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Kristine Bruneau For more than two decades, Kristine Bruneau has made a career from writing and marketing communications, working for ad agencies, nonprofits, and small businesses.
Dresden Engle is an award-winning communications professional with 25 years experience working in journalism and public relations and with social media.
Caurie Miner Putnam is a busy single mom of two busy boys from Brockport - Brice, 7, and Brady Patrick, 4. There are several ways to approach potty training with rewards.  The key is to have your child feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for her hard work. For example: at the end of the week, your child may get to select a toy from a “treasure chest” (a bin you have filled with new toys) or you may make a trip to the movies or you take her for a visit to her favorite park.
If the reward is too big, then you child will be more focused on trying to get the reward and may get frustrated when she is unable to collect the reward as fast as she’d like. Charting out your son’s potty schedule before you start potty training can be especially helpful. Charting out your daughter’s potty schedule before you start potty training can be especially helpful. I am a mom to two wonderful boys who are growing up too fast for me.
I hold a degree in Chemical Engineering and spent the first few years working at a refinery and then moved to my second career in Information Technology. Life is truly a journey and sometimes you never know where you will end up. This got me thinking about putting together a complete solution for all those busy moms who would love to use this method, but did not have the time to pull all the supplies together, let alone stitch little doll potty training pants. I decided to put my engineering background to work and it took me a little over a year to design and develop the Potty Scotty™ and Potty Patty® potty training dolls.

I also designed the potty training dolls to be able to pee in any potty or toilet. Also, since 90% of the time, it is the mom that is teaching her son to potty train, I designed Potty Scotty to be anatomically correct and for him to be able to pee standing up or sitting down.
Once the dolls were done, my next challenge was to identify all the items a mom would need to be able to Potty Train in One Day™. Her commentaries, stories, and reviews have appeared in a variety of publications, including Rochester Magazine and Rochester Woman Magazine.
She is also a comedian and has learned that weaving humor into all situations makes communication and life more enjoyable for all involved.
A Buffalo to Rochester transplant, Claire enjoys exploring more of the area, which suits toddler fine.
A graduate of the University of Rochester, she writes freelance articles and The Brockport Blog for The Democrat and Chronicle. She and her husband, David Ross, a professor at RIT, home school their daughters Madison, 13, and Ella, 11.
The dates are not marked – so you will have to mark the dates on the printed page yourself. This prompted reminder checklist will not only help you remember when you need to prompt your son to use the potty, it will also help you determine the time between prompted intervals if you son is not initiating going potty. This prompted reminder checklist will not only help you remember when you need to prompt your daughter to use the potty, it will also help you determine the time between prompted intervals if you daughter is not initiating going potty. I remembered that my biggest challenge was to get all the supplies together – especially finding a doll that drinks and wets.
They are drink and wet-on-demand™ dolls that are specially designed to potty train™ (Patent Pending) using the Potty Train in One Day™ technique.

Since this method is about modeling behavior, I wanted Potty Scotty and Potty Patty to model the going potty behavior in the exact same potty or toilet that the child would use. She is an adjunct college professor and recently started her own company, Dresden Public Relations, to enable her to be a more-present mom for her two young daughters. She is also a contributing writer to Rochester Woman Magazine and a former reporter for Messenger Post Newspapers.
I came home and was feeling miserable, so I sat down to watch the Dr Phil show. I eventually found a girl drink and wet doll (never did find an anatomically correct boy doll!), but what about doll underwear or the “big kid” pants for the doll? Kris is currently working on a book inspired by these lessons and their resulting conundrums. One is adopted, one has cerebral palsy, both are beautiful and extraordinary, and life at her house is a fabulous adventure. The doll I had purchased was not wearing any underwear, so I had to sew up some “big kid” potty training pants for the doll!!
Look to her Mom Blog for pieces on parenting a child with special needs and parenting as a single mom.

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