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Circling, sniffing, barking, or any sudden behavior instruction in early childhood child's maturation in the region.
Social stories are a tool that can be easily implemented by parents of children with autism, care givers and teachers and used as a strategy for teaching and re-enforcing social skills and behaviors. Social skills stories are one of the most effective and researched autism visual supports tools available.
Social stories help overcome social skills deficits by helping the child with autism learn appropriate social skills and behaviors. The fact is kids with autism are often overwhelmed by noises, sensations, and activities that the rest of us consider "everyday" or "normal." They dislike surprises, and respond well to repetition. You can teach social, communication and behavior skills to any autistic child using these simple, understandable, first-person stories with visual aids that can help to calm and address even the most severe behaviors.
Autistic social skills stories answer the "wh" questions who, why, what, where, and when as well as "HOW". First developed around twenty years ago soical stories are a significant tool in the treatment of autism. Each autism social story contains visual images to help your child understand and Remember. Each story is a step by step plan describing the skill or behavior in an appropriate manner. Social stories are used to help children and young people with autism learn and approach skills and behaviours that they are or will struggle with. Students with autism may find school difficult to navigate, students with autism can quickly become distressed amidst the chaos of recess, or misunderstand the rules of the classroom.
Therefore many teachers and teaching assistants use social stories for students with autism as a means of helping their student deal with school and classroom issues from lining up to hometime!

As with any child there will be some mistakes, but for the child with autism learning how to use the toilet or potty can be confusing and stressful.
Hygiene is an essential life skill, and for typically maturing children and young people this is a naturally learnt skill. For the youngster with autism hygiene can be a confusing and stressful skill that does not necessarily come naturally! Social stories for teenagers with autism CAN HELP the teen with autism understand many of the issues they CAN face during the teenage years and HELP the teen with autism to master this difficult time. A child with autism will have social skills deficits and display at times difficult behaviours, which at times can be HARD to deal with.
Typically we learn "HOW TO" do things from people watching, our peers, parents, teachers, TV, books and so on, this is a natural process. A child on the autism spectrum lacks the ability to naturally learn "HOW TO" and will need some guidance and support to learn skills and behaviours that we probably already take for granted.
Social stories CAN HELP the child on the autism spectrum learn many of the EVERYDAY LIFE skills and behaviours that they are struggling with. Social skills for the vast majority of us come naturally, we watch our parents, peers and teachers and learn vital EVERY DAY SKILLS. For the ASD child learning social skills is difficult and can be stressful, therefore social supports ARE generally needed. But for a child on the autism spectrum Halloween can cause distress, with costumes, chaos, candy and out of the ordinary behaviour!
Valentine Day is a very special day for many young people, with messages of love, flowers, candy and couples expressing love for each other.
However when you have autism this out of the ordinary behaviour can be confusing, and many young autistic individuals struggle to understand what is expected of them and what they should be expecting of others.

Christmas is for the vast majority of children a very special time, full of wonder and excitement. But for may individuals with autism sensory processing issues can be a REAL ISSUE Typically it CAN mean that some individuals with autism spectrum disorder WILL over react or under react to sensory stimuli.
For the vast majority of us eating can be a pleasure, we enjoy NEW FOODS and going out to eat.
But for a child with autism eating can become a routine and introducing NEW FOODS can become a nightmare for many families.
This set of resources cover a broad spectrum of age ranges, from Preschool up to keystage 2.
Visual Intrvention Strategies such as visual flash cards for autism can be introduced as a means of communication to help both the verbal and non-verbal ASD child.
Body Parts Puzzle BoxA puzzle to help children learn the names of various body parts and clothing. Writing Social Stories with Carol Gray (DVD)This DVD and accompanying workbook provide step-by-step training for writing effective Social Stories.
Social stories help by making otherwise stressful situations or skills more normal or routine.By providing the child with ASD or related conditions with a step by step visual plan showing the key points or social goals allowing them a chance to rehaerse the skill or behavior, which in turn will make them more comfortable and less likely to become stressed or agitated. This confusing and stressful phase in life CAN really throw the Aspie child and in some cases lead to depression. Living in a literal World where routine and sameness is key this unusual day can cause confusion.

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