People like to get their zodiac sign tattoo or the zodiac signs of people that are important to them. Here is a list of the signs, the time they relate to, their element, their symbol and the related planet. People born under this sign are usually emotional and find their motivation with their emotions. People born under this sign are happiest when they maintain a balance between their creative efforts and being with people they love.

People born under this sign are enthusiastic, intuitive, and are always on a search for knowledge. They have a tendency to hold their feelings in and block out values that don’t agree with their own. They are able to shift and change without a problem.  Some Virgos are neat freaks while others are chaotic and messy. For instance somebody under the sign of Scorpio may get a tattoo of the scorpion rather than the traditional symbol of the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Gemini people tend to need their solitary creative time as well as living a busy and active life. For instance if someone was born under the fire sign they may choose to accent a tattoo with flames or someone born under the earth sign they choose to show plant life and other elements of nature and their tattoos.

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