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I really need some help from people who know muslim culture better than i do and maybe could help me as im very stressed out. I've been with a pakistani guy for 2 and a half year and were planning to get officially engaged in september and get married next july.
I've already converted to islam a year ago and he's introduced me to some of his brothers and cousins and also everyone (including his parents) knows about our relationship.
When his parents first found out they got very angry and told him to leave the house, partly cos they found out he was away with me in Egypt on holiday, saying that he should focus on his uni and work right now. All of his family knows everything about us, but now were getting really scared as he wants to tell his parents in July that he wants to marry me. I really dont know how it works but do you think that we should be really worried about them? Alhamdulillah you are a muslim now, hence the greeting is "Salam o Alaikum" not "Hi There". Your first, foremost and most grave issue is not your husband-to-be's parents, its your Haraam relationship with the guy. I know you are looking for an answer to break the news to their parents however I felt the need to highlight a bigger issue here which is your illicit (haram) relationship. By the sounds of it, I'm not sure if you guys can wait, hence get your nikah done today or stop seeing each other until the parents agree and you get married. My sister, as brother Saqib mentioned, your relationship with the man is something that needs more attention.
My advise to you at this stage is that either the man informs his mother first that he wants to marry you, or that you meet his mother and try to impress her. Did you convert Islam for sake of your Husband or sake of Allah and your future light life ? Since i am in USA for over 10 years from my own experience, you HAVE to know the deferences of what is Islam? To be Honest with you I saw here in US lots of American women and Men who decide to convert Islam.
All the Muslims are NOT Mumineen(believer) and the same in Christianity, like the criminal prisoners in a prison putting Cross Tattos all over their body and drug dealers and Users hanging on their Neck Golden Cross chains. And when they get arrested somehow by their bad actions,right away they announce on TV, " Islamic Terrorist" Astakgfurillah!
Secondly, just "declaring iman" does not mean belief, but means submission (see the first part of 49:14).
Thus by "declaring iman" only in Allah, Firon could not have become a mumin, but only a muslim.
49:15 Believers are those who believe in God and His messenger, then they became without doubt, and they strive with their money and their lives in the cause of God. As you can see, "muminoon" not only believe but also perform some actions and do some good deeds also, so it is not just about belief but also action and good deeds, or are you denying Allah's definition ? My advise to you my sister Anita, stay away from him for a while, do not worry about his parents agreement or disagreement and try to get complete knowledge about Islam and pray, ask Forgiveness Allah (swt).

As an adult male, your boyfriend (no such thing in Islam, you know) should be approaching your wali to ask for your hand in marriage, not "telling his parents about your engagement". If you are planning a baby shower you will definitely want to print out these advice cards for guests to fill out for the new mom. Not only will this give your guests something to do at the shower but they will enjoy reminiscing with stories from when they were a new mom. You can choose if you want your guests to sign their name on the baby shower advice cards or leave it anonymous. A You can also check out these sites for some baby shower favors, baby shower invitations, baby shower gift ideas! Also, make sure you checkout the Frugal Fanatic Facebook page and follow us on Pinterest for even more DIY projects, recipes, saving money tips and more. You might get mad, hate them, and swear that you’re never going to speak to them again. When the structure of a girl’s family, a structure they’ve known throughout their lives is disrupted, an internal structure is also at risk for breaking down. However, although you might conceal your feelings, you might also have a delayed reaction to your emotions, which might later come on quietly.
The strong relationships a daughter has with each of her parents can provide a buffer to the intensity of a divorce.
Girls, to be able to make it through divorce of your parents, especially when other factors exist in the family, like addiction or domestic violence, it’s important to get outside help.
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So we are very serious, he told me after a month seeing each other that I was the one and wants to marry me and so I felt the same way too.
They come to shop in my store where I'm an assistant manager but they never said anything to me. He doesn't know what to expect, he believes that they are going to tell him to leave the house and won't accept it. My boyfriend said if they want him to leave he will do and still going to marry me no matter what! It was and still is Haraam so before you worry about pleasing his parents or even himself, you need to seek forgiveness for this relationship and if you both cannot hold back until you get married, GET MARRIED TODAY (do a Nikah) without delay. You have decided to be together, he should talk to his parents, beg for their agreement (inshaAllah it will be ok) and stay away from you until you get married - and you should do the same. See what she looks for in her future daughter in law and convince her indirectly that you are the best match for her son. After a few month later they get more Imaan(faith) and Knowledge about Islam than those "Muslims" who are from real Islamic country, Alhamdulillah!! These are a FREE printable that you can use to get some great advice for the new mom-to-be. I had my guests do this at my baby shower and I loved reading all of the advice after the shower.

Frugal Fanatic is her place to share practical ways to save money, make money and tips for everyday life. Girls tend to be socialized by their mothers and tend to be more obedient and responsible than boys. For instance, some girls might feel shame, which can lead to low self-esteem, and self blame. Find a mental health professional to work with, a support group, or other means of professional help.
I dont know his parents personally as I have never talked to them- we never been introduced but I have this feeling that if they really had some serious problem with us being together for such long time now they would of said something to him or me already. The thing is that I don't want him to lose his family neither do I want him to have a bad relationship with them in the future because of me. But during this, you should NOT have any contact with him, as it is Haraam and may lead to a greater Haraam. Some of the advice from my guests was extremely helpful and others were just really funny to read. I recommend printing them onto a thicker card stock paper so that they will keep better and the pen will not bleed through the paper.
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But research shows that divorce can have a stronger negative impact on teenage girls, who tend to define themselves through relationships, connection to others, and bonds with friends and family.
This might also lead to choosing partners that do not treat you the way you should be treated and having unhealthy relationships. Once I sent a grill pan to his mum by his little brother as a present because I knew how much she wanted it but she couldnt purchase it, obviously she knew where it came from so she said to his brother to tell me: "thank you for it".
I kept our advice cards and put them into a small photo album so that I could always have them.
For this reason, although you hate them, see if you can find a way to communicate your feelings and fears.
You might conceal how you really feeling in order to tend to your mother’s (or father’s) adjustment to the change and make the appearance that everything is all right. But if your family also has domestic violence or other forms of family violence, such as child abuse or emotional abuse, it will be more difficult for girls to get the steadiness they need. However, if you have a strong bond from the beginning, that bond can serve as a protective factor during the split. Since most girls will side with their mother during a divorce, a young girl might have significant issues of trust if she is not able to heal her relationship with her father before, during, or after a divorce.

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