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From your local grocery store to Instagram, signs of Halloween's quick approach are everywhere.
Dressing up for the holiday hasn't been an activity reserved just for the kids in recent years.
Even if you don't have a blockbuster budget, just about every online retailer will have something for you; you'll find higher-quality (and much more expensive) costumes like the one pictured above at the smaller, more specialty costume retailers, whereas bigger sites like Target and Party City will carry the cheaper versions.
For any ladies who wish to don the red, white and blue, just about every retailer carries a women's version of the costume. As a central character in Marvel's 2014 box office giant, "Guardians of the Galaxy," the masked sheriff of the stars will certainly be a costume on the radar of Halloween celebrants this Oct. With that said, the selection for kid's versions of the costume is limited, and you'll be hard-pressed to find more than two versions of the Star-Lord Halloween costume at any retailer. Coupon and discount offers: Visit Spirit Halloween pop-up locations with this printable coupon (expires Oct.
Pair with: Aurora, Stefan, pixies or other characters from the "Maleficent" or "Sleeping Beauty" movies.
Pair with: Other "Frozen" characters, like Anna, Olaf and Kristoff, or other Disney princesses.
Coupon and discount offers: Shop one of Party City's more than 800 stores and save money with this printable coupon (expires Oct. With this year's live-action "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" film, being a karate-kicking, nunchuck-swinging turtle will be the goal of copious costume wearers on Halloween.
Pair with: Additional "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" characters, like Splinter, April O'Neil or Shredder.
Netflix's hit show gained quite a bit of popularity in 2014, and there will be a good number of women looking to get their "incarceration" on this Halloween. Pair with: Other characters from the show, including Daenerys Targaryen, Khal Drogo, Cersei and Tyrion.
Film adaptations of the popular teen novels have done wonderfully at the box office, and with the newest film just around the corner, this costume is likely to be a hit this Halloween. Price: To get the desired effect, about $40 will have to be spent on a costume, and another $20 to $30 on a prop bow. Price: The vest goes for about $30, while props such as crossbow and zombie ear necklace add on a few extra Hamiltons to the total cost.

In previous years, controversial pop stars like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus inspired a great deal of teens and adults to dress up in wild outfits for Halloween. Game Description: You're getting a manicure but not just any manicure, an Amazing Manicure! Alexandra Daddario Ascendencia Italiana y Checoslovaca, Alexandra Daddario nacio en Nueva York el 16 de Marzo de 1986, seguramente la conoceran por las peliculas de Percy Jackson o Masacre Texas 3D. The number of adults -- and even pets -- wearing costumes to get into the holiday spirit has increased, with the NRF anticipating adults will spend $1.4 billion on costumes for themselves this year (and another $350 million to dress up their furry friends).
Halloween spending expected to reach $7.4 billion this holiday -- and young adults age 18 to 24 planning to spend $87 on their 2014 outfits -- GOBankingRates investigated online retailers to reveal where consumers can find the best deals on this year's hottest costumes.
We evaluated each store on the availability of each costume (and variety of options -- adult and children's costumes for both genders were considered). You'll find a large selection of costumes patterned after the hero, ranging from inexpensive colored jumpsuits to movie-quality threads. 31) for $5 off a $50 or more purchase; the retailer also provides free shipping on all online purchases of at least $50 as standard practice.
The red leather trench coat is doable, but replicating the mask would be Comic-Con-quality work.
This year's box office hit with Angelina Jolie boosted the popularity of the character and added new designs to a classic costume. Both adults and teens will find what they're looking for, while it will be harder to find a version for the younger witch in your family.
There are higher quality Maleficent costumes running for $100 or more, most of which are modeled after the villain from the original Sleeping Beauty. If you have a dark gown, adding some pointy shoulder mantles and purchasing the horned cap could be more cost-effective.
Sew some snowflake designs onto a light, glittery blue gown and add a tiara if you want to get crafty and keep your wallet fat. 24) which is good for $10 off your purchase of $60 or more; or, use the code PCWC8HG to get the same discount when shopping online. Every retailer, whether costume specialty or big box, will carry a wide range of costumes patterned after the four turtles (from low to high quality).
The most expensive ones GOBankingRates could find ran for $90, but generally speaking, a turtle costume should cost you $20 to $35 for kids or about $30 to $50 for teens and adults.

If you're willing to forego the shell, a simpler version of the costume could be achieved, but at these prices, it might be best to just purchase a pre-made outfit. There are two versions of the costume (beige and orange), and you'll notice those same two at pretty much any big box and costume specialty retailer you can find, with minimal exceptions. The hit show has a diehard following -- and its theme makes it a natural choice when picking costumes. This year, costumes mimicking Nicki Minaj are likely to appear, considering her recent success. Of course, for a more authentic Nicki Minaj experience, you might not want to wear much at all. We also curated prices, available discounts and promo codes, and other money-saving deals (such as free shipping). Walmart, which carried a surprising selection of outfits that varied widely in quality and cost. For a men's version of the costume, avoid the big box retailers like Target, Walmart and Kohl's. Most online retailers, both big box and costume specialty, will be carrying a solid selection of the costume. Those looking for a wider selection of child and adult versions of the costume than big box stores can offer should browse around costume specialty retailers, which often carry alternatives like an "ice queen costume." Tiaras, when pictured, are generally included in the costume set.
Daryl Dixon is a fan favorite, and his vest, crossbow and zombie ear necklace make the character a fun costume for those looking for something unique.
While most retailers will have a nice selection of crazy wigs, only a handful of sites carry multiple costumes patterned after her red carpet appearances and music videos. One of the more popular characters to dress up as will be Jon Snow (though you'll also likely see a lot of Daenerys Targaryens and Khal Drogos walking around Oct.

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