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Anthony Trakemon Powell appeared in court Tuesday over allegations that he killed his 3-year-old son Tristan while disciplining the toddler during potty training. A Texas father has been charged with capital murder after his son died following an alleged beating.
Land said last week she observed Powell strike Tristan in the head after he had an accident, causing the toddler to fall from a standing position to his bottom. The boy, who usually wanted to be held by Land, only wanted to lie on the floor, his aunt said in court documents.

A second son, younger than Tristan, was also hospitalized after Powell allegedly scalded him with hot water. According to court documents, the boys had been living with his mother in Jasper, Texas, had been staying with his father since May 10. According to court documents, Powell admitted to striking Tristan with a belt because he was trying to potty train him, but he denies striking him in the head. The victim’s mother said she allowed her sons to go to Houston with his father so Powell could get to know them better.

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