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The breed has a long silky coat that can be either wavy, or curly and requires moderate grooming.
These dogs have a life expectancy of 14-15 years, and may be prone to PRA, luxating patellas, eye problems and skin infections.
They may live in an apartment, as they do not need too much exercise and do okay without acreage. As you might imagine this is not so easy with the Havanese breed that seems to be constantly changing right in front of your eyes.

Their intelligence permits them to learn many interesting tricks and commands, and their kind and sociable disposition makes them perfect companions for children. Colors may include gray, white, black, red, buff, cream, tan etc., as well as various broken color patterns. I have found that by the time a Havanese puppy is eight weeks old you can pretty much guess the color the puppy will end up being based on the root color of the coat. They do well with children and other pets; they also may bark a lot and make good watchdogs.

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