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Today I have a guest writer sharing with us some new parents advice on the top surprises that come with parenthood. Whether you are the parents of a newborn or are soon expecting the arrival of an adorable little member in your family, your lives are definitely going to undergo a substantial change in the days to come. You and your partner were once probably the cliched romantic couple, who could never get enough of each other. While you and your non-mom friends would once bond over impromptu holidays and late night parties, you will now find yourself connecting better with new moms facing the same breastfeeding and nappy-changing troubles as you. From planning exotic backpacking trips to planning your baby’s future education, your priorities as parents are going to get a major facelift.
It’s a good thing to be a hands-on parent, but it’s even better to do that without overburdening yourself. Parenthood will bring about a change in the smallest of things, sometimes without you even realizing. How to Play: Print and cut these game cards around the edges and distribute among your baby shower party guests along with a pen or pencil. Here are some adorable free printable words of wisdom game cards in pink color on which your baby shower guests can share their advice with new parents to be. If you are hosting a boy baby shower then you will surely like these words of wisdom cards in blue color.
If you do not know the gender of the baby then you can use these game cards in gender neutral green color. The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year MaintenanceAt Last!
When my husband and I became new parents to our darling little boy, there were changes like sleepless nights and little time for each other that we had mentally prepared ourselves for. In the first couple of weeks after our baby was born, my husband and I struggled hard to align our schedules to that of our baby’s.
With your little one coming into your lives, you’ll realize how much will change in the relationship that the two of you share. As much as you try, things aren’t going to be the same with your old friends, especially if they aren’t parents.
Bringing a new member into your family means a lot of responsibility, not just physically and emotionally, but also financially. I remember how nightmarish it used to be managing my baby alone without my husband when he’d be off on business tours. Ask them to write some words of wisdom about raising the baby that will help parents to be in future.
To save these cards click on the image on the left and a bigger image will open up, right click and save that image to your computer.

These cards can also be used on both boy and girl baby shower parties if this color matches your baby shower party theme more. A Beginner's Guide to Newborn Baby Technology You've programmed your DVR, youa€™ve installed a wireless Internet connection, you can even check Facebook on your cell phone. What we didn’t however realize was that there would also be a hoard of surprises that will come our way. As you two spend all your time with the new love in your lives and get little time alone, you will notice that your bond will only strengthen, not suffer. Be ready to have your entire family come up with great (and sometimes not-so-great) name ideas for your baby.
When my single girlfriends would plan anything together, they’d ask me to join and my answer would always be -“I can’t”.
In an attempt to avoid bothering anyone, I did (or tried to do) everything by myself and eventually burned out.
Your baby will make you realize the meaning of true love and give you the strength to withstand any troubles that life may have to offer.
This will specially be beneficial for a couple that is becoming parents for the first time. It is good if you print and cut the game cards a day or two prior to the baby shower to save the hassle. But none of this experience will prepare you for the world's biggest technological marvel: a newborn baby.
Let alone finding time for leisure, I had a tough time even managing the basics like showering. My husband and I waited until our son was born to name him, but things would have been far easier had we done our name research well in advance.
My husband happily sacrificed his usual Friday beer nights with his buddies just so he could get more time with our little one. From that day onwards, I’d ask my mother to live with me whenever my husband would be out travelling. I have prepared this game in three colors so it can be used on girl baby shower, boy baby shower and even when parents do not know or want to disclose gender of the baby. A  Through step-by-step instructions and helpful schematic diagrams, The Baby Owner's Manual explores hundreds of frequently asked questions: What's the best way to swaddle a baby? Well, here are the top 6 surprises that I came across during my new journey called parenthood. Seeing my pampered husband turn into a deeply caring and responsible dad, gave me another reason to love him with all my heart.
Ensure that you don’t get bogged down by the name suggestions by your extended family members and choose a name that you and your partner equally like.

Things weren’t all that bad as I did make a couple of other mommy friends at a park down the road where I’d take my little one out for a stroll, everyday. There are a lot of surprises for new parents but there is truly no relationship as pure and beautiful.
It is better if you print these words of wisdom game cards on heavy card stock so that it will remain with mom to be for long time.
Give yourself at least a month before you get into the groove of handling the responsibility of being a parent. Sure there will be a lot of disagreements and slamming of doors, but looking back in hindsight you’ll realize how much fun the entire process was! Don’t forget the fact that the only way you can take care of your baby is by taking care of yourself.
Whatever your concerns, you'll find the answers herea€”courtesy of celebrated pediatrician Dr. Finally-a manual for new dads that deciphers the immensely confusing world of fatherhood and gives crucial tips and advice from a man's point of view. No psychobabble, no warm fuzzies-just a hilarious (and surprisingly practical) military-style guide to surviving and thriving through even the queasiest moments of pregnancy, birth, and babyhood. Seasoned father and master infant-tamer Scott Mactavish breaks the Baby Code down and lays it out in straight-up guyspeak.
These 100 rarely documented but all-too-realistic milestonesa€”such as "First Time Baby Says a Word You Didn't Want Her to Say"a€”provide comfort, solidarity, and comic relief for new parents.
Laditan's wildly funny voice has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans of Honest Toddler on social media; here she speaks parent-to-tired-parent, easing the pains and challenges of raising toddlers with a hefty dose of adult humor and wit. WithA Things I've Said to My Children, Ripperger has assembled around 80 of the funniest, weirdest, and most amusing sayings and paired them with full-color, designed images that bring these outrageously hysterical quotes to life.
In The New Dad from A to Z, author and filmmaker Dan Consiglio offers freaked-out, first-time dads-to-be an honest, bar-table discussion about the reality that awaits them. The letter begins with a simple sentiment, but unfolds a timeless story about love, relationships, and the bond between a mother and son.Safe Baby Handling TipsNew parents are often overwhelmed-and befuddled-when it comes to caring for their bundle of joy. Luckily Safe Baby Handling Tips saves the day with its hilarious A“doa€™s and dona€™tsa€? on baby care.
Now incompetent parents everywhere can benefit from this indispensable guide, which also includes a unique Wheel of Responsibilitya„? to help moms and dads negotiate baby chores (and shirk diaper duty!) whenever they can.
Beautifully illustrated by artist Carol Matsuyama this book makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

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