Step inside Brooklyn Brewery, and you can immediately spot the telltale signs of dedicated craftsmanship. Since joining the company in 1994, Oliver has become one of Americaa€™s top brewmasters, regularly racking up awards, invitations to sit on international beer juries (he was the first Yankee to judge the Great British Beer Festival), and kudos from prominent beer critics. Olivera€™s awakening came in England, where he lived for a year as an exchange student and worked as a stage manager for rock bands.
Today, Oliver presides over the production of 44,000 barrels at Brooklyn Brewerya€™s headquarters in Williamsburg and its adjunct facility in Utica, New York.
Of all his brews, Oliver takes greatest pride in his rendition of saison, a rustic Belgian farmhouse ale. Rust is a product characterized by difficult, cutting, polishing, hardness and is second to none in carbon steel products.
Special knife for among Western knife, cut the meat was originally a sledgehammer, has been passed so far referred to at the time. Housed inside a former steel foundry on a back street of Williamburg, Brooklyn Brewery has revived some old traditions worth keeping.
The line-up includes seven year-round beers, four seasonals, plus a handful of single-batch Brewmaster Reserves per year.

In his recent book, The Brewmastera€™s Table, he sings the praises of Saison Dupont Vieille Provision, its most famous exemplar: a€?The cork invariably lets go with a mighty pop, and Saison Dupont leaps forth like a force of nature, a bright golden orange with a magnificent pillowy white head,a€? he writes. Is a staple of universal blade and be able to cut straight cuts both ways so well the diced vegetables to meat other than well-cooked fish, pull the sashimi, but has different uses depending on the size of the blade.
With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide. Rather, ita€™s the sacks of malted barley stacked everywhere, which fill the room with a toasty Grape Nuts-like scent. As New York Citya€™s only stand-alone brewery, founded in 1988 by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter, it harks back to a time when over four dozen breweries lined the streets of Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Flatbush. You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week.
Like those 19th century operations, whose Old World lagers satisfied the thirst of legions of German immigrants, Brooklyn Brewery marries traditional recipes from Europe and pre-Prohibition America with quality ingredients to produce a roster of full-flavored beers.
I had a lot of fun with it.a€? The hobby grew more serious, and Oliver founded the NYC Home Brewersa€™ Guild. Then you try to make that happen.a€? For Oliver, the process is endless, a matter of continually refining the recipes and expanding his pantry with newly available yeasts and boutique malts.

I went to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and tasted all these wonderful beers.a€? Once hea€™d sampled authentic pale ales, brown ales, stouts, porters, and Trappist beers, he would never crack open a cheap malt liquor again.
That brought him into contact with people like Mark Witty, a former Samuel Smith brewmaster who was crafting authentic ales at Manhattan Brewing Company on Broome Street a€“ the first brewpub east of the Mississippi since Prohibition. When creating East India Pale Ale, Oliver turned to a British manual from 1842 to emulate the original IPA.
When formulating the weisse beer, he and Hindy visited countless breweries in Germany to research flavor profiles and ingredients. Two weeks later, he left his job at the law firm Rodders & Wells a€“ a temp position in the managing attorneya€™s office that had morphed into a long-term assignment a€“ and he began his new career. Their sole garden beer a€“ Post Road Pumpkin Ale a€“A is a revival of an ale brewed by the early American colonists, who discovered that pumpkins blended nicely with barley malt.
Citric, dry, and refreshing, this billowing beer conjures up summertime in the Flemish countryside.

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