placement, artistic styles and what is the most important to find out a good artist or studio. They are a popular choice with people who are looking to have delicate designs on their wrists, such as a cursive script.
When you look closely at the details of tattoo, you really feel it’s your body and your representation. White ink has been traditionally used by tattoo artists to highlight small portions of a design.

The main reason for this being that white ink usually helps to create tattoos that are very delicate and subtle. Stars, birds in flight, flowery patterns and personal messages are some of the most popular choices for white ink tattoos.

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