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Actress and new mommy Tamera Mowry-Housley recently shared her experience with depression and shared some advice on her website, Tia and Tamera Official, for new parents suffering with postpartum depression. Mowry-Housley reveals her anxieties over developing PPD due to her history with depression and said she did her research so that she'd be prepared.
Today's parent - pregnancy, baby, toddler advice for, Pregnancy, baby, toddler advice for canadian parents nose picking, shirt sucking, hair twirling, knee jiggling—your kid might just have one of these bad habits. If you're TTC, you'll probably be looking for a CB while you're on the 2WW and here's hoping that you don't get a BFN and AF arrives.
Entire volumes have been written about the subject of infant sleep — getting babies to sleep, keeping them asleep, making sure their sleep environment is safe. One topic of continued debate among parents is co-sleeping, or bed-sharing, a common practice in countries outside the U.S.
So, where should parents draw the line between goodnight cuddling and unhealthy bedtime coddling?

Mindell is careful to emphasize that while her research, which was funded by Johnson & Johnson, does not support co-sleeping, it doesn't absolutely condemn it either.
Nevertheless, Mindell believes that parents should build bedtime routines that promote sound rest, though that doesn't necessarily mean babies must sleep through the night.
The problem with being present when your baby falls asleep is that they'll also expect you to be there to help them get back to sleep each time. To counter that dependence, Mindell suggests that parents indulge in a regular goodnight routine, but slip away before the baby drifts off to sleep. Fortunately, she didn't battle through PPD after having son Aden in November, but adds that being informed and having a good support system truly helps. Fueled by increasing evidence, however, more pediatricians and sleep experts are dissuading parents from sharing a bed or a bedroom with their babies, recommending instead that babies be allowed to learn how to fall asleep and stay asleep on their own. Accordingly, babies living in Asia got much less sleep overall and significantly less quality sleep than infants in the U.S.

Studies suggest that establishing independent and healthy sleep habits early in infancy not only improves babies' daily mood and behavior, but may also have long-term implications for their overall health and well-being.
Children who don't sleep enough may be at increased risk of being overweight and having emotional and behavioral difficulties in adolescence and adulthood, for example. But in Asian countries the numbers were much higher: fully 65% of parents shared beds with their infants, and 87% slept in the same room. When Mindell and her fellow researchers examined data on babies in Asia who slept alone, the quality and duration of their sleep were just as low as babies who co-slept with parents.

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