All the tattoo lovers who go for a tattoo design want it to look the “very best”, in other words, unique. Black and white still retains its unique charm and as said above, everyone is on the lookout for having an exclusive tattoo piece.
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Carved on the arm, this black and white tribal design with its pointed arcs looks quite elegant. Smoking a cigar and carrying a briefcase in his hand, this man is a symbol of the busy urban life that arouses fear and loathing inside us, at times. Excellent creative tattoo piece carved on the forearm that is a tribute to the music and dancing icon Michael Jackson.
The living philosophy of the girl finds a place on her forearm with this black and white tattoo. This laughing baby tattoo carved on the chest, as a mark of love for one’s child, in black and white, has a pleasant touch. The dark broken feather and the flying birds bring out the freedom spirit that just wants to soar high with its dreams.
The girl got her middle name along with a small heart that is hidden in the loops below, on her foot. Black and grey rose, sitting on the thigh, are in the dear memory of the girl’s lover who she misses a lot.

This black and white clock, carved on the forearm, always reminds the wearer to be on time and value it as well.
Cute tattoo design that brings out the naughty, little world of children when they love to fantasize and imagine all the time. The large floral piece deigned on the front looks very graceful and has a pretty, fragrant touch. The koi fish and the cherry blossom flower, etched on the arm and shoulder, bring out two popular symbols of Japanese culture. Carved on the wrist with black ink, this tattoo serves as a fine source of inspiration to this freedom loving guy.
The mother expresses her love for her sons with their names and date of births that she has got carved on her wrist. This tattoo is a symbol of the fact that time waits for none and therefore, we must match our steps in tandem so that life remains on track. The black crows on the arm symbolize liberation that sets the mind free and lets it achieve glorious heights. The girl has got the symbol of beauty and sensuality on her back, that looks very enticing.
The guy articulates his love for his father through this back tattoo that is very appealing and meaningful.
The magical bird who teaches us the valuable lesson of bouncing back from crisis presents a very aesthetic portrait too.

The dark grim reaper with its scythe, the symbol of death, looks menacing in this tattoo piece. Another grim reaper tattoo avatar with its fearsome touch that is so real that one feel the presence of death. This messy girl exudes the latent mischievous spirit inside the wearer which finds an outlet through the tattoo. This giant creature, carved as a tattoo piece looks cool and represents the passive, quiet nature of the wearer.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. To make this happen, they search for the perfect artist who can give shape to their attitude and feelings in an excellent manner.
Well, colors also play a great role in creating a catchy tattoo piece and therefore, people explore all kinds of shades to design their tattoos. If you are also an admirer of the monochromatic and graceful shade scheme, then do take a look at the post we have created here. However, some of the tattoo seekers are happy with the black and white scheme and get the black and white tattoos carved on their body which is a matter of taste and not ignorance or being boring.

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