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With my daughter, I would put her on the toilet when I knew she had to go (she got the toots ?? ) and then distract her with books and songs, until she went without really paying attention to it.
SoSoActive is an interactive media company that offers entertainment, culture, fitness, family and political opinions for the millennial generation. If your child sits on his potty to make you happy but panics when it’s time to use it, place the potty in front of the TV or another source or entertainment. Make a big fuss over every “success.” The first couple of days, every time Sophie made it in the toilet, we went crazy!
He showed interest in potty training at 18 months but when we went on vacation, I neglected to take his potty and it wasn’t until 23 months before he really started wanting to do it again. We talked about what it felt like when you can tell you have to go, and how to (gently) push it out.
Have some kind of reward for them if they go potty (something extra special for pooping), or to put it bluntly, bribe them. Potty training apps are a great way to make this whole endeavor extra special for your little one. She has her BFA degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University and hopes to use her work to instill a love of reading and writing in others. Resist the urge to laugh or video record him swearing so you can upload it on social media sites. If swearing was a problem and your child is now making an effort to stop, give praise when he expresses himself appropriately.
Just don’t, otherwise you may have a literal “poop hit the fill in the blank” situation on your hands.
Unless you have a wonder child who goes from diapers to underwear without a hitch, potty training takes time.

Several of these potty training apps, such as Potty Time, Pull-Ups iGo Potty, and Once Upon a Potty, let children receive virtual rewards that are great incentive to use the toilet. There are hundreds of potty training books; my personal favorites are Pirate Potty and Princess Potty. This is just my opinion, but pull-ups are just fancy diapers that you pay more money for less of a product.
Kids feed off of your enthusiasm, so if you act like going potty on the toilet is the coolest thing since sliced bread – they’ll believe it!
When Soph just wasn’t getting it, one of the things that really helped was to switch roles. Ask him, then explain that it is offensive and could affect how others perceive and receive him.
Also, if your child feels frustrated or angry, encourage him to take time for self-reflection. Even if your child seems engrossed in another activity, if he’s within earshot, he is hearing it. Know when your child is ready to potty train—if they start to indicate their bathroom needs then go for it!
If they see that they will get something for going potty, they are more likely to continue to do it. Some apps come with potty charts to track progress, games, songs, stories, and even a timer that will go off when you need to take a trip back to the bathroom. Kids are smart and they’ll know that the feeling of a diaper and pull-up are much the same, meaning they can go as they please in them.
I told her that Minnie had to stay dry, and if she peed on her and got her wet, I would take her away. If you make your child feel bad for not catching on, they’ll get discouraged and end up taking even longer to learn. If you give them a rag and make them clean it up themselves, they sure won’t want to do it again!

Now he stands to potty (YEAH!) I was worried that he would have trouble since this is all new to me but so far so good. Overreacting shows kids that these are emotionally charged words and they could use it to leverage attention.
What’s more, if regular houseguests have a propensity to swear, ask them to curtail cursing in your home. Do NOT force your child to start potty training too young just because you’re sick of diapers. Yes, you’ll most likely have loads of horrific laundry to wash, but that’s your doody—I mean duty—as a parent. Good luck on breaking the whole reward system when they get older; I still don’t think it’s fair that, as adults, we don’t get some kind of reward for going to the bathroom—and we’ve been doing it for years! It may be the satisfaction of seeing their “business” disappear into the abyss, but take that joy away from them and you will have a holy tantrum on your hands. Sophie was sooo excited to go to preschool, so I told her that she wasn’t allowed to go until she used the toilet.
She was heartbroken the first time she peed on Minnie, which helped motivate her to not have accidents! There are a lot of things you can do to help the transition from diaper to toilet a lot easier. That’s right, just when you thought your child was fully potty trained and in big kid underwear—BAM! Take a break if you need to recharge and rethink your potty training plan of attack, but always go back to it. Afterwards, he gets a sticker to be placed on a construction paper cutout on the wall as a reward.

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