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Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. How to Play: Print and cut these game cards around the edges and distribute among your baby shower party guests along with a pen or pencil.
Here are some adorable free printable words of wisdom game cards in pink color on which your baby shower guests can share their advice with new parents to be. If you are hosting a boy baby shower then you will surely like these words of wisdom cards in blue color. If you do not know the gender of the baby then you can use these game cards in gender neutral green color. Your involvement and attention at this early stage in your child’s education pays off in many ways. Taking the time to familiarize your child with the kindergarten and educating yourself on what it is all about will go a long way toward helping your child with a smooth transition into education and school. Offer to get involved and help out in the classroom. Most kindergarten teachers welcome help from enthusiastic parents.
Even if you can’t help out in class, you can volunteer to do something from home. You could make phone calls to inform other parents of important information, help prepare materials for lessons, assist with school lunches, and more. Reach out to other parents. Look for opportunities to get to know the parents of your child’s classmates. Make time to attend and support school events as much as possible. Even events where your child isn’t specifically involved still need your support. Talk with your child about kindergarten and school. When your child comes home, ask open questions (who, what, where, how, why) about their day.

Ask them to write some words of wisdom about raising the baby that will help parents to be in future. To save these cards click on the image on the left and a bigger image will open up, right click and save that image to your computer. These cards can also be used on both boy and girl baby shower parties if this color matches your baby shower party theme more. So it’s important that parents are involved even in these early stages as much as possible. Research shows that kids whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to earn higher grades, score better on standardized tests, and attend college.
Your involvement helps strengthen schools, shows children that you value learning, and assists in building a thriving community. What you do in the classroom will depend on what the teacher needs, but if you’re able to commit to assisting in whatever way possible, let your child’s teacher know and they will appreciate it. Offer to be a special guest visitor to your child’s classroom to share something special about yourself; your occupation, your cultural background, or an interesting hobby, somewhere that you’ve travelled to. Questions like “what was the best thing that happened today at school?” and “tell me one new thing that you learned today in kindergarten” show that you are genuinely interested and reflect the importance of education. This will also put you in a place of influence when it comes to ensuring your child’s educational environment is a fun and exciting place to learn. This will specially be beneficial for a couple that is becoming parents for the first time.
It is good if you print and cut the game cards a day or two prior to the baby shower to save the hassle.

Being there to support and assist your child through kindergarten will help ease any stresses they may feel and will prepare your child for schooling success in the years ahead.
In fact, sometimes it’s easier during the first week or so of school, to find a moment to say a quick hello. Don’t forget to post artwork and school papers on the refrigerator and walls for everyone to see! I have prepared this game in three colors so it can be used on girl baby shower, boy baby shower and even when parents do not know or want to disclose gender of the baby.
By asking the teacher whether there is anything he or she needs and finding out how they like to be contacted will set a positive tone for the year. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself, and be sure to exchange phone numbers and email addresses. This is both important for your child’s self esteem, but also reinforces the message that you care about his or her efforts in kindergarten. It is better if you print these words of wisdom game cards on heavy card stock so that it will remain with mom to be for long time.
The other parents will be an invaluable support system during the first year of school and beyond.

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