There are many tattoos images that are considered to be gender-neutral – suitable for male or female tattoo enthusiasts – however there are also certain images that have been predominantly claimed by one sex or the other. This is a very versatile image that can be depicted in a variety of different styles and scaled to suit practically any body part in small, medium and large designs. They can be illustrated in a single ink color such as black, grey, blue or purple or they can be depicted in a multitude of colors featuring every color of the rainbow of preferred. For those who want an image of this kind that reflects their artistic side then the Green Absinthe Fairy, or La Fee Verte as she was known in the Bohemian Paris portrayed in the movie Moulin rouge is another rarer design that is more unique than many others. Additional images also incorporated into this type of tattoo include magic wands, toadstools, flowers, winged insects such as butterflies or dragonflies as well as celestial symbols like the sun, moon or stars. From the Druids of ancient Celtic civilization to the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, symbols derived from the natural world around us, particularly plants and flowers, have long been associated with mystical powers and magical elements. Centuries ago, many trees were deemed sacred among civilizations around the globe, however different species offered different connotations to the people of the lands in which they grew. The Norse Yggrasil tree also has extensive folklore surrounding it and this is the Northern most part of Europe’s equivalent to the Tree of Life, a popular design that often features in tree tattoos for women. Many of the tree tattoos for women can be scaled to suit a variety of placement areas for small, medium and larger body parts however some of the more elaborately detailed designs are better suited to a larger canvas of skin in order to appreciate the whole effect.
While stars and flowers are still extremely popular, more and more girls want something that is rarer when selecting their choice of tattoo design. To make your design more individual you may even consider customizing it so that it is unique to you. The symbolism behind fairy tattoos for women is generally strong themes that appeal to women like love and strength although some designs can be linked to darker subjects like rejection and death too. One of the most revered constellations in the sky is Pisces which is believed in astrological circles to bring great luck and happiness in life.
Most people select a tattoo with the aim of attracting attention to it whether it is in a more prominent place like the arm or a more discrete location such as the wrist and ankle areas, ultimately they want it to be admired by others who see it. There are some female tattoo designs that are only for the very daring and this includes wrist tattoos for women which are guaranteed to attract attention. Perhaps one of the most popular reasons for getting wrist tattoos for women, has to be its bracelet style design which is just like a permanent piece of jewellery and most women love their bejeweled adornments. Fortunately wrist tattoos for girls are one of the most versatile designs and can include other images within the overall tattoo. Polynesian tattoos are an ancient art that has been receiving a lot of attention in modern times.
The people of the Polynesian islands have evolved their own distinct culture over hundreds, even thousands of years. Polynesia is a group of islands spread over the Pacific Ocean (over 1000; Polynesia is the Greek word for many islands).
Hawaii: Hawaiian tattoo designs are distinct from other Polynesian tattoos in that sense that they have a more personal meaning.
Samoa: Samoan tattoos are generally very large and denote the social status and rank of the man or woman who wears it. French Polynesia (Tahiti): traditionally, only people of a high social ranking had tattoos. The Marquesa Islands: a group of islands in French Polynesia with a deeply rooted tattoo tradition.
There has always been a huge demand for oriental themed body art and Asian dragons in particular have proved to be a big favorite with male tattoo enthusiasts in particular however now dragon tattoos for women seem to be equally popular in the 21st century. This mythological creature has featured in the legends and folklore of differing cultures from one end of the globe to the other for centuries and its symbolism various considerably from one to the other. Among the most popular placement areas for dragon tattoos for women are the shoulder, upper back, nape of the neck, side, ankle and foot. While guys seem to have the monopoly on masculine designs like big cats and tribal artwork, there are certain images that are solely chosen by the girls. Smaller designs are popular for placement on the ankle, foot and nape of the neck however the shoulder, navel and hip are also favored as is the lower back as a modern alternative to the now-outdated tramp stamp.
Among the most popular fairies is Disney’s Tinker Bell, who has been a firm favorite with female tattoo aficionados for decades, including celebrities like Britney Spears who has this design inked on her. The kind and gentle, soft-spoken Blue Fairy who featured in the Pinocchio story is another option and this is ideal for those who want their fairy tattoos for women to reflect more maternal qualities. They also play an important part in providing sustenance for all life on our planet from the fruit which many species produce to the shelter provided by their vast branches that provide shelter from the rain or shade from the sun.
While Germanic tribes revered the lime and Linder varieties, it was the might oak that was considered to be most sacred to the Celts and Greeks in millennia past. This is an iconic image that many women can relate to as it symbolizes a cosmic force that connects and sustains all forms of creation.
There are also some much smaller designs that contain a minimum amount of detail however these are just as effective in their simplicity as other more intricately featured designs and this is one image that is chosen as much for its symbolism as it is for its physical appearance. These are supernatural, ethereal beings with wings, which live out of the sight of humans among natural elements like woodland or forest.
