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So many of my friends are having babies!  You didn’t ask for my advice, but here are some notes that helped make the transition to a new baby a little easier (I wish someone would have told me about some of this sooner!) I don’t have a cure for no sleep yet, still working on that… happy new baby! Ask friends that have babies to tell you what labor, delivery and the first weeks (months) are really like. Give your camera to your hubby to take first moment pictures, get some as a new family too. After delivery, stay on top of your medication schedule, don’t try to be a hero and skip pain medicine doses. Bring a thank you for the nurses (we baked cookies and bought some mini-candy bars) We kept them in our room and everyone that came in got to enjoy a treat. Bring an empty folder to put all of your important forms and paperwork that you get at the hospital. Loose clothing – I packed a couple of button down sleep shirts that are great for nursing and made me feel better than the hospital gown.
Nursing bras and big undies (I didn’t ever buy special maternity underwear, I just bought some cheap ones in a few sizes larger) The hospital usually provides fancy mesh undies, you might use them instead.
Going home outfit (I wore what I wore to the hospital when I had my daughter- you will still need maternity clothes) A dress or something loose will be especially important if you have a C-Section. Snacks (for the hospital and at home) I was starving at the hospital in between meals, luckily the nurses had a lot of snacks! Medela has an app- iBreastfeed It is a good way to keep track of which side you were on and how many minutes on each. I read a lot of books with our first kiddo and have taken bits and pieces of advice from them.
The book is a little overwhelming and more like a textbook, so I read it in sections and come back to refresh as needed. There are 5 components to this method which, when used together, work amazingly well to calm your crying baby and in many cases help your baby go to sleep with no fuss. Swaddling- Tight swaddling provides the continuous touching and support the fetus experienced while still in Mom’s womb.
Shushing Sounds- These sounds imitate the continual whooshing sound made by the blood flowing through arteries near the womb. Usually you aren’t supposed to drive until 2 weeks after delivery, so make arrangements to get to doctor’s appointments, have someone go to the grocery store, etc.
Schedule newborn pictures (or take your own) within the first 2 weeks before baby gets too active.
Buy gender neutral big ticket items (car seat, stroller, high chair, pack n play, etc.) These things are expensive!
UPDATE: I wish I would have known about Young Living Essential Oils before my babies were born. There is a hospital certification called Baby-Friendly that is designed to help mothers successfully breastfeed their babies.
Maybe it sounds weird, but I used Depends for the first few days after my second baby was born, while the bleeding was heaviest. Everyone is entiled to their own opinion, but your post is unnecissarily hostile… EVERY family is different, and is more than entitled to decide how to care for their newborn and themselves post-delivery. I had both of my children naturally in only four hours and thenext was three hours and both were healthy.
I would also suggest some slow flow nipples, my son had jaundice and I was not offered and did not know about the light, anyway they suggested supplementing and gave him formula with a fast flow nipple, anyway 7 long frustrating days later my milk came in but he would not take any to slow and had to work to hard. Definitely lots to learn and it can be so frustrating when you aren’t sure what to do! My son also had jaundice, and we had to supplement with formula because my milk hadn’t come in.
I am about to give birth to my third baby, and I packed an almost identical bag to what you listed I have to have a c-section, so I am in the hospital a little longer than the normal time. A birth plan is great to have, but always remember that a healthy baby and mom is the ultimate goal. I also found it to be nice to hear other’s birthing experience (good or bad) cuz it helps educate you on things that could happen and go wrong and then you can research them and see the different ways that a doctor may want to try to help solve the problem.
Even if the hospital state they allow people to walk the halls during labor, ask if people actually do walk the halls, or visit and observe. I would add that when you bring an outfit for your baby, bring a newborn size AND a 0-3 month!
My daughter just informed me because they are not finding out the sex of the baby they want to decorate in unisex and they have picked Dr.Suess! Please upload a photo that has a resolution of at least 0 dpi at its print size and is in one of the following file formats: . Please confirm that you have selected all personalization options on the product page before uploading and adding to cart. Give mom-to-be even more reasons to smile when you have baby shower guests write well wishes on these new baby advice notes.
