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We're in the middle of potty training E and I am definitely the one who gets frustrated.
My sister is trying to train Noam now - some days he is gung ho and other's he isn't! I can't imagine being on top of the kids like that, especially before they're ready, but like you said, they catch on quickly!
It’s not just that big bag of Cheetos that have got him smiling yes it is, that is pride you see.
He rarely messes himself in the day (unless you count when he pulls out his junk at the park and dribbles a little on his knees), and he only occasionally messes himself at night (pretty much only when he is having a get-your-tail-in-the-bed-now-or-so-help-me freak out session that requires him to go directly to bed without passing go or collecting $200 or stopping in to the pot one more time). He has been almost entirely pretty much completely potty trained for months now, and he’s not even two and a half!
Even though your largely reluctant, borderline belligerent two year old is standing in his potty chair and peeing on your floor today, tomorrow (well in 7 days) he can be as potty trained and stank free as #3. All three of The Dudes were trained in seven days (with a little extra time to bring their “back ends” into compliance). All three of The Dudes (including the first one) were trained well before reaching their third birthdays. But it wasn’t impossible and you too can be the proud owner of an, albeit reluctant, borderline belligerent, probably even slightly disgruntled, but pretty much all the way potty trained two (or three, or four?) year old boy if you do exactly as I say. He honestly didn’t give a care about the potties or the books or even the rewards.  All he cared about was looking like an effing rock star in his big boy chonies (aka Mexican word for under shorts).
Your choice on this one, but it could work, particularly at the beginning when you are just trying to coax the little baddie out of his diaper and onto the pot.  A little sit here, see what happens, don’t cry or kick Mommy in the face, and I’ll give you a sucker afterwards (even if you don’t actually produce anything).
Kids get sick of standing in a puddle of urine.  Even the most belligerent ones will figure out that standing in a puddle of urine at the park or the store (fingers crossed this doesn’t happen, but if it does it will be a teaching moment!) sucks, and standing in a puddle of urine at home ain’t all that fun either! They are more expensive than diapers and like 95% less durable and absorbent.  Why would you want to pay more for something if it doesn’t suck less?
There you have it, friends.  The How to Potty Train Kids Who Pee Themselves and Like It Handbook. Ok so idk if you would know this or not or if anyone can point me in the right direction but….
I am definetly going to try this we are having a hard time potty training oh son and we just had a baby 8 weeks ago. And I agree with Jen, I totally did not have an easy time with girls, but they are twins, so it might come down to having difficulty keeping up with who has gone and when? Oh, and with Buddy, he would pee in every single pair of underwear that daycare had for him until they ran out and he got a diaper. Perfect timing – I am planning to start with #2 very soon (trying to decide exactly when) these are some fantastic tips!! The one good thing is that I wait until the exact moment that they are ready, and then BOOM, I’m on them. With my older two sons, they were easily potty-trained by age 3 and both of them took maybe 1 - 2 weeks max to be completely trained. The hubs and I have tried on numerous occasions to potty-train our sweet Jacob once and for all. When I was presented with the opportunity to participate in the "Madrinas del Bano" campaign, I literally felt an instant relief! I plan on sharing our journey through this attempt at potty-training over the next couple of months, which will hopefully be successful. I'm starting the potty training process with my son too and, so far, it hasn't been easy! As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
I'm a wife, mommy to 5 fantastic kids - 4 boys ages 10, 8, 5, and 18 months, and the sweetest baby GIRL born April 2015 Mommypalooza is where I share my ramblings about parenting, family traditions, style + beauty, Kansas City, and our love of sports, Disney, travel + tech, and more!

