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Thanks so much to all of our puppy families who provide such wonderful homes to our puppies. The boys just love her!!  They cuddle her and play with her to the point shea€™s pooped out!
Ia€™ve attached a couple pictures of her in the backyard - - they are a little a€?brighta€? but I think youa€™ll see how happy she is! I hope you and your family are doing well.A  Thank you again for this amazing little pooch.A  He is absolutely the best thing ever - my son, Charlie, is best-buds with him!!!! Nuser is simply the nicest dog we could ever want, she is so gentle and sweet, and has become good friends with our other dog, the enjoy each other.A  Yesterday we went for puppy play with other puppies with her, that was fun. Today they were alone for the first time for a couple of ours, and they both did that fine, no problems at all.

There is one picture here Harley, Mark, and Kaden were playing and harley leaped in the air on top of my husband and I happened to catch it, we thought it looked funny! A A  Thank you so much for letting us come see the puppies we are so pleased with our decision to go with you . We are looking forward to bringing Harley home, she will be a wonderful addition to our family. Here we are very, very happy with Sally, she has grown very much, she is very smart and our boys are very happy with her. She's doing very well with her potty training, and has a great personality, calm and sweet but still very playful. Not only do we get stopped on the street by everyone walking so that they can pet her, people actually pull over their cars to ask about her!

She is cute!  We are still trying to teach the groomer how to cut the hair in her face, last time she gave her a poodle cut, very short, fortunately it grows!!! We've learned quickly that she LOVES to play fetch! The only thing we'd like to nip in the bud is her nipping with those sharp little teeth!

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