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Both of our children have a bowel disease called Hirschsprung’s disease, and have had colostomies since birth.
I was cleaning the stove and somehow forgot I had just turned off the burner.  Like a dope I picked up the iron burner. A co-worker of mine gifted me with a tube of Pinxav when I was pregnant with my first child; she said it was absolutely the best (and most hard to find) product for diaper rash.
Teach and Practice Good Bathroom Hygiene: Teach toddlers to clean up every time they go potty. You may want to use alcohol-free and fragrance-free toddler wipes first and then follow up by patting dry with toilet tissue. Switch to fragrance and dye-free detergents and fabric softeners to avoid an allergic reaction from laundered underwear that fit snug against the skin. Use dye-free white toilet tissue to prevent allergic reactions to dyes in printed toilet tissue.

Clean Up Accidents Promptly: When your toddler has an accident in their pants, clean it up promptly to avoid a diaper rash. Choose Cotton: When choosing training pants and toddler underwear, choose only 100% cotton, soft underwear. Pinxav is a zinc-oxide based diaper rash cream that is designed to heal diaper rashes and create a barrier for  your toddler’s skin. You can buy PINXAV on our website in a variety of sizes with FREE Shipping or behind the pharmacy counter locally at Giant Eagle, Heinen’s, Discount Drug Mart, Buehlers, and Acme Fresh markets. After two utterly miserable weeks of my husband and I trying to train our son on our own to go to the bathroom … I decided to find a method to help me teach my son go to the bathroom. My son was in the stages furthest from the regression, kicked and screamed when he would sit on his potty. We use the methods of a book that you download from the internet and I was speechless after my husband and I attended our son sitting in her bathroom, all by itself!

Featured Lifestyle ArticlesPhotography Tips: 5 Best Tips to Photograph Toddlers10 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. You cannot rely on the moisture wicking materials of diapers anymore to pull that moisture away from your toddler’s delicate skin. Treat diaper rash immediately with Pinxav.If the rash worsens or persists for 2-3 days, consult your pediatrician. 4 days in your program and regression were corrected and we had our first day accident free.

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