Not for Liam though, he just took a stroll around the neighborhood while his boys got the new ink.
Louis apparently opted for several tattoos, including an infinity rope on his wrist and a few doodles on his forearm of a spiderweb and a bomb.  Small, cool tattoos, no big deal.

Things must have gotten out of hand, because the tattoo wound up covering most of the outside upper-part of his right arm.  He obviously has little doubts about their future together, or maybe really high hopes!Already Working on a Full SleeveZayn finished up his half-sleeve right around January 2013 and, with the looks of this new tattoo and his Pink Floyd prism tattoo, he is planning to go ahead with a full sleeve on his right arm.
With the placement of Zayn Maliks’ tattoos on his arm, it is a good bet to say he is going to keep adding to them to make a full sleeve.

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