Shipping time is the time from when the package leaves our warehouse to when it arrives at your door. The above listed shipping charges apply to orders shipping within the 48 contiguous United States only. For the sake of new mothers everywhere, can we agree to avoid giving those pearls of wisdom?

This insert card is intended for your guests to write cute advice notes to the shower honoree - special keepsake notes for a new mommy. You will be able to select the typestyle and ink colors to use for your personalized text during the design process.
People don’t talk about the craziness because they want to be “Super Parents” Ask for help!
Remember to show Dad where a few of your things are that you might need on the first day; you won’t feel like getting out of bed. Another simple way is the wear a bracelet or rubberband on your wrist and switch it when you switch sides. This white noise can be in the form of a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer, a fan, white noise CD, etc.
You can’t lift anything heavier than your baby for the first 2 weeks and won’t feel like doing a lot.
Buy some extra pink or blue clothes or blankets with the money you save from not having to buy new big items. Rooming in not only helps facilitate milk production for mom, it also helps baby regulate their breathing because they’re near their mother. I actually didnt have them take my baby to the nursery because I was feeling guilty about it, but I regretted it when I came home still exhausted.
It was much more comfortable and much easier than underwear (large and loose or mesh) and pads! Thanks for sharing your tips, in my opinion you can’t have enough tips from those that have been there and then do what is best for you! I was breastfeeding but I overnighted both of my children and they stayed overnight without coming back to feed. I packed a special treat for my older son for the first time he came to visit at the hospital ( a hot wheels or lollipop). I stayed in the hospital for 5 days with baby #1, it was nice to be able to change clothes. Still a great service instead of hauling boxes of diapers, toilet paper and detergent AND the carseat, stroller, baby, etc.
With my first baby this was not common practice and I had the janitors and others asking if they should get a doctor or nurse. It reminded me that I found it really helpful to take a tour of the hospital several weeks before. Our daughter barely fit in newborn clothes and then 0-3 month outfit I wanted our son to go home in was GIANT. Seuss under images, there are lots of images online that could be used to make your own invitations. Seuss baby shower theme is THE MOST original and unique idea I have seen in such a long time. Customer is responsible for owning the copyright or having permission from the copyright holder for all images uploaded to this website.
Read our International Orders FAQ for information on custom duties, export restrictions and more. If you would like to be notified by email when it becomes available, please enter your email address below. Deciding what the best purchases are can be difficult and overwhelming at times, but there are definitely a few items you can forego while perusing the pastel pink and blue aisles at your local baby boutique or big box store.Shoes Until your little bundle of joy is walking, or at least thinking about walking, shoes are a completely unnecessary expense. Some of it is really good and totally helpful, especially when it comes with a bottle of wine or a gift card. She blogs for HuffPost Parents and has contributed to Scary Mommy, WashPost, Mamalode, The Mid and more. For example, I was itching and they wanted to give me Benadryl, I really didn’t want to take it because my milk hadn’t come in yet. I was taught to feed on one side (main dish) for about 20 minutes, then burp and switch to the other side (dessert) for as long as they will eat (usually under 20 minutes).
A lot of ladies are in baby weight loss mode immediately, but you will feel AWFUL if you are breastfeeding and not getting enough protein. After your baby is born, this calming motion, which was so comforting and familiar, is abruptly taken away.
I would get confused (aka sleep deprived!) about which side and how long I had been nursing. This is the same reason it’s encouraged to have a cosleeper or pack and pay right next to the bed at home for the first few months.
Next time I will most certainly let them take the baby the first night at least for a while. I was so thankful for how a few of my nurses treated me and I really wanted to let them know. I got a few minutes of sleep and then the awesome nurses brought them in so I could breastfeed and love on them too. I definitely had a different birth plan, but ended up having emergency surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst.
