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I have kept every letter and card I received as an enthusiastic pen pal writer in the 80’s, including letters from my pen pal from Japan and Costa Rica. A blue plastic spoon with three vertical grooves lays angled across a scribbled toddler art paper.
A receipt for a failed fertility treatment from August 8, 2008 sits on top of the crayon stew.
A black teaspoon lays across another fluorescent pink index card.  A cardboard white cake mix box next to an empty ink cartridge.
A crayon crumb collage, fit for 80’s wax paper iron art projects, on the back of a glossy 8 x 10. My therapist’s card (currently going to grief therapy) — I need to call her and make an appointment. A persuasive journal prompt, a rogue teaching resource unearthed and liberated by my son from it’s tidy box.
My friend’s self-published poetry book makes the cut, only because it is inscribed and has “Congrats on the baby” on the inside cover — a reminder of graduate school and my miracle pregnancy. I walk by the window, curtains open and turn off the light sneaking a peek at the beauty of this room — the chaos of this room and marvel at the chaos tidied up (for now). I have learned to appreciate some of the toddler chaos and look at it now as a beautiful representation of their creativity and curious nature. The Journal of Attachment Parenting is an annual review of the most eye-opening research in sensitive responsiveness. Click here for free access to the latest "Voices of Breastfeeding" double issue and past issues of Attached Family magazine.
The number and type of different cleaning agents in the average Australian home in 2012 is a stark contrast to a century ago. The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released from conventional cleaning products can contribute to poor indoor air quality in our home.
The good news is that it is possible to have a clean home without inviting a cocktail of chemicals through your front door, spreading them around your home and pouring them down your drains.
Environmentally-friendly – green cleaning products produce less waste (particularly packaging) and many can be used for a multitude of functions meaning we can replace an entire cupboard of conventional cleaning products with just one or two greener varieties. White Vinegar is naturally occurring however is made commercially from alcohol via a fermentation process (note vinegar made by diluting acetic acid is cheaper and is labelled as imitation vinegar). Eucalyptus Oil is made by distilling the foliage from Eucalyptus trees and is a natural disinfectant. Pure soap contains no extra additives such as colours and fragrances and biodegrades completely. Over coming weeks we’ll be profiling each of the green cleaners listed above with tips on how to use them around your home. About the Author: Laura Trotta (BEng(Environmental), MSc(Environmental Chemistry)) is an eco mum, environmental engineer and founder of Sustainababy.
About the Author: Tanya Fyfe is an eco mum and environmental engineer and lives in the WA goldfields with her husband Andy and son Billy. Using everyday household items such as bicarb soda, vinegar and eucalyptus oil in the laundry rather than detergents.

About the Author: Laura Trotta (BEng (Enviro), MSc (Enviro Chem)) is an eco mum, environmental engineer and founder of Sustainababy. Watch your toddler or pre-schooler delight in using their natural environment for inspiration and materials as they make their own nature collage.
Most pre-schoolers love craft activities, however there's no denying that they can make a huge mess! With just a few minutes of planning, it is possible to combine craft with the outdoors and set the stage for your child to create their own nature collage. Requiring minimal effort to set up, nature collages are the perfect craft activity for children over two years, however are simple enough for toddlers to also enjoy. Watch your child enjoy both gathering the materials and constructing their own nature collage. As we live in Outback Australia, our garden composition varies greatly to many other homes in Australia.
About the Author: Laura Trotta (BEng(Environmental), MSc (Environmental Chemistry)) is an eco mum, environmental engineer and founder of Sustainababy. This month we're giving you the opportunity to WIN a $200 Sustainababy gift voucher simply for telling us your best eco tip. We can't wait to hear what tips you can share with other like-minded environmentally-conscious people. In the event of duplicate eco tips being received from separate entrants, the first submission will be published and subsequent entrants will be notified of the duplication. Votes for each eco tip will be tallied at 0730 AEST the day after being published to allow each tip the same voting period (i.e.
We've developed the Sustainababy Blog as an avenue where we can communicate our ideas and thoughts on green parenting. Add crayons, spoons, plastic play food, children’s books, stickers, paper, paint, M & M’s, and one toddler. My husband has recently installed a shelf system in the closet to organize my on-going writing and art projects.
I’ve been throwing them away one by one, even though they fit neatly into the red McDonald’s fry holder, which I hate and soon it will get the cut.
Cheap Rose Art red crayon, orange stub, green stub, thick blue, thin black, thick brown, thick blue — the other half.
The rest of the pile is going into the dustpan, which actually is just non-recyclable garbage. It seems that sometime between 1900 and now most of us have been convinced by marketing companies that we need a separate cleaner for the toilet, mirrors, benches, floor, windows and oven. Green cleaning products also ensure the wastewater leaving our homes is cleaner and both easier and cheaper for council treatment plants to process. The household cleaning products used for centuries before commercial cleaners came on the market do just a good job now as they did back then.
The soda ash is refined to form a safe, pure product that cleans, deodorises, softens water and is a fantastic scouring powder. Vinegar cuts grease and is great as a window cleaner, multi-purpose spray and fabric softener. It quickly and easily removes grease and stains, can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet and is ideal for cleaning hard surface floors.

If you have a tip for using any of these green cleaners around your home, please feel free to comment below.
Something as simple as a bright coat of paint can make an amazing difference, and doesn’t require any special skills. The family’s aim is to live sustainably and for Billy to grow up understanding where food comes from and how it is produced. It is here where the focus shifts from changing our consumerism-based and waste-intense lifestyle to an existence that is more simple and sustainable. Activities such as constructing a nature collage or baking some biscuits together are easy, enjoyable and free! As you can see from the photos, he really got into the activity and enjoyed collecting (and pouring) the sand and gathering feathers from our chicken coup! The winner will be judged by how many combined likes and comments their eco tip receives so be sure to tell your friends to get behind you. A fluorescent pink index card with pen and ink scribbles hangs to the far right of the pile. The poor thing is shoulder height to Ben — completely accessible to his exploratory curiosity.
All of these items come in individual containers with fancy labels, scents and a complicated list of ingredients. As well as saving you money, this can minimise your environmental footprint by diverting materials from landfill and avoiding the materials, manufacturing and transport impacts associated with purchasing new furniture. They generate solar electricity and have an organic vegie garden and modest orchard irrigated entirely with grey water.
Individual swaps are easy to make and quickly accumulate to build momentum into sustained behavioural change and a healthier lifestyle.
The benefits of making simple eco swaps are profound on our health, wallets and the health of our environment.
It is a womb of flashcards, water color trays, brushes, paper, stuffed animals, clothes,  crayons, play kitchen items, toy trains, race cars, and other toddler toys. It has a south facing window which centers the room — one large window nine feet high by three feet. I have used some of them as gift cards and gift wrap for friends and family and others I scan into the computer and make a book out of them. But do we really need all these chemicals in our homes and are they detrimental to our health, our air quality and our waterways? The page with the purple limo with the old lady in purple, pushing the yellow buggy on top of the limo.

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