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In my review of Half-Life 2: Episode Two (HL2Ep2 from now on), I wondered about the locomotive you see before you go into the mines for real, and whether that was a real russian locomotive, or something invented. The style with open walkways (known as hood unit or road switcher) is very popular in the USA, but not unheard of elsewhere, either. Isn’t it nice when a video game can make you happy, even though you aren’t playing the game at the moment? Unique mix of a rouge like RPG, with a train simulator and a real-time tactics in the realistic world of the U.S.

Search city by city, speak with many interesting persons to get any useful information about your family.
So there were two choices: This was either a russian (or soviet) diesel engine, or someone made that engine up, based on what he knew about american and russian locomotives.
Not a brand new train (even for 1860 years) but good enough to pull few old carriages and deliver some cargo or passengers. Change your locomotives and carriages, equip your train with the special devices, hire characters that can enforce your train crew, trade goods, complete quests, discover and change the US history and hurry up, time is running out!

The only one problem - trains are often attacked by robbers, native americans and even the regular army.

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