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In the News13 Ways the EU Beats US on Food Safety6 Benefits of Apple Cider VinegarUSDA to Allow U.S. What: The Charlie Banana 2-in-1 training pants are twice as nice because they also double as a reusable swim diaper!
Whether you are using our high quality garments as Diaper Covers, Potty Training Pants or Big Kid Underwear, we make clean up a breeze! Add these lovable pants to your cart today to take your bundle of joy from Baby, to Toddler, to Big Kid with confidence and style.

Easy to get on and off and economical compared to buying packs and packs and packs of disposable training pants! The inner layer of wipe-able non-toxic plastic holds in leaks and accidents while allowing your toddler to feel the wetness. Simply toss these durable, well-made pants into the washing machine on cool or warm setting with mild, color fast detergent and they come out looking brand new! This encourages faster potty training while eliminating the need for expensive, disposable training pants.

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