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The Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Seat by Munchkin grows with child - Potty Chair, Trainer Ring, Sturdy Stepstool. Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Seat grows with child - Potty Chair, Trainer Ring, Sturdy Stepstool Removable trainer seat for use on adult potty Convenient toddler flushable wipes and Replaceable freshener insert for odor control Removable bowl for easy cleaning Includes one 36 pack of 4"x7" Arm & Hammer Flushable Potty Wipes. Doesn't work as shown I chose this product specifically for the arm & hammer disk, but the disk doesn't fit securely into the hole. GREAT MULTI-USE POTTY I love the fact that this one device saves me from buying three devices. Great multi functional potty seat I received this potty chair free in exchange for my review.
I love that this potty seat is multi function, its a great space saver and because the lid closes its easy to store in a small linen closet when not in use.
Great Potty Chair Really liked that the chair is not easy for toddlers to take apart & make messes, but is easy for me to take apart and clean.
I love that the seat comes off and fits on our toilet well and has handles for my daughter to hold.
Mostly, I love that this toilet has her excited about sitting on the potty and that it is a sturdy stool that happens to also be a potty she can use when needed. Only problem is the air freshner disc comes out too easily and that's all my toddler wants to play with. Cons are that the arm and hammer pod does not stay in the hole provided and keeps falling into the bucket each time it is opened.
Overall nice Product is nice but watch your little ones fingers cause the lid slams down pretty hard.
Trainer ring is too hard, bad design It is nice that the potty contains a built-in container for the baking soda disc. The 'splash guard' on the training ring is a good idea (especially if training boys), but is not shaped well. Perfect for my Active Toddler My toddler is loving having a potty that closely resembles the real thing!
Not a potty for Boys I'm sure this potty would work well for girls, however this is not made for boys. Not great for little boys I bought this training potty 2 months ago because it had the splash guard and removable insert. Great potty seat with added features I have just started introducing "potty time" to my 19 month old son who loves to sit on toilets. Potty Seat Although we have not put the potty to use yet, it has become a fixture in the bathroom that my 21 month old sons can see and observe. I love it This great because it has wipes at your reach it converts to use on the toilet it has multiple purposes. The easy-to clean potty fits most standard toilets and is contoured to securely hold child in place. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Seat is powered by odor-eliminating baking soda with a replaceable freshener insert. The seat converts from a free-standing potty chair to a removable trainer seat that goes on the adult toilet, and then it can be converted into a sturdy step stool for a versatile design. The fact that it can close up and just look like a white stool in the bathroom is a plus, and since we've begun using this, my daughter has finally learned to use the big potty.

It's compact, has multiple uses, comes apart easily and the added air freshener is a great addition.
The potty train is very good, the child was not afraid to seat on it, he was happy and is very easy to use, to wash and it has a deodorant. It was great to have as a potty and a step stool in our bathroom and we also took the potty seat portion with us in the diaper bag to use in public restrooms when needed. I would like to see more of a slip resistant on the step stool part of this product as most little ones, like my own, love to climb.
Also, the lid is hard for my son to open so he becomes frustrated and uninterested in the potty from time to time.
Love that the seat is removable to be used on larger toilet when we are ready to transition. No matter what we do right with getting my son on the potty every time he pees it runs out through the seam in the bowl.
We're still in that introduction to the potty stage and not quite ready to give it a go but my son loves to sit on it. I problem is the splash guard is right above the insert handle, when ever my 2 year old son pees, if he has any kinda of force in his stream it hits the splash guard and forces the urine under the insert lip creating a puddle of urine under the potty. This toilet is easy to use and even has a step stool feature we use for brushing teeth at the sink. I love that I can take just the seat when we travel to use on any toilet and that the top folds down to a stool. Plus we have a trailer so it will be great for camping in the summer to keep up the potty training . One baking soda freshener is included along with one 36pk of 4"x7" Arm & Hammer Flushable Potty Wipes which are sewer & septic safe. A splash guard helps prevent splatter, and a baking soda freshener disc helps eliminate odors safely. This was largely due to the fact that the seat can be removed and placed on the large potty and the munchkin potty can close up and be used for small children to get on the large potty without help. I hadn't planned on starting her on it right away but when she saw the box, she wanted us to open it. I keep this potty in my car as we are always out on the run and with multiple kids it's hard to always pull over to go inside a gas station, getting everyone in and out of the car can be a pain. My daughter is just being introduced to potty training so she hasn't yet done anything in the potty but it appears to be easy to clean.
We have started introducing our 16 month old little girl to the "potty" and her reaction to this was priceless.
Very nice seat, and he may start using it, but for now its too much fun and distraction for my 2 year old.
His boy parts don't really fit it the opening so the pee does not end up where you would expect it to. I got this one specifically because it's simple And it looks like a tiny toilet, so he won't get distracted while trying to use the potty, it has a little air freshener so the potty won't be stinky, and so that whenever he was ready to use the actual toilet, he'd just use the stool. There have been several occasions where I could tell that she was about to go potty while in the tub, so I would quickly take her out and put her on the regular toilet, and she would go. Every time she sits, she gets up with red marks, and there are two days, she has kept a scratch! However, my son pees through the pieces almost every time he uses it, which makes him nervous and like he did something wrong because his pants are wet.

I like that it is easy for him to sit on and has a raised area in the front to stop sprays. Potty includes a built in deflector, backrest for added comfort and feet for easy stand-up storage. However the bowl and lip are both small so it's a struggle to not end up with a stream of urine attacking my bathroom floor. As soon as we showed her the potty, she started squealing, "potty!" We let her use it and it's been great. My twins have already started sitting on it, it is very comforting and does not scare them.
I keep it cleaned with my handy vodka cleaning solution (1:1 with water), so odor isn't an issue.
It takes me several tries to insert and close the wipe container area which can get frustrating, but once it closes properly it works great.
The ones that were rated high for easy to use and take care are really boring and not anything I would like to buy to my child. The front needs to be higher, or there needs to be another piece to keep the sections snug together, like maybe a rubber ring. When he sits to potty the stream of pee seems to go right between the insert and the seat every time.
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One thing I did not like was that the air freshener doesn't stay because the hole seems a little tight, I love the idea, but it took me a couple of tries to get it to stay And not come apart, once it stayed, the little one somehow managed for it to come out and it was covered in peepee :( I have not gotten the chance to purchase any more but I will wait until he is fully trained. Also I like how he can use it as a stepping stool so he can get to the sink better to wash his hands or brush his teeth better. I can't tell you how many times we've had to change clothes because the leak soaks his pants. I could never get the piece to stay in place and my child would mess with it if I could manage to wedge it in. I can't wait to learn more about all the bells and whistles of this training potty as we embark on the potty training journey! I like that the lid can be folded closed and the potty can then be used as a step stool when she is old enough to go on the regular toilet by herself.
All in all good design good product and I'm happy so far for my first potty training experience. I have placed her on this potty several times, and she seems to like it and feel comfortable. I am glad it didn't because I think that would have been distracting and a lot of them would have been wasted. Also I do think with all of the parts, it does make it a little distracting for her, and she wants to play with it instead of use it.The baking soda extra part is a nice addition, but I will still spray and wash it each time to keep clean. The only thing I don't like is that the wipes that are kept in the side of the potty are really hard to open, so I find it very difficult to actually use them when she is done pottying.
She wants to immediately get up, so I don't have time to fool around trying to open the wipes package.

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