In other words, the Minnesota astronomer pointed out that the signs of the Zodiac no longer align with the constellations they represent. In the sidereal or vedic astrology systems, the signs have shifted, but these other systems are most commonly used in India and not in the West. The tropical zodiac, the system mostly used in the UK, consists of fixed sectors of the sky, and the movements of the sun, moon and planets are watched to determine the horoscopes. Long being a mystery of sailors for hundreds of the years, the Mermaid has now become a popular tattoo choice for men and women alike.
29 and Dec 17 have this new sign to play with and create new design ideas for Ophiucus tattoos.

So before you go and have your tattoo changed or removed, you need to make sure what system you want to be using or have been using to read your horoscope. It means that these sectors of the sky do not depend on the constellations as reference points, making the shifting from the hearth’s wobble much less significant.
And to top it all, it also means that a neglected constellation and Ophiuchus has to be added into the mix as a new star sign. With more and more people having a tattoo of their star sign, if the Minnesota Planetarium Society was to confirm that we had got it wrong all these years, then thousands of people would need to have their tattoos covered up or removed. But you’d better make sure with an expert or horoscope specialist that this is your star sign before you get inked.

We’re not sure the local tattoo parlour or the local laser tattoo removal clinic could cope with the demand so it might be best to keep our old star sign no matter what.
In fact, experts say that this shift in the stars has no effect on the tropical zodiac system. The tropical zodiac system is the system most typically used to measure horoscopes and set our star signs.

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