Having four children and potty trained two so far, I think I've learned pros and cons about potty training a toddler. I feel as though you get what you pay for, and this is why I prefer to use Pull-Ups with my children. When it comes to potty training, you have to remember that every child is different, their bodies are different, and their personalities are different.
My girls always got very excited when they were able to successfully go in the potty, and for me this meant getting just as excited as they were.
Easy clothes are important because you don't want your child struggling to pull pants down when they have that sudden urge to go potty.
I remember when our oldest daughter was potty training, I always had her try before we left the house, while we were in public, or before we left a public place. Need more potty training tips and advice on potty training problems or just general advice, check out all of our Potty Training Articles!
We bought Quinn an Elmo seat that goes on top of the toilet a few months ago just to have it whenever she was ready.
I was just getting pregnant with Des at the time and the first trimester was so hard because I had to keep following her to the bathroom. V has a potty seat that goes on the toilet as she wanted nothing to do with the potty chair. My boy has been almost fully trained for about 2 months now…No overnight accidents at all. In her free time she enjoys losing weight easily, looking like a soap star the moment she rolls out of bed, and riding around town on her unicorn. She's a native Texan (Hook 'Em Horns!) who's been making her home in the Kansas City metro area for nearly 15 years. With our first child I could see things that I never wanted to do again, so with our second daughter it went much more smoothly in her success. Pull-Ups training pants have unique patterns that fade when wet to help your child learn to stay dry, and the easy-open sides make it easy to for possible accidents. For our girls, they just wore longer sun dresses around our home and didn't worry about pants, but this can't always be the case.
The first time she used a "public" restroom was after her dentist appointment when she was in her later 3's.
Since every child is different, there is no quick answer on how to get a child to toilet train. You so desperately want to be done with diapers, but it can be so frustrating getting your child to understand that wish! If they started to do anything, I'd scoop them up and rush to the potty, which was strategically placed, until they got it. She sits on it before bath time right now and though she hasn't gone on it, she likes the ritual.
Can anyone point me in the right direction or just give me some tough love lol THANKS SOOO MUCH !!!! He knows where he should go, tells me even when i ask him but still he goes where eve, when ever! I think that maybe all the myths about boys might be unfounded, as my son took 1 week as well and I lost track with my daughter. She loves being able to shuffle her kids from their various sports activities, piano lessons, and school activities.
Now we're on to our third child who is three years old, and while she's being a little stubborn about the process, I wanted to share some tips and tricks to push our children along the way when it comes to being fully potty trained. Since they’re stretchy it also allows children to feel like they're being a big kid because they can slide on and off with ease.
You can find your closest Family Dollar by heading to their website here, and then text for the coupon and head on in!

Now I know some people have the luck where their child potty trains themselves below the age of 2 and it’s all smooth sailing with no yelling or crying on the part of either of you. Where my real problem lies is that he’s going through this phase where anything you ask him the answer is the same.
When she had enrolled him, she told the administrators that he was not yet fully potty trained.
Simon is my 3rd child and although I’d successfully potty trained two older kids, I still had no idea how to potty train him! I end up putting the pull ups on and you are very right in that if he is wearing them he doesn’t even bother to try. He was greatly on track right before his little sister was born then seemed like he back tracked severely. She said they are great to use if you need the extra protection but training in real underwear is much better. What I remember is her hiding behind a large toy and pooping in her pants after we’d tried sitting on the potty and she had done nothing.
Potty training is a complex issue in fragile early childhood psychological development, and forcing a child to learn the task too quickly can result in neurosis. She turned 3 in April and had to be trained by September for preschool – and she was. Now I know they say girls are easier, but Gabbie was so difficult that I didn’t know what would happen when it came time to train Zachary.
Potty-training typically begins between the ages of 18 months and four years, and about 20 percent of 5-year-olds still have occasional daytime accidents. His birthday is in June and he was not potty trained by the time he started 3 year old preschool. In December, when he was 3.5, we switched him to underwear and he was able to pick up pee training quickly. For awhile, Zachary had announced when he needed to go poop, but refused to do so in the potty.
He desperately wanted Toy Story 3 on DVD and when I placed it in the bathroom, telling him he could have it when he pooped in the potty, he said he didn’t want it anymore. Finally, when we were in Israel and Zachary was 3 years and 10 months old, Dave got him to poop on the potty. Two weeks ago, it was raining on a Saturday and we decided it would be a good time to stay home and work on potty training him. He is much calmer than I am and dealt with the accidents that Simon had by having him not wear pants at all. He had one accident the first day he went to school in underwear, but since then he has stayed dry. Simon actually has pooped in the potty, unlike Zachary at the same age, but he has also had many poop accidents. Some of the issues that we have with Simon are that since he stands to pee, when he sits to poop he inevitably pees all over the room.
He has woken up a few times in the night to use the bathroom, and since he needs help, that means we wake up too.
He is at a great age to feel proud of himself, to tell everyone that he’s not a baby anymore, and to learn that using the potty is lots of fun!

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