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My five year old son is Autistic and has been fecal smearing for 3 years now and most recently has started diaper shredding. I had tried what Anna suggested about jumpsuit with the zipper in the back, but my son who is 6years and on autism spectrum, arrived to take out his arm out. My son with autism also smears his poop on occasion and recently he did it all over his bedroom wall. Our daughter is almost 4 and has always gotten out her poppered sleep suits by streaching the neck and getting her arm out.
Hi all, I'm not sure if any of you have heard of Carly Fleischmann but this extraordinary girl brings hope to people affected by autism.
I am an occupational therapist and I am interested in finding out more about why some children feel so compelled to play with their feces.
Hi, I just came across this thread, and wanted to suggest, maybe asking Carly Fleischmann.
My son is almost five and I've tried the jumpsuits, jumpsuits backwards and backward jumpsuits with a safety pin on the back top and still he gets to it. So sorry to hear parents doing it tough, my son has autism and thankfully he doesn't do it he jst almost trashes the house dnt kno why I bother cleaning sometimes, I felt compelled to write too because I notice some morons writing immature comments, one day you may hav children wit a disability and maybe you will see that its not jst one big joke grow the Ef up, people as ignorant as u make me sick, go post ur bs elsewhere.
I am also having the same problem who does the fecal smearing, latley it's been more and more !
I too have a step son who is 11 not artistic but i would say borderline he has adhd and serious behavior problems he is hyper al the time.
He was fine understood everything untill he got his 18month booster shots then like a tape player ALL slowed down talking to him is like talking to a wall sometimes he will reply fast tho ask him a question and he well say something but change it in seconds . I have had the honor of raising a child w severe autism for almost 13 years now in my foster home, honor yes, extreme frustration yes to that too!
Hey, I am a carer for my cousin and he has autism and smears and shred his pads constantly, Maybe 2-3 times a day, We have tryed reverse sleep suits and they have worked for so long but no hes just ripping them and managing to get out of them, Does anyone have any ideas what can be done?
Unfortunately kids whom have Autism are like Houdinithey will fathom out anything given time if the child or teenager is doubly incontinant or urine incontinant then obviously the child needs to wear protection yes they can put their hands down their diaper band get the feces out! MY SON HAS STARTED TO COVER HIM SELF AND THE HOUSE WITH POO HE DOES IT AT NIGHT AT BED TIME HE GETS UP SET WHEN I SHOUT AND TELL HIM OFF. Well I was Diagnosed with High Functioning Aspergers Syndrome and Traits of Classic Autism when I was 18.
My daughter is nearly ten and she is always smearing poo on the walls she doesn't eat it and she is autistic she puts her hand in her poop then takes it out and throws it somewhere after she's finished she wipes her fingers on the wall then sniffs it she's always doing this I don't know what to do with her I've tried nappies but she sits in the room screaming and throws the nappies under the sofa or the bed she fits size 6 and 7 just to give parents a rough size for that age we put on her in the night because she always poops there so every night we have a poop explosion and sometimes she somehow or other takes it off and we have it on her bed which is really annoying what I don't understand is she puts wee in the toilet but always poops we have the case of running away and she goes round stinking she drops bits of poo on the floor and refuses to pick it up what shall I do with this child? Increasingly frustrated with the seeming inability of conventional medicine to help their autistic children, parents of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are turning to alternative treatments and complementary medicine. My son was doing eight times a day at one point but since putting on the failsafe diet and finding out about some of his food intolerances and allergys this has gone down to once every couple of days.
She gives insight into the minds of autistic kids and she too participated in fecal smearing, She cannot speak and for years her parents and doctors thought she was unable to communicate until one day she started typing on the computer.
Since all autistic children have sensory processing disorders and crave sensory stimulation throughout their day, then it might be that they are seeking some type of input from the poop smearing activity. Just thinking of ordering jumpsuits but they look expensive and I wonder if the child will get his arm inside the suit out of the sleeve.

