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The room was filled to capacity at Fan Expo Canada for a discussion of ReBoot, the pioneering CG-animated action-adventure series that aired from 1994 to 2001, featuring co-creator Gavin Blair and story editor Dan DiDio, better known to comics fans as the co-publisher of DC Comics. Set within the inner world of a computer system known as the Mainframe, whose inhabitants fought Viruses and defended the city from Game Cubes sent by the mysterious User, ReBoot is widely credited as the first full-length, completely computer-animated television series.

DiDio was the network’s executive director of children’s programming before joining producer Mainframe Entertainment first as a freelance story editor and later as senior vice president of creative affairs. So we have all these folds in the tablecloth, then the next time we met were all trying to figure out what we wrote down.

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