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While I am on the topic of Potty Training I thought I would mention a few more of our favorite finds in this category.  Enter Antsy Pants.  Antsy pants are great for potty training!
Antsy Pants are also great to use for swim diapers.  They come in boy, girl, or bright neutral colors. Getting an active toddler to slow down for a lay-down diaper change is a challenge at best. I spent years managing innovation projects for the biggest global name in the sportswear industry. Place your Antsy Pantsa„? order today and start laying the groundwork for successful potty training. Instead of hiding your child's elimination, Antsy Pantsa„? use each wetting incident as a teaching tool.
I have often heard people say that they couldn't afford to cloth diaper; more times than I can count. Our new use, care and potty training tips by email to keep you headed in the right direction.

You can pay by credit card or through your PayPal account, and your purchase is covered by our 45-day unconditional return guarantee.
First I have 6 pairs of Antsy Pants size 2T that are in EUC except for one pair that I replaced a snap on. And last but not least I have three Potty Patty pull ups in size XL (39-44lbs) in GUC that I'm asking $4ppd $3ppd each for. I just happened to think that I forgot to clarify that the measurements are when the pull ups were laying flat so it is not the three dimensional measurement. So for the six Antsy Pants without the repaired snap that would total $72 but since you're buying lots of things at once I'll take $65 for all of them. An easy-to-stuff side-opening pocket make Antsy Pantsa„? Pull-Up Cloth Diapers a snap to prepare for bedtime.
Here's how to prepare Antsy Pantsa„? for nighttime use with our very absorbent flat microfiber insert.
Antsy Pants end up saving you money in the long run versus buying disposable pull-ups.  For one thing, your child will probably train faster with cloth and not need them as long as they would need disposables.

The alternative to the shackles of disposable diapers is what I have dubbed "Wetting Feedback".
Children learn the difference between wet and dry early on with cloth and most children don’t like to feel wet. She loves to share what she has learned and encourage other moms that they are good at what they do and they will survive.
She could talk for hours about blogging and social media, eating healthy & exciting products that makes moms lives a bit easier and more fun.

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