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To this set, children are essentially all the same, with the same needs, same dysfunctions, and same anxieties.
Two of my parenting goals include never making it onto STFU Parents, or the shame section of Mommyish.
Because you can totally make it onto STFU Parents and get a Mom’s Gold Star or something. That is true, but I don’t think I am witty enough to make it on gold star, so it would probably be something obnoxious I posted that made it on there haha. That should be our next mommyish article, everyone recommending a great local wine or their favorite wine. Their blackberry wine is made of 100% blackberries and their peach wine is actually a Riesling with peaches in it. Aditionally, you are giving advice when asked (or close enough since people can choose not to read if they don’t want to)! My life will be down the toilet unless someone is able to help me out with the origin of this short clip.
I can have some cranberry juice, but I do not like the taste of it so I do not drink it hardly ever. This is the SAME person who will advocate whatever parenting tactic to high heaven simply because it worked for their little Quinoa.
What if that teenager is getting it for someone who’s too young to get it themselves?

She probably rode her towncar back to the estate and now she just has a person to read her mommy blogs instead of reading and commenting herself. Its ok, I forget which articles I comment on a lot and then when I see a reply I am like “A reply to a comment on that article? It’s not all bad, one of my comments was featured in a Mommyish article, they were talking about how I was the resident babysitter and I made a very decent point. Tomorrow I will be that hungover Not-a-teenager in line at the pharmacy waiting for my Not-emergency-contraception.
So quick to give extreme, unwanted parenting advice and then in the next breath tell you about how badly her selfish, bitch children turned out. But your Bad Mom Advice (as well as your other PARENTING ANGLES) show that you are actually a Great Mom. A young girl with a life of promise ahead of her who is upsetting you by preventing your mistakes, eh? But to add insult to injury, the passenger beside you is now giving you parenting pointers.
How could she possibly be worrying about such mundane details as trolling when there are People to do those things for her! Or if you live nowhere near Oregon and that all sounded like gibberish you can find their website by looking them up.
We went through two and a half in a werk, and I already promised to bring a bottle to the potluck I’m going to be a part of.

I recently had an older woman tell me I needed to quit my job so I could spend more time with my kids-even if it meant we had to live on the street. You just make it colorful and tell the truth and say what everyone else is really thinking. I HATE the registers, so I pass the time by chatting up my customers while I ring them out. But they are united, not in their lifestyles, but in their tendencies to give completely unsolicited advice. What if that teenager actually isn’t hung over but was instead up all night with her baby sibling (Or baby)? I don’t think I could even remember all the rude things I did trying to get in and out of the Rite Aid as fast as I could. And I suggested that if she starts getting them regularly to maybe talk to her doctor about possible sensitivity to citrus acids, and told her that when I was in my mid-twenties I started getting UTIs every month and the doctor could not figure out why I was getting them so often, so after almost a year of UTIs we started looking at my diet and it turned out that it was the citrus acids–things like oranges were causing the UTIs and once I took that out of my diet I stopped getting UTIs.

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