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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. These are great to use to teach children how to potty train and let them see the entire process. We have created multiple sections as well to make finding everything you need easier than ever. The dolls are dressed in pink or blue clothing and the girl has pigtails and the boy has short hair. There is the Potty Training Doll in Patty or Scotty, the Potty Patty or Potty Scotty Kit, the Potty Training In One Day Patty or Scotty Doll the Complete System, the Potty Training In One Day Potty Patty or Potty Scotty Doll the Basic Program, the Advanced Program or the Essential Program as well. The dolls are anatomically correct as well, to make teaching a child very easy, since they can relate and see that everything is the same. Potty training is a big time in a toddler’s development and one that many parents dread.
Monica Yagele of Fort Worth has three daughters and it’s just about time for her youngest, two year old Isabella, to start potty training.
Yagele says she made a few mistakes with her first two girls, so she wanted to learn some new techniques.
She came to an event sponsored by Metroplex Baby and Kids featuring Houston mother and entrepreneur Narmin Parpia. Once your child understands the correct behavior, mom and dad should start building excitement for the big day where the child will stop wearing diapers.
The training products also come with a book and DVD that will take parents about an hour to review. If you rather read an about the plan for potty training in one day, we have that available for you! Yesterday – August 6th, 2009, Potty Training in One Day was featured on Good Morning Texas. Not only did they discuss How to Potty Train in One Day, they talked about how Narmin Parpia got started. Here is the Potty Training in One Day Brochure.  You can print it our or email it to a friend! The jpeg version load quickly – the pdfs are much higher resolution and take a lot longer to load!

My daughter is now 19 mos old and has been using the big toilet successfully an average of 5 times per week since age 14 mos.
Now I really want to make the transition to fully potty trained and I want to use the one day method. I think that it is great that you want to try the one day method and your questions are very good ones.
The one day of training takes place in a large area of the house that has a hard surface, such as the kitchen or a wood floor living room. Your child will be making lots of practice potty trips to the potty and will learn to undress themselves, sit, dress, and empty the potty. A small potty chair will allow your child to do all of these exercises without risk of falling off a step stool at the big potty. This is why the authors are very adamant that every child MUST pass all sections of the readiness test - (see article At what age should I start potty training?
Also, the best minimum age for most children is about 24 months with 30 months being ideal for the one day method. To get more information on these products and to purchase them, you will be redirected to the Potty Scotty Website. Shown below are the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Potty Training Dolls for Boys and Girls respectively.
Be sure to reveiw the potty training checklist, to make sure you have everything you need to use this potty train in one day method.
You may also want to browse the BUNDLED Potty Training in One Day product for great values and savings! A method that has been used succesfully by many parents AND is supported by pediatricians and psychologists including our favorite psychologist - Dr Phil McGraw who did 2 shows on Potty Training in One Day .
Growing in popularity due today’s busy lifestyles and why not??  When your child can go from wearing diapers to being accident free in record time!
With potty training in one day method, most children will go from wearing diapers to being accident free in under a week! The potty chair you use is not as important as the fact that it is portable and moveable from room to room! The wetness will not only make your toddler aware of his or her excretory functions (especially when compared to diapers and disposalbe pull ups), the wetness can be uncomfortable for some toddlers and  hence a motivation to use the potty.

Potty Scotty & Potty Patty are the ONLY dolls that are specifically designed for the Potty Training in One Day method! This book is authored by Narmin Parpia who potty trained both her boys using this method and yes she did it in one day.
Narmin was inspired by the Dr Phil show on Potty Training in One Day™ to develop products and a system to make it easy for parents to be able to potty train in one day.
She got so many request to purchase just the book, that she decided to publish the book and make it available seperately for all the parents who have the tools, but need to learn more about the method. This book initially started out as a booklet based on Narmin’s understanding of the potty training in one method and her personal experience with potty training her two sons. Making sure that your child has everything they need to learn how to potty train is so important as well. There is the Potty Patty doll in pink for girls and the Potty Scotty doll in blue for boys.
There are a variety of options available when it comes to which doll to get for a boy or a girl.
But a Texas woman says, with a little preparation and commitment from mom and dad, she can help potty train your child in one day.
The one day method relies on direct instructions giving by the parent and a cooperative toddler following direction. We at Potty Training Concepts understand everything that is needed to make potty training successful both the child and parent and we have everything that is needed here. These older dolls, they look more like toddlers and are perfect for children that relate better to older children or are older themselves. There will always be the doll, two bottles to feed the doll with and three potty training pants for the doll as well. Thank you for giving such great instructions and a method that is so do-able for both the parent and child.

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