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I think in relation to the supplies side of potty training getting the child involved is crucial.
One thing that I will say dona€™t try to train them too early my son was 2 months shy of his 3 birthday as I was waiting for him to be ready. Long before the actually training was underway we spoke about him going to the toilet, being a big boy like dada. Some of the cues I noticed were him asking to have his nappy changed, telling me he was dirty and asking more questions about the toilet. After starting as a Canadian Parenting Magazine, The Baby Spot knew that parents needed access to information from experts, celebrities and writers from all over the world! While I would be filling the bath id let him sit on the toilet minus his nappy and often times he would go but not really realise what was going on.

My own mother gave me a great tip and that was not to get him too used to using only the potty and only in a specific spot so once I felt he was established, I would take him to the a€?big toileta€? or when he went to my mothers house she had a different potty. We focus on pregnancy, babies, parenting children of all ages, positive parenting articles, recipes, tips, travel and more! Every 15 mins on the button I lifted him on the potty, explaining to him all the time what was happening. It meant he was comfortable going in any toilet as I have friends who need to take a potty with them anywhere they go! Armed with his supplies he completely unprompted told the cashier he was a big boy now no more nappies. Day 2 was pretty much the same only I started noticing him sitting on the potty without me putting him there.

Day 3 another big improvement he began to realise himself what was happening and would go without me lifting him. My sister bought him a book called Pirate Pete which tells the story of Petes potty training. We have not had one night accident since he started, if he needs to go during the night he calls us and we take him, no drama and straight back to sleep. During those first 3 days there were of course the odd accident but it is essential you do not give out to them for it, ita€™s a learning process and getting cross will only set them back.

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