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If I had to pick the hardest part of adjusting to divorce, I'd have to say it was the fact that my then 3- and 5-year olds were sleeping out. If the kids are really young, divorced couples have a schedule, and the kids just adhere to it. I had not seen the kids in a couple days, and when they came back to my house on Sunday, they didn't seem happy. 1.They can have guilt at times when they aren't with the other parent, as they are worrying and wondering if the alone parent is okay. 2.They become devastated when one parent says something negative about the other, of even if the parent doesn't come right out and say it, if they know the one parent is angry with or dislikes the other parent, it kills them. 5.They can feel insecure if they are at one parent's house and they haven't heard from the other parent via phone or text.
The situation that occurred the other night was a lesson that taught me the importance of selflessness, in other words, making it all about the kids and not about me at all. 4.Continually reassure your kids that they have two parents who deeply love them and that they are welcome in both of their homes unconditionally and whenever they choose.
If you plan carefully and communicate properly, it helps in reducing the negative effects of divorce on child and family.
According to the research, children always need both parents actively involved in their lives regardless of both parents live in same house or not. The most important factor in effects of divorce on child is how you and your spouse treat each other and your children during and after the divorce. Regardless of differences between you and your spouse, you have to concentrate on child’s needs first to reduce the effects of divorce on child. Allow your child to spend time with other parent without making your child feel guilty or disloyal to you.
You have to reduce the effects of divorce on child by reassuring your child that you and the other parent still love him even though the child will be living with one parent at a time. One of the most important ways to reduce the effects of divorce on child is to help him maintain a strong and loving relationship with both parents.

It can take up to two years to adjust to changes caused by divorce and to reduce the effects of divorce on child. Children feel that the parents stop loving them because they stop to love each other after divorce. If you talk about the divorce and the feelings associated with it on semi-regular basis, it will help provide an environment that is nurturing and emotionally supportive thus reducing the effects of divorce on child. It has to do with parenting schedules, more specifically, the times the kids are with you and the times they are with your ex. I don't think I'll ever forget how devastating that was, and how hard it was to get used to. Isn't the best feeling in the world when your kids wake up in the morning, come downstairs and give you hugs and kisses?? The kids were feeling insecure that they weren't going to see their dad for a week, so they wanted to go there, probably to reassure themselves that he was "in the picture." That doesn't mean they don't love me.
One day they want to wear a certain shirt and they realize it's at the other parent's house. Then use the alone time to be productive or find some enjoyment by doing something fun or interesting. She is also the author of the comedic novel, FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASEabout life after divorce. All you have to do is mention that you are thinking of divorce and the advice-givers begin peppering you with their comments and suggestions.
You should work with the other parent to make transitions as easy as possible for every one. Children have faithfulness and trust to both parents, so never force a child to take sides.
Avoid criticizing each other in front of your child as it will cause the child to have uncertainty with whom they can trust. Many divorced parents feel guilt associated with divorce and have difficult time disciplining the children when required.

The effects of divorce on child can be anger or difficult behavior to cope with the divorce.
You explain them that love between a parent and child is different from love between parents.
But, if the kids are older, or as the kids get older, they begin to "have a say" in where they want to sleep, which is what happened to me the other night. After asking them several times what was wrong, they told me that they wished they could have stayed at dad's for an extra night, because he was leaving for a business trip the next day, and they wouldn't see him for a week. Suddenly it seems that everyone is an expert on divorce, and no one is shy when it comes to sharing their opinions with you. When one parent leaves, the effect of divorce on child increases because the child fears that the other parent also leaves which causes insecurity in the child.
Family, friends, coworkers, teachers, clergy, hairdressers, bartenders for Pete's sake, and just about anyone else on the planet will take it upon themselves to offer you divorce advice.
This E-Book covers every aspect of your legal rights and options.Over 1000 pages and thousands of specific budget-friendly resources that will help you in your custody case. This is no time to cut corners and look for the cheapest professionals on the block.Take Your TimeGive yourself enough time to weigh your options, interview professionals, and inform yourself about the divorce process and what you want. In the long run, impulsive decisions end up requiring you to back track.Avoid Negative PeopleIt is easy to get caught up in a negative spiral of anger, fear, mistrust and revenge.
Notice which people in your circle feed the negativity and which people help you feel calmer, less chaotic and more in control. Gravitate toward the latter.Focus on your childrenMaintain the safety net that parents provide for their children, even while you are undergoing this painful process.
Spend time with your kids, keep their needs foremost in your mind and see to it that your actions reflect your children's needs.

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