With the former, it is getting more and more difficult to find and floral or star design that has not been overused already and in fact it is actually almost impossible to find one that is unique.

This may involve altering the color schemes of the original design or adding surrounding imagery like trees and flowers to emulate the woodland where fairies live, particularly if you are a nature lover yourself. It is not surprising that they are popular choices for younger women like teenage girls as it is a nice way for them to express their belief in this childhood image that they can carry with them throughout adulthood. Therefore perhaps it is our belief in the providence of signs and symbols that make Pisces tattoos for women so appealing. Zodiac symbols make great tattoo designs and while these may be quite common place it is easy enough to adapt your chosen image to make it more unique and individual to you. It is depicted by twin fish and some of the designs featuring this symbol are very inventive often featuring other water related elements. This is a very prominent design that is hard to miss so only the very brave or the most confident women should consider this type of tattoo on one of the most noticeable body parts. These can also be used to make a strong statement in a very subtle manner depending on the selected style and design.
Popular additions to wrist tattoos for women Zodiac signs, vines, letters, names and words or any other small symbol that appeals.
Though few of us who are not from the Polynesian islands would be willing to undergo the painful and lengthy procedure that real Polynesian tattoos necessitate, we might well be attracted to elements of the traditional tribal designs and wish to incorporate them into our own tattoos – using modern methods (most of us anyway). Though there are many islands in this area, the people all came from a common homeland – though no one is exactly sure where this might have been, or when they came or how. Women and men had a combination of bold lines and dots on their forehead, from one ear to the other. On Samoa the art of tattooing stayed alive throughout history, where in other parts of Polynesia, tattoos disappeared after missionaries banned them. They cover almost half of a man’s body, starting from just under the ribcage, and continuing down to the ankles.
The people of the Marquesa islands were the most heavily tattooed of all the Polynesian tribes. For example, practically all of these people practice the art of tattooing, and they do so in startlingly similar ways. The tattoo process was very painful and a lot of perseverance was needed to endure the long tattoo sessions. By looking at a tattoo, insiders get to know the social status and rank of the tattooed person. In days gone by, female tattoo fans tended to opt for subtle, discrete images tucked away on a small surface of skin, buried under layers of clothing but in the past decade, women’s tattoos have become as big and bold as their male counterparts. In Asian countries such as Japan and China these were revered creatures associated with luck, protection, good fortune and even fertility so in this respect oriental dragon tattoos for women are much more benign than their malevolent Western depictions. These are often colorful creations in a multitude of bright vivid ink colors however they also make an equally stunning impact in a single dark ink-color, which are as effective in their simplicity as other more elaborately detailed and convoluted designs. A prime example of this would be fairy tattoos for women which are cute, pretty and feminine designs which definitely do not meet the macho criteria required by the heterosexual man. These fairy tattoos for women range from sultry, mysterious nymphs to cartoon cuties and even gothic or bad fairies, for those who want their edgy body art to reflect their attitude.
Shakespeare’s mischievous Puck from a Midsummer Night’s Dream is another option, especially for those who want a rarer used image (this is a male fairy) and Oberon and Titania, the King and Queen of the fairies respectively offer a different alternative. This sweet motherly figure was responsible for protecting Pinocchio and looking after him, even when she is not there in person so there is some interesting symbolism behind this particular design that is certainly open to personal interpretation. In our modern society they also convert a common human waste product into life-giving oxygen however it is the allure of these maternal qualities that nourish and look after their earth that attract many females to tree tattoos for women. According to ancient Egyptology, the first couple – Iris and Osiris – emerged from the Acacia tree while the Sycamore tree was believed to have strong religious connotations, as the threshold between the two opposing worlds of the living and the dead. It stands for a multitude of positive attributes such as abundance, creativity, protection, wisdom, growth and salvation however it is its ability to produce strong roots as a foundation for the trunk and branches that emanate from them, which is key. One of the best known examples of a fairy has to be Tinker Bell from the universally loved story of Peter Pan. It is therefore important to find an individual design that you will always feel proud of regardless of current trends and fashion fads.
These can look great as larger designs on a wider canvas like the back but also make a cute accessory as a small single design on the foot. However as well as making a pretty piece of artwork, remember this will be a permanent fixture so choose your design wisely. By choosing a design of this nature we are trying to harness these positive connotations for our own personal happiness and thus making it part of ourselves. If you are considering Pisces tattoos for women it is best to thoroughly research the options available and you will find many sources on the internet at your disposal. As Pisces is a water sign, synonymous with long life and happiness, these images are particularly apt but also add visual impact too. Logically, when you think about it, there is very little we do with our arms and hands that does not involve movement so it is not surprising that any adornment in that area will easily attract attention. This can take a variety of social or personal themes and can be as simple or elaborate as the individual prefers. It may not even be something that is obvious or apparent at first glance but the wearer will know that its there and what it represents, which will enhance the tattoo’s personal value overall.