BTW, I totally agree with you about sending your baby to the nursery if it feels right for you.
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A gift that keeps on giving, the new mom can look back on these well wishes and pieces of advice whenever she needs a pick-me-up. Baby shoes are tiny and cute, but quite expensive for a little one that will likely be carried everywhere they go for the first year of life. Like, instantaneously everyone started acting like I should be enjoying everything like I was on spring break in Cabo or something.
I’ve met a lot of badass moms, but I haven’t met any, especially new moms, who have successfully avoided guilt altogether. Newborn babies sleep for approximately twelve minutes at a time, eighteen if they are“good sleepers.” Plus, most of the time it’s actually done on you.
But, so often we commit to this idea that we should inherently have all the answers; that they just magically come to us when baby arrives. Find her at The Mediocre Mama or join her growing Facebook community to keep up with her posts.
Then next feeding start with the dessert side, so you are always rotating where you start for the “main dish” Eventually I switched to just using one side per feeding (no dessert side), but that’s a few months later. Every family experience is different and we should be toleraant of new parents choices, it’s overwhelming as is it having a newborn. If I had know that this sweet baby would not let me sleep soundly again for over a year, I would have tried harder to get a little rest while I was in the hospital. You don’t have that option at home and you may wish you had chosen those 3 nights alone. Socks will provide enough protection for those first few months.Formula and Bottles Breastfeeding, if possible, can save new parents thousands of dollars annually.
Unless you have narcolepsy, you’re not falling asleep the second your kid’s eyes close. I brought a dress to go home in thankfully because even sans c-sec, I wasn’t able to wear pants or shorts for a week!! I didn’t like the idea of having my baby sleeping in a room where everyone was also asleep and accessible to anyone.
Unless you know that you will be unable to nurse your baby, it makes great financial sense to do so.
Unless the person making this suggestion is on their way to your house to babysit, it’s crappy advice. It takes time to know yourself as a parent and find what works.” I wish someone had said that to me.
If that were true, I would’ve just gotten stoned for two years and swooned at my sweet, calm baby while eating Doritos and nursing away the calories. Having a typed birth plan is a great idea and make sure it is placed on yours and baby’s chart. Even if you have to, want to, or plan to use bottles with formula or pumped milk, it is best to only buy one or two of a few brands until you know what your baby likes. Some babies are just little spazoids and they can turn even the coolest cucumber of a mom into a spazoid, too. It allowed me to get a couple of hours of sleep without the baby, which I believe is necessary. Investing in a large supply of expensive bottles that your baby may refuse anyway is a sure way to waste money.Fancy Bedding Elaborate bed sets with matching quilts, pillows, and bumpers are not only extravagant, but can actually be quite dangerous. At the end of ours we made sure to say ‘we understand this birth plan is just that, a plan. I had to wait with baby #1, but it ended up working out fine (with some practice) and I was able to nurse her for 12 months until she weaned herself. Doctors recommend that babies use only a light weight wearable blanket and avoid any heavy blankets, pillows, or stuffed toys to avoid risk of suffocation.
These matching bedroom sets can often cost a couple hundred dollars and will likely not get used for more than a few years.High End Baby Monitor High end baby monitors make all sorts of claims to new parents.
People who make comments about sending the baby to the nursery as if it were a horrible thing are being nothing less than ridiculous. Investing in a good quality basic monitor will be more effective and less expensive.Extensive Designer Wardrobe You will be dressing a baby, and babies spit up, slobber, and poop.
Choose a few special outfits for pictures and holidays.Changing Table Many parents fall into the trap of feeling the need to buy an expensive changing table, but it’s definitely not a necessity. I was alone almost all of the time and my baby screamed bloody murder through most of each and every ten hour day when my husband was at work. People telling me to enjoy every moment started to make me feel like I was doing something terribly, terribly wrong. It wasn’t until much later that I realized that the reason people say this is because they totally forgot to enjoy every moment and they didn’t want us to make the same mistake.

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