Looking for a tattoo design that is daring, and that will get you lots of comments and compliments?
You’ll probably want to share your wrist tattoo with distant family members and friends via email.
Today, almost every celebrity has got atleast one tattoo on wrist and the popularity of wrist tattoos is still increasing day by day and attracting celebs to show off their new designs and images.
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They’re easily seen, and because relatively few people are willing to get their wrists tattooed, people are naturally curious about them.
To get the best picture, use natural lighting, and rub a bit of lotion on your tattoo before taking the picture.
Moreover, the good thing about it is that this area is large enough to fit different designs or quotes (sad, romantic, inspirational, etc.).
As wrist tattoos are cheaper than any other body part tattoo, and safe also, so, it is good to start from wrist.

If you’re going for an important interview or attending a formal dinner, make sure you have a bracelet or watch thick enough to at least partially cover your tattoo.

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