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I can’t wait for Santi to try his new potty seat and his new Pull-Ups training calzoncitos. Just today another poopo accident, and at the same time dog poop accident, I just cried a little, of course frustrated but Frankie is sick so I’m not giving up.
My Friend Betty Says is a lifestyle blog written by Betty Galvan, a former teacher turned SAHM, turned blogger and freelance writer. In your child’s life every milestone is celebrated and the steps to being fully potty trained should be praised and applauded as well!
I have liked the Pull-Ups Facebook page to receive daily tips and encouragement for me, to help me.

He is now 27 months old and although Diego was completely trained at this age, it is so true that every child is ready at different times.
After a couple of weeks and her watching all her little friends were potty trained and were wearing big girl chonis, she woke up one morning and told me she wanted big girl chonis! My mom has been asking me to train Santi since he turned two and I completely understand that for Mexican mothers, potty training usually happens very early, I have had my hands full with the 3 boys and Santi was not ready until now. I will also be visiting the Pull-Ups web page for more information (I already saw that there is an app to help us along!) and I’m bringing out all of Diego’s old potty books! Why I was scared to start potty training because I don’t know how to handle the accidents and I get frustrated, Frankie is a stuburn child never wanted to sit on his special toilet and he does not want me to bring any books so I run out of ideas, but I will take your advise, thanks for Sharing I wish you both a smoth training.

I am simply asking Santi all the time if he needs to go but I am starting new with Pull-Ups tips. He is now telling us when he needs to be changed and expresses interest when Diego goes to the potty. The timing couldn’t be any more perfect as I have been selected to be a Madrina del Bano for Pull-Ups!

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