I've posted her blog below. For those of you who don't know of Carly, she's an inspirational young woman with autism, who found her voice through typing on a computer.
Me and my husband are at our wits end with what to do we try button up onzie and she gets her way out of those also. My thing is on iPad or Xbox he can play n get to places I never heard of on Xbox he gets to level 8 . There were many mornings where I would cry b4 getting out of bed, as I knew I needed my cleaning supplies and rubber gloves and tackle the phecies which were everywhere!!!
My entire life I loved to play in mud in the garden, until I was about 11 and I pooped myself quite by accident, while out shopping with my mum.
She has 2 wear onsies due 2 stripping all the time (we'r just past the poo smearing) i just wear ordinary onsies on her back 2 front snip the hood off and wonderweb the remaining bit down to make it neat and tidy these r working for us!
Based on recent research presented at the annual Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in Vancouver, it is estimated that 1 in 5 parents of children with autism are currently relying on some sort of non-conventional therapy for autism.One study shows that 21% of children with autism spectrum disorder are using complementary and alternative medical therapies.
Carly explained what its like to live inside her body and why she screames and flails her arms. In a typical day he goes through 16 diapers or more and each time he takes one off he has poop butt and sits on the furniture or sometimes eats it.
I do not have autism but I am however progressing well with my smearing, I have accomplished the seat smash, wall smear and upper decker. Especially as my 4yr old daughter is in same house I wish i knew how to stop him I've learnt that getting angry with himportant and confronting him does not seem to work!! We're in the early stages of speech therapy because he does not communicate, verbally string a sentence together or maintain eye contact. I did not say anything to my mum because in the instance I had soiled my pants I relised that poop felt like mud as well but better because it was warm.
Sadly, in today’s world, many people feel that a lack of funds is preventing them from achieving their goals.
He smears anywhere he can as quickly as he can I am running out of patience and don't want to put him in residential care, but this can't continue or I will lose what little sanity I have left. Would this be a sign of potty training ?we have tried to start potty traing with no success.
He won't open to anyone but my oldest son who was here when he was born the first year n my mom who is a recovering drug addict . He will wee in the potty but he wont poo in the potty i read that this sometimes can be separation anxiety. Once those possibilities have been ruled out then a behavioral assessment may help determine why the behaviour is occurring. We have also tried all the solutions mentioned, medical- colonics once a week and now he's pooping with greater ease and larger quantity- great for him, not good for us.
When she's here he can keep a conversation going only with her after she leaves he's back to being blocked out. They are made of nylon Lycra so fit the child snugly, (too snuggly for them to wriggle out of themselves) the material is breathable and thin so it can go under daytime of night time clothing.
I don't know what else to do now, i want to help him myself instead of doctors and specialist.My sister is autistic and fecal smeared when she was his age but my mother only told me recently but one day she just didn't do it anymore .

She is seen by a good dr but all they say is pretty much deal with it I'm really about to lose my mind.
I still prefer to poop myself even to this day, and I am now 26 but nowa days I buy myself diapers to play with my poop, and If im going to wear a diaper I will wet it as well, because pee is warm and feels nice so there is no real problem there for me. My social worker and my support workers think I might have Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified because I have alot of Learning Difficulties and I am also slightly Cognitively Delayed (it does not show does it lol), as well as having epilepsy. Sensory hasn't helped and pj's with a shirt over them are a joke, how do you think he managed to smear in the first place? She's had several heart attacks were she won't come to but if I sneak him in she wakes right away.
Also because there made for gymnastics or dance you can get them with stirrups so the child cannot pull the leg up to reach there nappy via the leg.
Of course, I cannot keep this up for long, but after a week or two my son is potty trained. For along time I felt like she was the only one that this was something that only she done. He used a sleep sack backwards for awhile and it stopped it but eventually that no longer worked. Once you know the why you can manipulate the environment (your response) or teach an alternative behaviour to (hopefully) prevent the smearing. I also found some that have a turtle neck (similar to a polo neck) and this does up at the back so i simply added a button here, and my child cannot reach to undo it themselves.
Unfortunately, when he regressing every few months I have to do the process of him linked to my hip all over again, but it has helped to have a rhythm if you will.
Thankful for this website and all your comments even though I've already tried all these tricks and suits sometime just knowing there is support out there is a relief. But at 26 I can not do basic maths like adding up, take away, times tables or divide, I can not do shoe laces and I can not tell time. As for what they do in residential facilities, I immagine they have one on ones or two on ones and may restrain the children as well as redirect. He broke his leg in Januuary at the hip so we Thot maybe it was just harder for him but its like he don't understand what were trying to show him instead she is . My support workers from autism wessex take me shopping and help me with the cooking and the finanshial stuff .
I haven't received them yet but I really hope that they work although if they do, I can't keep ordering them this way.
One tip that the manufacturer got from parents like yourself is to use safety pins to keep the top closed, so that the child can't get to it. It's much easier for them to deal with as they can leave after their shift and recouperate from it, then someone new steps in. I told one day he was 3.5 and too big to be doing that and if he did it again he would get a cold shower.
I think he knows that it keeps him from digging, and even though he craves the sensory input it gives him, he knows it's disgusting and that it upsets us.

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