You decided you want white tattoo, you got excited – it looks great and unique, you have read all the necessary material (such as white tattoo on pale skin, white tattoos style tips, white tattoos benefits, white tattoos on dark people) and now comes the question – how much this pleasure will cost to you?
The answer is simple – white tattoo should cost the same as other tattoos, those prices can start from as low as 50$ for small  works (like hearts, roses,  small tribal or  letters compilation) from the flash assortment (tattoo shop per-designed album with art examples) that take about an hour to accomplish and increase with dependence on it complexity, time and effort that was put into and the artist mastery factor (better artists will  charge higher prices) and the reputation of the shop. If you want the tattoo artist to do special tattoo illustration work, many tattoo artists won’t charge special fee for it beside the hourly tariff, but yet there can be cases when couple hundreds of dollars will be asked for personal illustrations. So, white ink tattoos cost should really be the same as other ones, studio that will charge you higher tariff is not a place you will want to do the job there.

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Like mentioned previously, rates can very depending on many different factors, but the usual cost is 100$ to 250$ an hour. Almost all the tattoo designs can be worn in just two colors of black and white combination and they look great despite of their shapes and sizes. Many believe Black and White tattoos help them express their dual personalities, one of personal life and the other in the professional field.

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