This includes their choice of placement area which is no longer concealed out of sight, as these are as often as not now in prominent locations where they can be displayed with pride. Across Europe, dragons were portrayed as ferocious, war-like monsters that terrorized villagers, leaving a devastating trail of death and destruction in their paths. While green and red are popular ink colors for Western-style dragons, like most body art designs these can be colored to suit the individual’s personal tastes and preferences. Fairies have played a big part in female lives since childhood and these images conjure up happy memories of childhood bliss, reminding us of the fairy tales that inspired many of our adult dreams. These include popular variations such as the Buddhist Bodhi Tree and the Celtic Tree of life which can be transformed into beautiful and eye catching body art. Trees are robust and resilient, they resist and withstand extreme climate conditions adapting within while seemingly immovable and unchanging on the outside so a body art design of this kind can certainly remind us of a valuable life lesson.
However, while many people just don’t believe in the existence of these mythical creatures there are those who choose to bring them to life by using their image in fairy tattoos for women.
For those who want an image that is more sexy than cute, tribal designs of this type may be ideal for you. While this is only a story, many people have beliefs that others may deem superstitious but this is simply down to the individual. Regardless of what kind of design you want, you will find a wide choice of both simplistic and complex designs to suit every purpose. However, it is always best to opt for one that accurately reflects your personality and which will also fit well on your chosen body part. Mythology states that the planets Neptune and Jupiter were divided so that one fish became two giving it double the power and importance. Eating, drinking, talking, gesturing and pointing are things we do a dozen times every day, all of which will draw the eye’s attention to an inking on the wrist. One with minimalist tastes may simply want a solid, black band inked in the area while a woman who wants to emphasize her feminine attributes may opt for a floral chain or similar design. However, as this is one of the most prominent locations to have a tattoo, a woman needs to bare this in mind before she rolls up her sleeve for this particular type of tattoo. Because they had no written language, tattoos were used to depict social status, family history and spirituality.
Temples were the home of those large wooden Tiki statues, who have tattoo patterns on the hands and the face. This is a very versatile image that can be scaled to fit different skin surfaces on a variety of differing body parts however, as these are often very detailed designs they are best placed on a medium to large canvas of skin for best effect. Many body art designs still illustrate dragons with wings and breathing fire like those depicted in medieval manuscripts and art but this could simply be a metaphorical symbol for the ongoing battle of good against evil, particularly during the Crusades when the entire future of Christianity was deemed to be under threat. They represent hope, magic and dreams coming true so with such positive connotations it is hardly surprising that they have proved a firm favorite with so many women.
Many of these designs are intrinsically detailed and present a similar beauty when inked on the skin as the real thing does when it forms part of our natural landscape. That is perhaps why these are now one of the hottest trends in female tattoo designs this century. They are universally loved by everyone and there is an abundance of different designs available so you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly.
These generally come in darker colors such as purple, indigo, gray, brown and black but other colors can be added to if desired. The tribal fairy comprises of a complex combination of shapes including waves, curves and lines so it is best to use a professional tattooist with experience in this design. Zodiac tattoos allow us to express inner beliefs and character traits but they also look good too particularly if implemented with the care and skill of a qualified tattooist.
Pisces may be dismissed as insignificant, as just one tiny fish in a vast ocean, but the philosophy behind its symbolism bring to mind something much larger. Tribal designs with interlocking shapes and patterns may be the preference of a well balanced or spiritual individual while a strong woman who wants the world to know she’s no pushover may go for a more aggressive design with thorns or barbed wire and even a bracelet of harsh flames.
Not only will this be with you forever, but it will be difficult to conceal so it is imperative to ensure you choose the right design that you will be happy to display with pride.
Some of the multi-colored ink designs available today are truly breathtaking and make a strong visual impact when inked on the female torso such as the back or side. Today this is a potent symbol for more positive connotations associated with protection, wisdom, strength and courage as well as symbolizing raw energy and powerful forces. These can be very simplistic in style or intricately detailed in a variety of colors if preferred but most designs of this nature look pretty and cool so they are guaranteed to satisfy for a long time to come.
Pisceans may come across as more demure individuals but behind this seemingly well-mannered exterior often lays a big personality. After all, no girl wants to wear long sleeved garments for the rest of her life and even then, the tattoo would still be visible when the arm moved. There are even designs tat extend over a variety of different body parts with the head resting on say the shoulder while the neck extends onto the collar bone and its body wraps around the rib cage for a more elaborate tattoo. Finally, if you are happy that you have the right design that you can show off with pride then make sure you have slim well manicured hands and slender wrists that will do this design much more justice than stubby nail bitten ones!

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